Gianluca, “Thank you FRESNO … sold out!!”

Tweets before, during and after Il Volo – live at the Fresno Grand Opera, August 30, 2013.

“Il Volo ‏@ilvolo   Want you pls surrender to me..!!! ”

“Il Volo ‏@ilvolo   G&P ”

“Il Volo ‏@ilvolo  Chillin’ ”

“Gianluca Il Volo ‏@GianGinoble Tenor voice crack! LOL!!! I’m DYING!!!!!! Ahahah ”

“Gianluca Il Volo ‏@GianGinoble    Ready for the show!!  😉

“Elaine T ‏@tse_etsecpa  @GianGinoble Looks great. You sound so good #intermission #Fresno Grand Opera”

“Piero Barone Il Volo ‏@piero_barone  Feelings! #live #concert #cool #italian #style #lather ”

“Gianluca Il Volo ‏@GianGinoble  Thank you FRESNO for the sold out!! What a wonderful concert!”

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  1. Soonie needs to keep her hands off of their hair, especially Gianluca’s. It looks much better when they do their own hair. MOO! lol

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