A WELCOME to The Flight Crew…



Welcome, Everybody!  Welcome to the home of the Il Volo Flight Crew!

Whew!  This blog has been a long time coming hasn’t it?  For those who don’t know, most of the followers of this blog met and have become friends beginning around one important, common denominator: We Love Il Volo!

And no; “love” is not too strong of a word.  Trust me.

Anyway, we gathered at a site dedicated to these amazing, talented young men, and somewhere along the way, we realized that we spent a good portion of every day  just waiting to spend time there.  We couldn’t wait to log in, check in with each other’s lives, laugh, cry, “ooh” and “ahh” and over the latest pictures, performances… gripe over how some interviews of our boys were handled and how some interviewers just didn’t seem to get it…and we realized that through it all, we were more than lovers of Il Volo.  We were friends, too.

Unfortunately, we lost our beloved home recently when it underwent a site overhaul and become inaccessible to most of us.  At loose ends, we took to group e-mails to try to stay in touch, which hasn’t really worked–in fact, I think some of our e-mail accounts are outright rebelling at the volume of mail going in and out.

OK.  Now what?  Well, you know what they say about Mother Necessity and her child, Invention.  If we couldn’t get into our old home, we’d figure out how to build a new one.   And here we are!  There’s a lot of work to be done yet.  The walls are bare; we need some furniture; we still have a lot of ideas floating out there that will make this place a home.  But for now, we at least have a place where we can gather together and take a load off like we used to.

We hope you’ll join us!  In the spirit of Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio who always remind us that, “We Are Love,” we want all Il Volo lovers to be welcome and feel comfortable here.  With that being said, I have to bring up the next topic:  Rules.

Boo Hiss…I know.  Rules are not fun, but we have to have them to make sure we keep our happy home happy.  So, ready?  Here they are.  Well, actually, we only have one, because every other rule we came up with came back to this one:

BekindBe Kind, Or Kindly Leave.

Sounds kind of witchy considering we’re asking everyone to be kind, but there it is.  Everything we do here comes down to kindness and respect.  Please respect each other.  Please respect each other’s opinions no matter if you agree or not.  Please respect the age difference that we hope will be represented here.

And above all, respect the members of Il Volo, their families, their friends and things in their lives that should be private.  They are gracious enough to share their talent with us and invite us into their lives in a way we would never allow.  Let’s recognize that as the privilege it is and not abuse it.  They are young and prone to the same feelings as we are.  As some tweets from Gianluca recently have shown, they can be hurt by the things we may say thoughtlessly.  I hope to never be a cause of pain for any of them.

Now for any younger followers that may find their way here, it might not be fair of me to call you out for a special talking to, but I am.

Don’t roll your eyes at me.  And I know you are because I was your age not all that long ago.  😉

I have, like never before, realized how much Il Volo transcends all boundaries.  They unite people all over the world in all walks of life–and across all age groups.  Please keep in mind that many of your fellow followers could be your parents, your grandparents or even your great-grandparents, depending on how young you are.  Please remember that as you post, and if you would be in trouble for saying it to any of your adult family members in real life, don’t say it here.

I guess that’s it.  Basically, be respectful and classy.  Pretend the boys are reading (and we have it on good authority that the boys do read everything they can get their hands on to see how the fans feel about them).  We hope that if they ever stumble upon our little home, they would say, “We like it there.  We’re proud that those people are our fans.”

We haven’t set out specific rules, but we hope that what is here is clear.  Please be respectful, and you should be fine.  Know that comments will be moderated for content.  Anything that isn’t respectful will be deleted by administration, and the poster will be issued a warning.  In addition, we reserve the right to suspend and or block any poster that repeatedly disregards warnings or makes no effort to be kind and respectful.

I think that’s it.  Welcome everyone and please: share the love!


