18 thoughts on “Il Volo LIVE at the Chicago Theatre, September 4, 2013”

  1. Hi to Ann – we first met in Chicago at the Barnes & Noble June 1st event. theater looks great and the pictures are wonderful.

  2. Kelly, Ann, and Kelly’s friend, you look so lovely with bright shining eyes and big smiles!

    Truly, the experience of IL VOLO Land is especially our beloved boys and their team, AND it’s all of us delighting in the amazing gifts of their harmonies, their warm hearts, and their Be-You-To-Full natural selves!

    Thanks for sharing your joy! Looking forward to hearing more details when you’re ready to share!

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. Please let us know if Elizabeth or any of the Flight Crew get to be a “Maria couch lady”. That would be awesome!

  4. Amazing!!!!!! It’s late and we’re starved, so I will post more when I gather my thoughts more. Just know I loved it !

    And no…we didn’t make it to the couches. 🙁

  5. Kelly, Ann and friend…..What a great picture of the 3 of you!!! You do us all proud as representatives of the Flight Crew, so elegantly coiffed and dressed!!!

    Can’t WAIT to hear about your reviews of the concert. We want DETAILS!!!! By the way, did you see Elizabeth there? I missed seeing her in the picture.

  6. Kelly, I know you will love the concert as much as I did. Our guys are so fabulous! Now get some food and rest and tell us everything.

    Ann, nice seeing you. That is one good looking photo!

  7. I didn’t see the picture Kelly took. Don’t know where it is. The concert was amazing with NO guest singer. Yes!!! They sang everything for 2 hours, so mesmerizing. No one wanted it to end. Was not happy that Piero didn’t pick Elizabeth to sit on the coach. He was right by her aisle. Don’t know if she didn’t want to go on the stage. Loved every second of the concert. They are truly Angels and the audience really loved them.

    1. You got that right! I’m already missing those sweethearts. They sing like nobody else on the planet – straight from the heart. Love them so much. Found out this morning, Elizabeth’s friend Sam, who I know, waited after the show and got that picture with Gianluca!!!! Not fair. I thought the meet & greet was after the show; saw all those girls waiting; so if you don’t have the meet and greet, I strongly suggest you wait and take a chance. You know it’s worth it. Good luck. Hugs to our precious guys.

      1. If it had just been me, I totally would’ve waited with her. But Denise was starved and she’s pregnant. Had to get her something to eat. :/

      2. Kelly, after I saw the picture with Gianluca (I saw the girls waitng at the stage door but I thought they would be there for hours) I was hoping you had waited too. Better luck for us next time. I tweeted Gian to never stop coming to Chicago.

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