Response to Vancouver Sun Review

So, it’s Twenty-four hours later.  How do things look in the light of a new day?

I know we were all very upset, and as Myron put it to me yesterday, “A lot of us agree that the writer went to a baseball park to watch a football game.”  He also pointed out that only the fans matter, and they loved the show.  Several people have made comments here along the same lines.

Everyone should respond or not respond as is their choice, so maybe a full on blitz is not the way to go.  It is my personal opinion that the author of the piece should know that she was mistaken about what to expect at the show at the least, but I also wanted to be professional and non-confrontational, which is why I wanted to wait a day to gather my thoughts.  If you would like to comment as well, here is the contact information:

Ms. Thorkelson:

Harold Munro, Editor in Chief:


8 thoughts on “Response to Vancouver Sun Review”

  1. Wrote my letter to Harold Munro…for what it’s worth. These young men will develop “tough skin” along the path of their career. They have to in show business. They also are so well grounded in that they know who they are and what they want to achieve! Il Volo…keep flying… we love you!!!

  2. Your right Mary C. It’s all part of their show biz dream. Sometimes you get the nightmare. This review will be crushed under the weight of all the others that will glorify OUR GUYS! Keeps ’em humble anyway!

    Now, because of my second concert ticket, Il Volo will have two chances to impress me. Think they will?

  3. I just send Mr. Munro an e-mail expressing my disappointment in his choice of reviewer for the Il Volo concert. I got an e-mail back that he was out of town until Thursday but the e-mail gave the name and e-mail address of the assistant editor. I just sent my e-mail to her as well. Can’t wait to hear more about the concerts to get this bad tasting review out of my mouth. I am more concerned that it will have a negative effect on the boys. They are used to being treated with respect and kindness.

  4. Yeah Marie did you see Ignazio put his arm around a girl who was standing beside him. She was blonde, he seems to like blondes, Your in the right category. There was a blonde he was with on stage with.. Gee maybe I should die my hair blonde before next week.

  5. I am going to see il Volo in Concord tonight – at the Sleep Train Pavilion, which is an outdoor venue. Wow! I’m 86 years old and love the boys and their fantastic musical talent.

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