115 thoughts on “A WELCOME to The Flight Crew…”

    1. Hi, Sheridan, Deanne, Kitty, and everyone,

      I had the same problem because things didn’t look as they used to. I eventually discovered that the trick is to click the little comment bubble (with a number in it) at the top near the article title (although I don’t see one here). Then all the comments and a box to enter your own become visible.

      Also, to comment, make sure you’re logged in.

      Seriously, Flight Crew Board, when you get time, how about a
      Flight Crew Flying Manual FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]? It could be very cute – knowing you guys, it will be awesome! And something really needs to be available for each new person who arrives, when these comments are no longer visible. The question about comments definitely goes at the top of the FAQ.

      Thanks for supporting us and helping work around the new features, so that all the flight crew can get through the gate to fly and share the love!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Don’t know if I am asking this question in the right place. Maybe someone can answer. I was watching video of Porta-a-Porta from All Things Il Volo-can understand some Italian–thought I heard Gianluca say Il Volo would be with or perform with Andrea Bocelli on November 4, 2015–not sure where or why–It was about 1 hr and 20 min into the video—can someone who understands Italian better let me know if this is correct and what else was said about them appearing together—I am a great fan of both. Thanks, Paula

  1. Also, Myron, Thank you for keeping us in tune to our boys’ performances. They are so young, but so professional–and so unspoiled. They got on stage and did their song–no prima donna behavior. As usual, I am so proud of their character as well as their talenrt!

  2. Myron, that was a great commentary, can’t wait for the rest! hope I will be able to find it. like Sheridan, I am still wondering where all the other member’s comments went to ?? this is the only place I can find to comment on, but I long to see all the other comments. is this the only place we can comment on? for now I have to be content with Mundial and everything Il Volo. I just don’t understand how things work in this new system, I am missing the old system!!!

  3. My name is Isabel and I just discovered this website. I am 16 years old and I have been a fan of Il Volo’s since I saw them on PBS in March, 2012.

  4. Welcome Isabel! By finding the Flight Crew you have proved that you have GREAT taste in music and 3 fabulous Italian men!

  5. I’m very anxious to be in touch with other Il Volo lovers. Where I live (New York) it’s difficult to find people who are like minded. I’m sure that like me you want to know all the details about the boys. It must be difficult for them to have private lives now that they belong to the world. What a gift they are to all of us. I’m so happy that they’re finally home surrounded by all their loved ones. Buon Natale.

    1. Hi, Pam! Welcome! We all know that feeling of needing to be in touch with others with the same devotion to our guys, so you are definitely in the right place. 🙂

  6. I am so appreciative to be part of this wonderful Il Volo Flight Crew Fan Club. You ladies do wonderful work including so much info. and news about our dear boys. I am a gramma fan. I follow and have many, many favorite interviews and concerts of these wonderful boys. I pray I can attend a concert this coming year. I was disabled last yr. and unable to get in to Chicago, but am making plans, hoping Chicago is included in their itinerary for 2014. I would absolutely love to meet them and express my respect and admiration and thanks to them for lifting my spirits every day. Thank you again and again for all you do for all of us. Look forward to hearing from you. Warmest wishes for the New Year!! Harriett, Gramma fan xxoo

    1. Beautiful, Harriet!

      From a fellow Flight Crew member with appreciation to the Board and our amazing dear boys, wishing you be fully en-abled to enjoy a concert and a meet and greet with Our Boys in 2014!

      Best wishes,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. Hi everyone. New to your site and I love it. I wrote a bday greeting to GG and I was so thrilled to see it posted on the video. I am 68 yrs old fan of IL VOLO. Met them 8/27/13 in concord, CA . My kids, grandkids bought VIP ticket and was in the 3rd row center seat. GG is so handsome , Piero & Ignazio so cute and friendly.They were great huggers. I’m still trying to figure out how to share my concert Picts with you. I’m not very good with computers. Got, for X-MAS, all of IL VOLO’s CD, DVD collection from my family. Since my husband (THE LOVE OF MY LIFE) of 45 yrs at the time of his death 2005, I sometimes feel so lonely and it was in 2012 that it all changed for me. I discovered IL VOLO. They actually saved me from a life of dispair. Without my husband, days were so long and the nights longer. Now, I listen and watch everything about them. starting around 5 am. Thank you boys. TODAY (217/14) WOULD HAVE BEEN MY 52 YEARS WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. I WAS 15 AND BEN WAS 19. JUST AS OLD AS GIANLUCA.. HE PLAYED THE SAXOPHONE. THANK YOU ALL FOR THIS GREAT SITE WHERE I CAN TO READ NEWS ABOUT OUR COMMON LOVE WHICH ARE IL VOLO. MY NAME IS PRESE PASCO.

