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Hi Everyone,

It was a night off for Il Volo. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero had a much deserved night off after three days in a row of amazing concerts. They surely deserve a little free time.
Gianluca tweeted a picture of himself, said he had his hair straightened (at Soonies). We ladies were a little sad; we all love those curls so much!
There are some nice photos of “The Boys” around LA with some friends, on Mundial Facebook.

1) Twitter, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted a picture of himself with #becool pic.
Piero tweeted a picture of him with the guys of Jackass.
Ignazio where are you? no Tweets in 3 days!

2) Check out Team Il Volo for 2 great interviews.
A visit with HFPA for a round table interview before the LA concert. Gianluca says of the audiences, that “The hot girls bring their grandmothers” alluding to the fact that their audiences are a mixture of younger and older fans.
They sat for an interview with Jessica Carrillo also before the LA concert. One amusing bit from that interview is Ignazio saying they really don’t fight, they sometimes argue, but no one notices because they are loud anyway!!

3) By accident today we noticed there was a encore of “The Talk” with an apearance by Il Volo first shown a month ago. Would you believe just as they were coming on the network interrupted with a special bulletin? Oh well, we caught about 30 seconds of it anyway. Important national news has to take precedent, but we were disappointed.

Il Volo’s concert tonight at Fresno Opera House should be a good one in a beautiful Venue. Our Elaine is lucky enough to be attending her 2nd concert this week! Enjoy Elaine!

We wish “the Boys” Love and Luck tonight!


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  1. Thanks to Myron for the songlist and critiques and to Sheridan and Lynn for their tracking skills! I am happily listening to all the new tracks. The only thing that could make it better is tickets to a second concert like Elaine (seriously, hold on to that man!). Have a great time Elaine!

  2. Luck, lucky you Elaine! I am another one who won’t be going to a concert tis year. So I am very thankful for those of you who do get to a concert and report back to poor us who can’t go. It sounds like the boys are having a fun time and wowing everybody with there great voices! I know sometimes I feel like leaping to my feet and giving our boys a standing ovation right here in front of my computer1

  3. Thanks Myron, I am crazy about those opera solos. Now I have a better understanding of them.
    Hey Sheridan, I just keep telling myself that no matter the age, it’s magic!
    True, they will all be men soon but, they will always be My Boys!

    1. They are always our Boys, but they really are turning into the finest, most beautiful young men.

  4. Oh I will always think of them as boys. I went on u tube today to look at their beginnings. So cute with dimples, curly hair and Piero in a real suit! LOL. They had the voices of angels then, still do but so much stronger!

    1. I love those old videos from TLUC. They are so adorable, so huggable (NOT that they aren’t NOW!!). The video of Ignazio singing Il Mare Calmo Della Sera when he was 14 is my favorite–he is so shy he doesn’t even look at the audience. But what passion! I was amazed that a kid his age could show such emotion. There is one of Gianluca singing the same song. I wish they all would sing it now, it is a very beautiful one.

  5. I love the one with Gianluca listening to Bocelli’s advice after he won the talent contest, there are brief glimpses of Piero and Ignazio too, they were so young, only 14 & 15!

    1. No one mentions this other video, not the Andrea Bocelli one which is priceless, but there is another really emotional you tube of Gianluca found under “Gianluca Ginoble tears up” I’ve mentioned it before, so sorry to be such a broken record, but he is crying his eyes out when he’s up on stage, it’s only 1 min. long, take the time to look it up. His fellow contestants on the Italian Contest – girls especially – are almost crying too b/c they feel so bad for him. He is simply so beautiful!

      1. Love Gianluca on this video. His emotion is so pure and sweet. Big hug to you, Gianluca!

    2. Wasn’t he precious…with the trembling lips and glistening eyes. It’s so amazing to have been able to track our boys from that time to this. Wish I had more time (I’m 84) to see them keep on maturing, and what the future holds for them.

