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Welcome back Ragazzi!!!

Yes, they’re on their way back! Ignazio and Gianluca left from Italy earlier today. Piero apparently had gone ahead to London. They probably met there for the trip to Vancouver. They open their concert tour “We Are Love” at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver on August 25th.

1) Twitter and Tweets….
Check Gianluca’s Twitter page and see the post labeled “Imagine” It’s a fan’s very short story of sharing her sick day with Gianluca. I know it will melt the hearts of you Gian fans!
Check the tweets from Gianluca and Ignazio with pictures of them at the airport. They look happy to be starting the tour.
Check Piero’s tweet and picture of himself on the plane with headphones, cap, hoody and a scarf, looking a little serious. He does look like he’s ready for a long flight.

2) Take a glance at Mundial Facebook and see 2 pictures of Ignazio, on the left, when he was younger and the right as he looks today. Very cute! Anyone have a preference?

3) On Team Il Volo’s blog see a very good interview with Gianluca by “The Straight” in his home town just recently. A nicely done piece.

4) After Vancouver, “The Boys” will be returning to LA. They have 3 concerts in California before heading East

5) Again a reminder to watch The Hallmark Channel, Friday at 12 noon for a repeat of The Home and Family program featuring Il Volo.


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