    1. Welcome! This indeed is a great place to be so you are in good company. People who love IL VOLO show they have great taste in beautiful music and three extraordinary beautiful young men. You said they were great huggers, so I am guessing there is a story here you need to tell us! I’m envious you got to see them in concert! In any case, glad to have you here.

    2. ‘I too have a fan story of how these wonderful young men changed my heart… I am a Great Grandmother, so not a young teen but young at heart… I lost my husband, friend and love of my life February,2013… I was in such a deep dark place without his love… I had no reason to wake up in the morning, but somehow I did… One day a friend sent me a couple of Youtube videos of Il Volo… I am of Italian heritage, my parents were born in Palermo Sicily and she thought that maybe hearing some Italian music from this young Italian group would somehow brighten my sad heart…

      There are no words that I could put in writing that would express how Il Volo and their music has up lifted my heart… I started reading more about them on the internet… I listened to their music videos on YouTube… I soon realized that everytime I heard them sing or saw their beautiful faces that I was smiling… For the first time in months I was SMILING… I bought their albums, played them in the car… I bought their PBS specials and watched them late at night when I could not sleep… Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio have brought me out of that deep depression into the light of day… Their music brings memories of my parents singing the Italian songs to me when I was young… The love songs brings the happy memories that I shared with my husband rather than just the memory of losing him too soon in my life… These three young men with the voices, have brought love back to my heart and life back to my soul… I too think of them as my Grandsons as I have one grandson of their same age… I worry about them as I would my grandson that they are working to hard, not getting enough sleep and so many other things a grandma worries about… I am thankful that their managers treat them with love and tenderness like they would their own family…

      These three young men have given me a gift… Their beautiful personalities, their unbelievable voices have brightened my soul and I am again able to smile and feel the happiness around me once more…

      Thank you Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio… One more tidbit before I close… My Birthday like Gianluca’s is Feb. 11… My father’s birthday like Piero’s is June 24… So maybe they truly have a connection to my soul …’
      J. Giglio

      1. Jeannette, I have just found your writing and I
        think it is one of the sweetest ones I have read.
        My husband has passed away also and I have
        been so lonely. Just watching Il Volo’s interviews
        and hearing their singing on youtube has been
        a spring to my heart. I too am a grandmother
        and mother but my family two sons and two
        daughters are busy raising their own children.
        I found Il Volo in May, 2014 and have been
        a faithful listener ever since and I have cd’s
        in the car that I listen to. I try to find out
        everything I can about their activities and
        concerts. The connection is they share their
        love with their big hearts and talent. Many
        of the songs they sing in English I have known
        for a long time but no one sung them until
        Il Volo was born. Thank you for your kind
        words of praise for Il Volo. I’ve been voting
        every day for them, I hope they win.

  8. Hi, my name is Beckie, and I’m happy to have joined this blog. I’ve been an Il Volo lover since summer 2011 when I saw youtube video of them performing O Sole Mio on American Idol. With Piero’s amazing solo, I was hooked, got their CD, saw them twice on 1st American tour including their very first US concert in NJ and spontaneously met Ignazio & Piero 3 hours before the show. They were so friendly (and still are!) Since then I’ve seen them 5 times in concert (including w/Barbra Streisand and their 1st dream place to sing Radio City Music Hall in NYC)and look forward to more concerts and to share with other here of their Il Volo concerts and meeting these 3 extraordinary young men. I actually found this blog through one of the members of an Il Volo Facebook fan page. There is a great community of fans there!