  6. Penina, I have Il Mare Calmo Della Sera on my desk top. I swear I listen to it every day! His emotions at the end slay me! No wonder I love that little boy! Big Boy’s OK too!

  7. I’ve been listening to the solos of these beautiful young men & I get so caught up in the song that when it ends my heart is so full of love for these men & so proud of them as if they belonged to me & were my own grandchildren. Gianluca’s solo of the Italian song was spectacular, Piero’s also & Ignazio as well. None was better than the other. The quality, strength & heart that is put in each song is outstanding & sincere. WOW, WOW I don’t have any other words that explain how I feel.

    1. Loretta, you said for me. Words seem inadequate. I pray for protection for them every day because they are entering an environment fraught with danger to the human spirit. I’m so glad they seem to have great people protecting them. Such magnificent gifts from heaven.

  8. Dear LeeLee: I hope you see this message. It is in answer to your comment on another page.
    I am overwhelmed by your sweet invitation to join you in Tampa for a concert! I just have one problem, and it’s called Old Age! At 86 I just don’t fly or travel very far without a family member accompanying me, I have a small family, and no one is available to go with me. That’s why I am so heartbroken that Il Volo isn’t coming within a day’s travel to put on a concert. Believe me, if I were 8 or 10 years younger, I would be camping on your doorstep!!!!
    Again, I love your kindness and generosity in issuing such a lovely invitation. You are a sweetheart!!! THANK YOU!

  9. Dear LeeLee you have a heart full of compassion & love. You are in the right Flight Crew because we all try to extend help to each other. Its funny I have never belonged to a group before but this one is so close to me now I have never even seen any of them but shortly will be meeting Marie & Mary. Maybe this is just the beginning of us all meeting & LeeLee I hope you are in the next group that I meet.

  10. Gianluca is going to make a good actor. I love the way he expresses a song through his body language & expressive face. Now if I spoke Italian & Spanish I would understand what El Triste was in English. His solo was spectacular & beautifully done..
    I noticed Ignazio was playful through most of the songs I saw them sing. I am going to listen very carefully what he was saying humourously about nails, Manicures & pedicures. He is such a treasure, they all fit so well together.

  11. TJ,

    I agree with your comments above. Myron did a great job with the song lists and his critiques of the concert he attended. Thank you again Myron! Yes, Sheridan and Lynn do a great job of finding the clips and leading us to them. I just picked up my DVD from Barnes & Nobles last night for the concert they did in Miami, but I have not had time to listen to it yet. Hopefully this weekend. There were so many interruptions when it was shown on PBS. I am getting quite a collection of il Volo DVD’s and CD’s. I love to listen to all of them.

  12. Ladies, I’ve been speechless today because I just have no more words I can say about them. I am just dumbfounded and proud. Can you imagine what their parents must be feeling! There may be some hope for this world after all. Not only have they truly been blessed, but so have we. I pray for Gods protection as they travel.

  13. Hi Helen – You mean you are 86 years YOUNG. Thank you so much for the kind words. I am truly sincere. I do understand how difficult it is to travel, especially nowadays. However, the offer still stands anytime you want. Tampa is about 4 hours from me, but I am more than willing to get there if I have to.

    Loretta, I, too have never joined any groups, but when everyone was on the other site, I got hooked reading all the comments and realizing how I felt the same way as so many of you. I hope that we can ALL meet one day. Think of how much fun we would have. Also, thank you for the kind words. It means so very much to me.

    1. LeeLee, thanks for your generous offer. I wish I could take you up on it. But we are undergoing a major system overhaul at my job, & we are not allowed to take vacations until mid-November. I am going to see Michael Buble in October only because the concert venue is less than an hour from my home.
      I also got hooked reading all the comments from the old site & knew I had found a home with the Flight Crew. This is my support group for my hopeless addiction to IL VOLO; I can share my thoughts & feelings with others who understand me. I agree with the person who said earlier that there is no 12 step group to help us give up our boys. We don’t want to be cured of this addiction to the most beautiful voices this side of heaven. So please excuse me while I go back to searching for new videos of the We Are Love tour to get my “fix”!

