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e watermark photo credit Corrierre dell’Umbria

All uncredited photo’s courtesy Sanfrancisco,org

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SN2A8754 (Copia)Concertopresidentesenato

photo credit Corriere dell'Umbria
photo credit Corriere dell’Umbria
photo - Corriere dell'umbria
photo – Corriere dell’umbria

credit - Corriere dell'Umbriacredit – Corriere dell’Umbria

photo - Corriere dell'Umbria
photo – Corriere dell’Umbria
photo - Corriere dell'Umbria
photo – Corriere dell’Umbria


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  1. I am repeating from last night but I must say it gives me a sense of satisfaction that the guys are doing something elegant and formal in their own country. They have not done a lot of things in Italy this past year. Mlla, do you know that they sang on the program ?

    1. M, As I mentioned yesterday Tomorrow afternoon they will be guests in a programm called Domenica In on National TV channel RAI 1

    1. “The Christmas song” cantata da “Il Volo” and Stacy Francis
      “Adeste Fideles” with P. Sorvino,
      Astro del ciel

      but it was reported on an online NP to be 17 songs in the concert. This is reported in an interview with Arisa.
      Astro del Ciel, ‘Ave Maria di Schubert, Bianco Natale, Hallelujah di Leonard Cohen, San Francesco d’ Assisi predica agli uccelli (Liszt), Agnus Dei (Bizet). Adeste Fideles, Have Yourself a Marry Christmas, O Holy Night, Happy Xmas (War is over) di John Lennon.

      1. You posted in your first sentence the names of 4 songs, then you added War is Over and others and even posted that song here but it was grainy and wouldn’t play for me, so does that mean that Il VOLO sang all of the above mentioned songs, MILA? even Agnus Dei? OMG unbelievable those 3, Piero has said he likes Cohen’s song Hallelujah and it is pretty. I have watched Asto del Ciel probably 6 + times already I can’t believe their voices! (well of course I CAN).

      2. Mlla, thanks so much for your report. With the variety of music they have in their repertoire they could sing at more of these great cathedrals if they wanted to.

        I am not sure if this got printed earlier: The very first Christmas Carol ever written was written by St. Francis of Assisi . It is in latin and not done that often these days but he started this whole tradition of carols way back there and then. That is one reason why having our boys singing where St. Francis lived in Assisi is SO FANTASTIC !

    1. I see Ignazio’s mom and dad in the one photo sitting next to Gianluca’s mom and Gianluca’s grandpa but I cannot make out where Ercole and Ernie are? What a beautiful church this is! Their performance from yesterday’s preview was just beyond beautiful. I wonder if they visited St Francis’ tomb while they were there?

  2. Where is my book of superlatives? They are so elegant in their “formal attire” – and so handsome. But you all have said it so beautifully. Thanks again for this site –

  3. perhaps u would like to know the other Italian singer that participated in the event and did duet with the boys, her name is Arisa and here she is in an older performance

  4. What a beautiful experiance for our angelsto have. I’m no one to them and yet I as proud as if they were my own sons.

  5. I have been to this church in Assisi and it changed my life. As our tour bus was driving through this beautiful area, I got such a feeling I couldn’t understand. Then I saw on the top of the hill where the church was, many nuns with their habits blowing the wind. It was a spiritual experience. When we went into the church, there was a simple Francescan monk and he said, “Remember God loves you more than yourself.” St. Francis became my patron saint. I bought a hand carved statue of him there and it is on my dresser. I read all the books about him when I got home. He was an amazing man and I will never forget Assisi. I wish I was there when our Boys sang.

    1. What an experience, Ann!

      Listening to Our Boys’ rehearsal at the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi took my breath away! The acoustics, the uplifting angelic voices and hearts! Wow!
      How I would love to experience this in person some day!
      I sent the link to many friends, and so many responded with deep gratitude and awe, as I feel, too.

      One of my favorite movies (and music) from days of yore is Brother Sun, Sister Moon, about Saint Francis of Assisi. As an animal lover, I feel Saint Francis’ spirit.

      What a treasure, mlla and Marie! Thank you!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  6. Myron sorry to be late but some of the songs were solos
    Stacy Francis- “Petit Papa Noel”
    Arisa – Halleluja” by L. Cohen
    Paul Sorvino- -“Have yourself a Merry little Christmas”

    AND then were the DuETS.
    “Il Volo” with Stacy Francis -The Christmas song”
    Il Volo and Paul Sorvino – “Adeste fideles”

    Then Everybody sang War is over by J.Lennon
    this was a bit confusely reported in the News, so do not guaratee, other details lacking so far

  7. Here I am late again posting, but I have to say that the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi that our wonderful boys sang in is very, very beautiful. Thank you Mlla for posting the link to watch them perform. I have watched it several times now and have totally enjoyed it each time.

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