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Hi Everyone,

“My kind of town (Chicago is)” Sang Sinatra, in his recording of this famous song in 1954.

In the iconic Chicago Theatre tonight Il Volo will join the likes of John Phillip Sousa, Benny Goodman, later; Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Dolly Parton and Prince. Since opening in 1921 many famous people have entertained live here!

Il Volo fans in the Chicago area are eagerly awaiting tonight’s concert! Flight Crew members Kelly, Elizabeth and Ann are among the crowd expected tonight! They can hardly contain their excitement!

1) Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca tweeted last night, “In my room, can’t sleep & I don’t know why”
Gianluca tweeted today, “Going to radio station”

2) Check Team Il Volo for an article done by “Oakland Press”
Ignazio says ” We are three simple guys, we hope people gonna cry, gonna laugh, and we have fun together”
Ignazio stated when asked about Barbra Streisand; “It’s an experience we will never forget the rest of our lives, she was like an aunt to us, It was a dream come true”

On Mundial, see short video on an “Extra” interview.
See also, some photos from a radio interview done this morning with “Worldview Radio”

We wish everyone, attending tonights performance all the things Ignazio wants for you! Have a wonderful time folks!!

I have it on good authority that Marie and Loretta have met in Detroit and will be meeting with Mary probably tomorrow. I know they can hardly wait for tomorrow’s concert!

Love and Luck tonight Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!!


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  1. Gianluca looked a little stressed in Phoenix. No idea why. His mother is with him so hopefully that should be a comfort whatever the problem is that is keeping him from sleep.

    1. Two days ago Gianluca tweeted “look closely at me”. Am I the only one that noticed that his right eye was red & puffy? Looked like a cold or sty in that eye. Perhaps he has been uncomfortable. And their schedule is very taxing, no matter how youbg they are. Just sayin . . .

  2. the Official web site does not tell this (they still have the first concerts with tickets to sell ! ! ! But a more up-to-date site shows that most of the concerts are sold out !!! There are only three cities that have seats left. Radio City Music Hall (all 6200 seats) is sold out ! Hooray ! I was worried about that place. New York is tough and that place is big BUT OUR BOYS DID IT ! Wallingford is still open and Tampa is still open.

  3. Myron, are you talking about the meet and greet tickets? According to VIP Nations, Westbury, NY 9/17 and Wallingford, CT 9/29 still have M&G ticket available. All others are either sold out or sales are closed. For all venues, the regular seats are still available. Please check with Ticketmaster or Live Nations to purchase.

    Il Volovers, you can still see and hear our guys in person. JUST DO IT!!!

    1. The connection I had was from Live Nation and their VIP section but the other site is different. So I would agree just go for the tickets – if it is wrong then you will get seats – Don’t pay any attention to that – buy tickets.

  4. See previous page – notice about a new concert added to Il Volo schedule – Atlantic City – Taj Mahal – Sept. 28

  5. Thanks, TJ. Excellent interview!

    Hey, guys, I’m a little off topic here, but just had to share.
    This is the first time I heard Ignazio (at Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2009) sing on YouTube:
    Ignazio Boschetto – Tenerezza

    Hey, maybe Loretta, Marie, and Mary, you might want to watch it as part of your “pre-game” warm-up! He’s got dimples and that lovely edge to his voice. So fun to see from whence he came.

    Have a wonderful time at the concert tomorrow!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Did you ever hear ignazio sing “AChi” ? It is on the same show in 2009. I love it just like everything else he sang on the show.

  6. Myron, Gianluca sure wasn’t stressed out at the Chicago concert. He interacted with the audience and was having so much fun–great concert!

  7. Not only have they added the Atlantic City concert at the Taj Mahal but they have also added another concert in Latin America – They have added a 3rd concert – YES, THAT IS RIGHT A 3RD concert in Sao Paulo for Nov. 6 – WoW they must be expecting huge crowds down there. Buenos Aires has two concerts and now three in one city.

  8. Watch the guys sing ll Mondo at the Chicago show. When you see Gianluca smiling all the time, he was like that during the whole show. He was having a good time.

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