  14. Hot girls bring their grandmothers… *crickets*
    So where are the females that are not quite girls, not quite old enough to be their moms and definitely not grandmas? 😉 You’re right, Loretta. I think the joke’s on me. 😀
    Thanks to everyone for all the amazing feedback (are we going to see some stories in the Experience section soon?). I have stayed pretty spoiler free when it comes to videos (except for Il Mundial’s video the other day and a few seconds of Caruso), wanting to be completely surprised on Wednesday. I’m so proud of myself; I never have that much self control!

    1. Kya, your self control is indeed impressive! Kittykam, i was just talking with a friend this evening about how their parents must feel – success has turned all their lives upside down. It can’t be easy, but they all carry it off with such grace. Loretta, I agree with you about God’s joke!

  15. Loretta, here is the translation of El Triste

    How sad it was to say goodbye
    when we adored each other most
    even the swallow emigrated
    foreseeing the end…

    How sad looks everything without you
    the seas are leaving the beaches
    and the colours are turning grey
    everything is loneliness now

    I don’t know whether I’ll see you again
    I don’t know what’ll happen to my life
    without the blue star of your being
    which doesn’t shed its light on me anymore

    I want to relish my pain today
    I’m not asking for compassion nor pity
    the story of this love was written
    for eternity

    How sad say everyone that I am
    that I am always speaking of you
    they don’t know that thinking of your love, of your love
    (is how) I’ve been able to live, I’ve been able to live

    1. Thanks for the words….now I can really understand the emotion that the boys put into the song. It has been my favorite ever since I heard them sing it. It’s so amazing how such young persons can express this kind of feeling.

  16. Wow, TJ. Thanks for the El Triste translation! Whew! I love that song and the power The Boys put into it, especially at the Latin Grammy’s with the tribute to Jose Jose.

    Thanks, Myron, for the listing of the songs from the concert, and to others who listed the newer solo names. I did count 25 songs in the concert. What a gift! Other performers… maybe 90 minutes? Certainly 2 hours and 20 minutes (straight!) is very generous and oh so sweet!

    Can anyone provide n English translation of Mas Que Amor or a description of where to find it? I’m curious how it compares to We Are Love.

    How fun to have so many videos to experience that I can’t quite keep up!

    Joy and gratitude to all of you, especially our Flight Crew Board and our regular post-ers. Won’t be long for some of you. Can’t wait to hear of your experience!

    Sweet night,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  17. TJ,

    I thank you also for the words to El Triste. I dearly love that song and find myself listening to it frequently. I still love to watch the camera pan to Jose Jose’s face and watch just how proud and impressed he is with them.

  18. Oh TJ thank you so much for the translation for El Triste, I have wanted to know what the translation was for so long. I also listened to Jose Jose sing it also in 1970. I wondered what was being said because Gianluca is so expressive when singing it.

  19. Oh, I am so tired from the long journey! The Labor Day get away traffic almost double the time to Fresno. I made it to the Fresno Grand Opera just 5 minutes before it started. So glad I did not miss anything.

    Okay, there really is nothing new to say. Our guys are just GREAT!!! Perfect looks, perfect outfits, perfect voices, perfect songs, perfect classy venue…I will go to another concert if I could!

    I need to catch my Il Volo dreams now (really exhausted). But I have to thank my husband for all the drivings and my Board sisters for keeping me occupied during those anxious moments on the journey (We were emailing each other). I will try to write more tomorrow. Good night!

    1. Yes, I bought a program, a poster, and a T-shirt. The program has nice photos but don’t have a listing of the songs(?). And I will wear my oversize T-shirt as my night shirt.

  20. Hey you guys!! I just spent two days giving you resource links over there under “Around the Blog”. Use them! Mas Que Amor translation can be found there under LYRIC TRANSLATIONS then “songlyrics” just click! Also note my pretty pictures!