  9. My name is Annie, and I have been watching Il Volo since I first saw on a video someone sent me, they were 14 and 15 at the time and I have been enjoying them ever since, they are such special guys. :0

  10. Ok here’s my true story about spreading the love! My name is Debbie and I live in FL. I was pulled over at a speed trap on my way to work for going to fast, after chatting, the officer decided not to give my an expensive ticket with points on my license, instead he would give me a ticket for not having the right documents which was only $20 and no points. When he returned to my car to give me the ticket, I asked him if he knew what I was playing on the cd player, I turned it up. Of course it was Il Volo! I told him all about them, how I discovered them, and how much I truly love their music. I mentioned that I don’t understand the Italian songs but it doesn’t matter. He said he did speak Italian, so I suggested he get their cd. I went on to work, thankful that I only got a $20 ticket. Many months later-probably 6, I spotted him again at the same speed trap and pulled over to speak to him. I reminded him who I was, and handed him an Il Volo CD, the first one, which I bought him weeks ago, He was so surprised, and remembered our conversation. He thanked me very much for the CD and I left to get to work. Hopefully I’ve created a new fan. This is a true story!!!!

  11. Wow, Debbie! That’s got to be the most interesting (and courageous?) story of spreading the IL VOLO love that I’ve ever heard!

    Now when I see a police officer or highway patrol, I can recall your story with a smile, rather than thinking about all our speed trap cameras!
    Thanks so much for sharing your story!

    The Flight Crew Board has made some great resources to navigate our site. You’ll see the links at the top left and top right.

    Welcome from another Flight Crew member like yourself! So grateful we’re all sharing IL VOLO Love!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  12. I just went to their concert on June 24th and also to the Meet and greet, the guys were so nice and I was so thrilled to meet them, I just wish it could have been longer, the audience all sang Happy Birthday to Piero, it was great. I went with my Daughter and Granddaughter which made it even more special that we could all enjoy the same music. I also met Barbara Vitali and gave her a big hug, she is so nice.

  13. Welcome Annie. In the future, just click on the black “dialog balloon” on the upper right side of any post to read and/or comment. Lovely story.

  14. Thanks for the welcome, but I still don’t know where to find the Dialog balloon, am I on the right page?

  15. Annie, as soon as you open this site an article will appear. If you look on the upper right corner of that article you will see a black balloon – should have a number on it. If you click on that balloon then scroll down you will arrive at the comments. After the last comment there is a space for yours. Keep in touch with me here. We’ll get it!

    Also, Annie, if you don’t click on the balloon you can scroll down to other articles.

  16. Marie, I might just do that, this is a bit frustrating, Above one of my comments there is a message saying awaiting moderation, I don’t know what that means,anyway if I want to say anything I’ll just say it here and see what happens

  17. Annie! Congrats! You’ve done the correct thing! A first time comment on one of our posts always calls for approval. Just the first time.

    1. Thanks Marie, I think I was just on the wrong page, but now I realize I can use either page, don’t feel quite so stupid, it takes me a while, but if I get there then it’s all worth while, thanks again for your patience, I’ll still hang onto your email address.

  18. Hang on to it Annie. Lots of people have trouble with the navigation. We did not make it that way. It’s what we have to work with. Thanks for your patience.

  19. Hello. I too have a true story for this page. I met a lady at the drive in window of the local fast food restaurant. I was playing Il Volo’s first cd. I ask her if she was of Italian decent. Yes, she is . I told her about Il Volo and she could watch them on videos on her computer. Her mother was ill and in the hospital. She got the cd and played it for her sick mother while she was lying in her hospital bed. Her mother was doing a dance under the sheets. A nurse came into the room and ask what she was doing and She told the nurse , mother is dancing. She thoroughly enjoyed hearing the music of her mother-land. Il Volo has spread a lot of enjoyment with their music.
    I first watched them on video of their performance on Ti Lascio Una Canzone, O’ Sole Mio. Love it ! I had a friend from Italy, she used to go around singing, O’ Sole Mio.
    Thank you for this site. I really enjoy reading and watching the postings.
    I was set to go to Homestead, Fl to see them when my daughter needed me to take her to the hospital for some surgery. Do so wish I could have gone to Homestead.

