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Hi Everyone,

How is everyone doing? Have you all survived “The Boys” leaving to go home? I know we’ve been sad, but happy for them. There are still some taped appearances coming up. Mlla has been gracious enough to send us pictures from Assisi. Those “Little Things” help keep us in touch! Il Volo also has another concert to do in Scala on December 18th.

Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio seem really happy to be home even with a few concerts to do before Christmas. We’re hoping after that they get a little R&R until after New Years!!! We’ll just have to wait and see.

Twitters Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca: “Hi everyone, how are you today? I just want to tell you that i’m thinking about you and that I can’t wait to start the journey again” “Having lunch with my family”

Piero: “Finally with my brother” with a picture of him with his brother, Francis. “In Assisi with my beautiful family and the beautiful surprise of the Minio family” Photo with all having a meal.

Ignazio: Well, no tweets, here’s a picture of him, in case you forget! (Hardly likely!!)tumblr_mvehb2bDuv1s08vxqo1_500

Please see the beautiful photos from Assisi, they look so handsome in their tuxedos!!

Enjoy Michele’s feature on Christmas in Italia.

Team Il Volo has an artical from Yahoo Music called “O Holy Night!! Il Volo sings Christmas classics A Cappella”

Remember these dates 12/18, appearance on  “The Talk”  12/ 25, appearance on the Disney Parade on ABC.  There is still another christmas concert in a Basilica in Scala on 12/18, we’ll get you more information on that as we get it.

Though we miss them, it is so good to see and hear how happy they are to be with family, enjoy Guys, have fun!!fire


In Case You Missed it…


Hi Everyone,

It was a night off for Il Volo. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero had a much deserved night off after three days in a row of amazing concerts. They surely deserve a little free time.
Gianluca tweeted a picture of himself, said he had his hair straightened (at Soonies). We ladies were a little sad; we all love those curls so much!
There are some nice photos of “The Boys” around LA with some friends, on Mundial Facebook.

1) Twitter, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted a picture of himself with #becool pic.
Piero tweeted a picture of him with the guys of Jackass.
Ignazio where are you? no Tweets in 3 days!

2) Check out Team Il Volo for 2 great interviews.
A visit with HFPA for a round table interview before the LA concert. Gianluca says of the audiences, that “The hot girls bring their grandmothers” alluding to the fact that their audiences are a mixture of younger and older fans.
They sat for an interview with Jessica Carrillo also before the LA concert. One amusing bit from that interview is Ignazio saying they really don’t fight, they sometimes argue, but no one notices because they are loud anyway!!

3) By accident today we noticed there was a encore of “The Talk” with an apearance by Il Volo first shown a month ago. Would you believe just as they were coming on the network interrupted with a special bulletin? Oh well, we caught about 30 seconds of it anyway. Important national news has to take precedent, but we were disappointed.

Il Volo’s concert tonight at Fresno Opera House should be a good one in a beautiful Venue. Our Elaine is lucky enough to be attending her 2nd concert this week! Enjoy Elaine!

We wish “the Boys” Love and Luck tonight!