  21. Thanks for the links Marie, amd the photos are indeed pretty. I get so used to checking just one place that I don’t explore the rest of the site. I will now, though. Christine, we had merchandise on sale at the concert I went to – programs, cds and dvds , tshirts, etc. the program has great pictures. Lucky Elaine, glad you had a good time!

  22. LeeLee, are you going to Tampa?

    Helen, we are suffering with you. We are so upset that you are not going to an Il Volo concert in the near future. Many of us on the Crew are hoping something will change – an Il Volo Miracle! If it happens, and new concerts are added, together we may be able to figure out how to get you there! All things are possible if you just believe! You know what we say – Keep Calm and Love Il Volo!

    Hang in there Helen – We Love You! ~Michele

  23. If any new concerts are added, I am hoping one will be in Minneapolis! It would sure make me happy! But thanks to you all for keeping me up-to-date on what our boys are doing and how the concerts are doing. It sounds like Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio are having many standing ovations. Way to go Il Volo!!

  24. Michele:
    What would I do without all of you sweet, dear Flight Crew members? You boost my morale no end! Maybe a miracle WILL happen, But, you know, it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get to see The Boys…. I am so blessed in so many ways. God has given me a good, caring family, I have loads of activities that start up again in the Fall, and He has introduced me to all of you!! And with so many wonderful, exciting comments, reviews, pictures, videos, etc., of the concerts, I almost feel like I’ve been there.

    Thank you so much, Michele, for CARING! That means more to me than I can ever say! I love each and every one of you, and who knows? Maybe all of us WILL meet someday. Wouldn’t that be grand???

  25. Helen – Thank YOU! It would be grand for all of us to get together! Perhaps a trip to Dallas – everyone!

  26. I wish too Helen you could get to a concert, it’s clear you love “The Boys” as much as we all do, and would dearly love to see them! Hope being on this site keeps you close to them and us, that’s what we’re for!!

  27. Maybe they’ll shoot PBS in Dallas next year. We’ve all said we’re going to wherever that might happen. We can have a party at Helen’s! OK, Helen?

  28. Just wondering why the comments on the latest post this morning are closed. Just listened to Piero’s operatic solo again for the 100th time. and once again it sent my heart soaring. Piero, Piero, Piero, how I love that voice of yours!! It makes me feel so proud of you that you’d think you were my grandson!!

  29. Sorry Allene, we’re trying not to have so many open posts around. Some people were getting confused as to where to write. The “In case you missed it” column is a logical spot for blogging. I am, however, going to open up the Fresno spot for comments. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated here. Thanks.

  30. Michele – Unfortunately, I won’t be going to Tampa. It’s crazy – I have Tampa, Orlando, and Miami (all within driving distance) to choose from and can’t get to any of them because all my friends can’t make it for one reason or another. Unless someone’s plans change, I’ll have to, like Helen and Lynn (and I believe Penina), live through it through the videos and comments between you all and IVMO. The concerts are still 3 weeks away, you never know – one can dream!!!

    I like Marie’s idea – all meeting in a central place. Never been to Dallas and think it would be fun. What do you say, Helen? If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you 😉

    1. Sorry Allene, didn’t mean to leave you out. I believe you are not attending any concerts, either.

  31. Yes, sad to say, I won’t be getting to any concerts. But you know what LeeLee, I am loving everything I can read from all of you and listening to our boys sing. It makes me feel like I am getting the next best thing to being to being there!

  32. Wouldn’t it be a blast if everyone could come to Dallas? Linda Parks lives in Ft. Worth and I bet she would co-host with me! I have a small house but there are plenty of nice hotels and motels nearby, and my house could be daytime headquarters! Also, there’s lots to see and do in the area, so we really could have fun! Welcome one and all!!!!

    1. lol Oh Helen, you don’t know what you are in for. They will be there with bells on. lol

  33. Thanks for all the comments on Il Volo. It makes me more excited to see them. My daughter and granddaughter are just as anxious. Also, it is nice to know I am not the only “older woman” who loves them.

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