  20. Love your story, Sheila!
    Your mother’s form of dancing is such a wonderful sign of joy and well-being! Makes me smile all over.

    I do Walk-Dancing to IL VOLO, which has been part of recovering (now probably 98%) from car accident injuries. I had been going to a great osteopath and physical therapist and finally decided they had done for me what they could, and now it was time for me to do what I could ~ celebrate life and give my body joyful reasons to return to full strength, stability, and flexibility! This is MY kind of “therapy”, happiness therapy! 😉

    I used to roller skate in my favorite park, and just this week I thought… no, Walk-Dancing is even more fun!

    Here’s hoping IL VOLO will perform near you (when you can attend) in 2015. And me, too! They’re overdue to come to Portland, Oregon. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Sheila. I’ll watch for more from you,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Anxiously waiting to see when Il Volo will be in Florida again. I have been saving up , hoping to get a ticket when they become available.
      Now I don’t feel so silly to be “ga ga” over these guys.

  21. Dear Flight Crew –

    No doubt you’ve all purchased the guys’ new CD I don’t have it yet. but Grande Amore is on YouTube, and I’ve lost count of how many I’ve watched it.

    I have a question: Is the young lady at the potter’s wheel Ignazio’s girlfriend? They look so natural together. (Lucky girl!). Oh to be young again!

    Pam Boyle

    1. Hi Pam. That’s not me sitting there so…no…not his girlfriend. Seriously, as far as we know, lovely studio models and not girlfriends.

      1. Pam if that was a girlfriend of Ignazio’s you can trust that she would be living on borrowed time as I am sure Marie would have hunted her down by now…hotly followed by some others around here.

  22. We are getting to know each other way too well!

    BTW, hunting her down just in case!

    Yes Penina, you are US. (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write)

  23. I am an Il volo lover, recently had my computer worked on, hope it didn’t put me out of the loop. If it did, please put me back, can’t stop getting IL Volo news.

  24. I, too, am an IL Volo lover…perhaps a better description, an IL Volo lover Grandma. I am an mature teacher who has worked with teenagers for many years. I observed years ago that teenage boys were very much like “squirrels in boy suits”. I have loved, guided and at times, chewed on the ears of many of these “squirrels”. I was so enamored with the young men of IL Volo when I first saw them on PBS. They were such a endearing bundle of talent, energy, joy, and young teenager charm that it was love at first sight! I have followed them via twitter and then, I found all of you…my kind of people! Thank you so much. I hope I can be a useful member and friend who is most willing to support and nurture these delightful and inspiring young men. Sandi

  25. Hi, Sandi, and welcome!

    Maybe I’ll see you on Twitter, too. …Celebrating our amazing @ilvolo

    I taught high school English for 31 years.

    Your post made me smile.

    Sweet blessings,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  26. Ga ga over Phenomenal voices, Love, Harmony, Humor, Handsome good looks, Fun, Joy… Of course, we’re ga ga! That’s just common sense! 😉

    Hoping for Florida and for Portland!
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. donapw@aol,comI am trying to get back on Marie Crider’s e mail list. I really enjoy her articals she writes. Is she still doing the flight crew.

  27. Hello Crew!.. I commented once before but I am not sure what happened, I think the comment got lost somewhere ..haha
    Anyways, I stumbled upon this site and I LOVE it!
    I am 22 years old. I find it really hard to relate to people my age around here where I live..because they listen to other types of music and most of them don’t know who Il Volo is. :((
    Anyways, just wanted to pass by and leave a comment!

