In Case You Missed It……


Hi Everone,

Here we are with one concert under our belts and the next one is tonight in San Francisco! Our Board member, Elaine is very excited and can hardly get through her work day in anticipation of the event! Have a great Il Volo Time, Elaine!

1) Twitters and tweets:
I’m afraid tweets are meager today as “The Boys” get ready for tonight’s concert. Piero and Gianluca did tweet that they had arrived in “San Fran”

2) We did note that again today “Il Volo Flight Crew” is trending on Twitter.

3) See article on Il Volo I “Italian Heritage” One interesting note is that “The Boys” are not going straight home after their tour, but are going to NY to promote their Christmas album “Buon Natale” Here is the link to the article.

4) Look at the left side of our page and click AFFILIATES to read 3 articles, one on each of “The Boys” done before they left for the tour.

5) Also see an article “Il Volo Brings Hit Pop-Opera to Comercia Theatre”. Interesting note in this article is that Il Volo still travels with a parent, For Ignazio and Gianluca, their moms are along, and Piero’s Dad is with him. Good to hear that, it helps having a parent along when you’re so far from home!

6) See “Sound check” video done by CBC in Vancouver, also on Team Il Volo.

We wish Il Volo Love and Luck tonight. Everyone that attends please let us hear from you.


13 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It……”

  1. Thank you, Linda. I am leaving work now and heading to Concord a little early. Need to beat the traffic on Bay Bridge. EXCITED, EXCITED, EXCITED…

    1. Oh Elaine! What a blessing you are gonna get! I’m so excited for you. Can’t wait to hear your comments. Take notes , sneak pictures (carefully – don’t get thrown out). Enjoy for me. Love u & Il Volo. 💞💜💛💙💞

      1. Elaine, I agree with what stephanie just said. I’m so excited for you also, especially since you were able to buy a better seat. Are you allowed to have a camera? Fox Theater said that they cannot tell me if I am allow to have a camera until the day before the concert. I understood that it is up to the people that manage il Volo.

        I will be looking for your report. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you Linda for steering me on to articles about our boys. My family does not understand my interest and love for Il Volo, Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca. It makes me feel so good to know there are all of you on this site who feel the same as I do. So thank you to all of you!

    Elaine, have a super great time tonight! And if you have a chance give Piero an extra hug for me.

    1. A llene, I think I remember reading that you are from Minnesota. Is that right? I also remember seeing somewhere “Il Volo Minnesota” and am wondering if there is a Minnesota fan club. If so, would like to know more about it. Do you know?

  3. You’re welcome Allene, I can’t think of anything better than reading about “Our Boys”. Most of our families don’t understand, but who cares, we have each other!

    Send pictures, Elaine!

  4. I can’t wait to hear the reports from all of those lucky people here that will attend tonights concert!!! I know it will be awesome! Thank you to all who share the love here. My family, like so many here, think I’m crazy at my ripe old age of 60 (!!!) to be so infatuated with these wonderful guys. Well,. I have always had a love of music and they just came into our world and blew us away! What is not to love with these guys? I love the fact one of each parents is touring with them. They portray such love and respect for their families! What a joy they are!

    1. Hi Maryc
      You fit right in here! A good many of us won’t see 65, or 70 or more! And most of our spouses/family members think we are nuts. Half of the time I think of this blog as a support group! We all love the boys, their incredible talents (and looks!), their wonderful unspoiled personalities, their humbleness, their work ethic, etc.

  5. There is a rather funny comment in the paper about Il Volo attracting in the 30yr to 80yr old people but they need to attract the teens more. That may be true and if so does that mean we need to drag our grand children out to see this group of teenage boys ? ? I think that idea is wild and talk about a reversal of the usual scene. Isn’t it the teens that drag us out to see the boy bands ? Oh, Well.

    1. I don’t know who said that–there sure isn’t a dearth of teen fans in South America! Gianluca said in an interview recently that the fans in South America are 85% teenagers.

  6. I just came across this on the Inernet:
    Il Volo Deal of the Day | Groupon Lakeland
    0 secs ago – Il Volo at Amway Center on September 22 at 7:30 p.m. (Up to Half Off) … Performing renditions of classic Italian songs as well as material …
    Wish I lived closer to Orlando. It couldn’t be much further from vancouver, could it? But what a deal!

  7. Tj Orlando is at the east end of the States south in Florida. Vancouver is at the opposite of the the west end of Canada.. Linda could go to the performance, she lives in Florida. Now if you wanted to fly there, go for it. Did you see the video of them singing at the show? Handsome as always.

  8. Good morning to all, Yes, Mary, I too, am from Minnesota. I have not heard of a Minnesota Fan Club but would certainly like to hear about it if there is. And I am waiting on pins and needles to hear how the concert went last night in San Francisco.

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