Hi Everyone,

How is everyone doing? Have you all survived “The Boys” leaving to go home? I know we’ve been sad, but happy for them. There are still some taped appearances coming up. Mlla has been gracious enough to send us pictures from Assisi. Those “Little Things” help keep us in touch! Il Volo also has another concert to do in Scala on December 18th.

Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio seem really happy to be home even with a few concerts to do before Christmas. We’re hoping after that they get a little R&R until after New Years!!! We’ll just have to wait and see.

Twitters Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca: “Hi everyone, how are you today? I just want to tell you that i’m thinking about you and that I can’t wait to start the journey again” “Having lunch with my family”

Piero: “Finally with my brother” with a picture of him with his brother, Francis. “In Assisi with my beautiful family and the beautiful surprise of the Minio family” Photo with all having a meal.

Ignazio: Well, no tweets, here’s a picture of him, in case you forget! (Hardly likely!!)tumblr_mvehb2bDuv1s08vxqo1_500

Please see the beautiful photos from Assisi, they look so handsome in their tuxedos!!

Enjoy Michele’s feature on Christmas in Italia.

Team Il Volo has an artical from Yahoo Music called “O Holy Night!! Il Volo sings Christmas classics A Cappella”

Remember these dates 12/18, appearance on  “The Talk”  12/ 25, appearance on the Disney Parade on ABC.  There is still another christmas concert in a Basilica in Scala on 12/18, we’ll get you more information on that as we get it.

Though we miss them, it is so good to see and hear how happy they are to be with family, enjoy Guys, have fun!!fire


23 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT……”

  1. Lovely post Linda. Cheery, as usual. Thanks, I’ve marked all the dates. Wouldn’t want to miss them. Right Kelly?
    BTW Kelly nice new picture!

    Thanks for that other picture, Linda.
    Ignazio who? hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    1. What new picture….?
      *leaves phone App to go look*
      Oh!!! Lol I forgot I was signed in to my personal blog when I commented. Thanks! Maybe I’ll change it for here too.

  2. Greetings, Flight Crew! I have enjoyed your posts, photos and videos for several months. Most of all, I am glad to hear from other Il Volo fans who love “Our Boys” as much as I do

  3. Greetiings Peggy have you been on this site before. Nice to hear from you & to join us as well. Yes each one of us has their special guy but basically we all love all three.

    Thanks Mlla I didn’t understand a word but it was great to see the guys & listen to Ignazio & see parts of the cities

    1. Thanks to everyone! I have been a frequent visitor but never posted anything till now. I was always too chicken, but you all seem to be having so much fun I finally decided why not join in!

    2. Loretta ,
      first the Heads of the two Government chambers attending the event were interviewd, afterwards the speaker reported that the Guys of il Volo , just back from a very successful tour, were very excited to be there. Subsequently Ignazio told how they used to watch the concert when they were small kids and how they promplty said yes when asked to paticipate, as nothing would be better than to be involved in this event at Crhistmas time.

  4. I’m sorry not to be around much but my computer has recently died. Hopefully I will get a new one soon ( Come on Santa!!) and rejoin all the fun of the Flight Crew!

  5. I have heard that Mary B’s computer is on the fritz, too. It is amazing how much we depend on our computers to keep us informed of what’s going on with Our Boys.. I would be very lost if I didn’t hear what Gianluca, Ignazio, and especially Piero, were up to every day! Thank goodness for the Flight Crew site!

  6. Gee there must be a “flu” going around the computers also. Was having trouble with mine, then I got the flu and because I was weak, I fell!!! I have been unable to post for a while. On top of all that, I miss our guys being in the U.S., but I am glad they are finally home. Thanks to everyone for the info about them,especially Mllo!

  7. Nanawolf I am sorry that you not only had the flue but fell. When we get older we have to be so careful to not fall as in this weather I only walk with mincing steps.
    Hope you are on the mend now & I will add you to my prayers as well. Stay strong

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