    1. Thanks so much for this email… My very good friend Joan Brenin is a member of Flight Crew. What is your facebook page? I would like to follow it and use this more than Twitter. FB= Debbie Stickle Gastauer. Twitter= @amoreilvolo

    2. Hello and welcome Lauren. Hope to read more of your comments. I think I saw your comment before. Since you were new I had to “approve” it. I did as soon as i saw it.

    3. Hi Lauren,I believe that you will often visit this great website and share with us your love for Il Volo. 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy all articles and comments here. 🙂 I understand you,young people in my country also listen to different kind of music. I am glad that I found this nice place , where I can write my feelings and thoughts. I thought that I was probably the youngest here, but you are younger than me. 🙂
      I sincerely greet you and wish you all the best. 🙂

  28. I too am an IL Volo fan and I’m a grandmother. They are just the sweetest and their music is beautiful. I am going to a concert in March and have meet and greet tickets to see them. Can anyone tell me if the M&G is before the show or after the show or does it vary. Can’t wait to see them.

    1. Hello Janay, and welcome!

      The Meet and Greet is usually after the show. I am currently preparing an article about what to expect during a Meet and Greet.


  29. Dear Flight Crew, I am 76 years old and new to your site. As some others I lost my husband a couple of years ago. The young men (not boys anymore) of Il Volo have helped me to fill some very difficult hours. I have tickets to the concert in Tampa and the Meet and Greet too. I bought my tickets 6 months ago and the anticipation is as exciting as I am sure the concert will be. Taking my daughter-in-law who is flying in from Texas because she knows how much this means to me.

      1. Hello Rose, we have you and your daughter-in-law on our “Who’s Going Where” List. There are several other Flight Crew members there, I hope you get to meet them. You’re going to have a grand time!

  30. I haven’t been able to get on this site for sometime , I just got a new computer and was wondering if that was the reason, anyway I hope I can get back to this site again, I’ve missed all your comments and hope to keep coming back.

    Annie Hatfield

  31. It is now Feb.1, 2016 and I have a new computer and have not been able to use this site properly, I just cam onto this page (Welcome to Il Volo) and this seems the only way I can use it, can someone tell me if I’m doing something wron? please help!!!

  32. Hi I am going to the Boston concert. I am taking 17 of my American high school students who LOVE il VOLO. Then, my husband and I are going to the Connecticut one. We have first row and meet and greet. I am so excited. I LOVE il volo. I would love to meet some of you. Thanks!

  33. Hi everybody! So glad that there’s a fan page dedicated to these young guys! Let me introduce myself…my name is Shelley, I’m 29 years old, and I’m from New York. I’ve been an Il Volover for about two months now since I’d listened to “Grande Amore” on Eurovision 50 times…LOL. Decided to listen to their music, and I really cannot get enough! They are so all-around beautiful…their voices are incredible, they know how to put their own spin on a lot of classic songs, and they seem like such nice young guys who have managed to stay grounded throughout all the success and fame. To me, that is very refreshing to see the way the music industry is today.

  34. Hi everybody! It’s so good to see that there’s a page here for us Il Volo fans. Let me introduce myself. My name is Shelley, I’m 29 years old, and I’m from New York. I’ve been a fan of these guys since they participated in Eurovision…after listening to their entry about 50 times, I thought I’d check out their music. And god am I glad I did because I just cannot get enough. I got all their albums (except the Christmas one) as well as the Live at Pompeii DVD, which is incredible. Anyway, the reason I’m a fan is because these guys have such beautiful voices, they can take a classic song and put their own spin on it, and they seem like such a great guys who have stayed grounded through all the success and fame. Looking forward to meeting you guys on here.

    1. You are welcome, Shelley. I hope you’ll enjoy all articles and comments here. Have a great time. 🙂 I greet you and wish you a nice day.

  35. Hi there Shelly! Sorry your comment took so long to show up. First time comments usually wait for approval. Shouldn’t happen again.

