1. Have a really great day, Linda! If I could wrap Ignazio up and give him to you I…I..would keep him myself but, buy you something really nice!

  2. Birthday Girl…….Thank you so much for all the pleasure you have given us on this super blog!!! Love your “In Case You Missed It” comments and all the research it involves, as well as everything else you do. You are a very special lady and we all love you!!!!

  3. Marie….. Thank you so much for designing the beautiful “birthday card” at the top of the page!!!!! Love it!!!! What a multi-talented group we have! You all never cease to amaze me!

  4. I hope you are having a great birthday, Linda. I wish our guys would be able to give you a shout out for your birthday at the concert tonight!

    1. Nice to see you here, June! I have a friend attending the same concert with 7 friends!

      Soon!! ^_^
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  5. Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday,
    Dear Linda! …. Happy Birthday to You!!!

    Hope you are enjoying the day!

  6. Very happy birthday to you, Linda! You must be so grateful and proud of the amazing “home” you’ve created here with the Flight Crew. This blog is totally a class act and does Our Boys proud! And it lifts the spirits of me and all who visit… including The Boys, according to Marie!

    Sweet night,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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