    For the most recent conversation go to the main page, above the current feature is a “balloon” which has numbers in it, click there.

    I can tell by your comment that you are on the correct site. LOL


  36. Hi Shelly! Welcome to a great company of IL VOLO fans! Were you able to see our guys while they were in or around New York? I hope you made it to a concert. The Flight Crew is a happening place with awesome folks in it. Beware, some are real characters so keep alert! Heeheee… Hint…careful around Ignazio with Marie lurking about, she’ll steal him and hightail it out quicker than you can blink! When IL VOLO hits Las Vegas I imagine there just might be scandalous headlines during that visit.

      1. Hi everyone, you know what they say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Unless someone posts it here of course. I’ll be keeping an eye on Marie. She doesn’t know me so that will be easy. I’ll just shadow Ignazio. But who is going to keep me from getting to him. LOL

    1. I actually didn’t get a chance to see our guys in concert here so that pretty much makes me a Volo virgin LOL. If I had known way ahead in advance, I would have gone.
      But the next time they come to NY…no “ifs”, “ands”, or “buys”…I’m getting my ticket and GOING!

  37. Hi Everyone,
    As the saying goes, “if I’m dreaming, please don’t wake me.” I am 65 years old and absolutely adore these special young men. I was introduced to their music by a friend who gave me their Christmas CD. I was immediately in LOVE! I can’t seem to get my fill of these guys, and I look for any video, interview, etc. I can get my hands on. I just attended their concert in Barclay’s in Brooklyn (my first one, I was breathless with excitement), and my family gets such a kick out of my devotion to these amazing group. I just happened to “stumble” upon this website, and am deliriously happy; I feel at home with all the special IlVolovers. Thank you for this special opportunity and for creating and keeping alive this website. Because I am a mother and grandmother, I always say, I have 4 American sons, 4 American grandsons, AND 3 Italian sons!

  38. Hello Margaret, what a coincidence! I also have 3 Italian grandsons! I’m so excited! I will be at my first IL Volo concert, this season, tomorrow night.

      1. Thank you Marie for your reply, You said you are going to your first concert this season; by the sound of that, you are a IlVolo veteran concert goer! I chose the Brooklyn concert, my first one, to attend since I live in Brooklyn. I had no idea they would be appearing in Las Vegas. If I had know that, I would have definitely gone to the Palm Theater in Las Vegas to see these special guys. Enjoy your Il Volo concert, I wish I could go to their concerts wherever they are appearing.

  39. Hi Flightcrew: Although I have visited your site quite often, I have just recently added my email address. I really enjoy reading all the stories and escapes of fellow ilvolo lovers. Like many of you I am a grammie fan. This year I was thrilled to go to two concerts, one in Cleveland with my daughter and granddaughter and with my husband in Ft. Myers. I read all your accounts on the Las Vegas fanfare. What a wonderful experience for all! And this morning ‘s story on Deb’s purchase of her painting and surprise meeting with Ignazio, priceless!! Thank you to all

    1. Welcome Annette! I don’t know you except I know you are already a woman of refined tastes since you love IL VOLO, go to concerts and read The Flight Crew pages! What a great life isn’t it! There is a great group of people here and now we have you!

      1. Thank you! I look forward to reading the next interesting story on IL VOLO !

    2. Dear Annette, I have been following the Flight Crew for almost a year. You are going to love being a member. The Crew are all of a like mind. We come from all walks of life, many different age groups, but we are all attached by that common thread of loving the family of Il Volo. I couldn’t ask for a nicer group of people to hang out with. We are polite, respectful of one another, but know how to have fun. Welcome aboard.
      Rose Marie Paliobeis
      P.S. Are you from Ohio?

      1. Hi Rose Marie: Thank you! And no, I am not from Ohio. My daughter is a professor of Italian Studies at Youngstown State and she surprised me with the tickets . It was a wonderful night sharing the experience with her and my granddaughter!

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