You asked for it! Here they are!  I gave you mostly the fun shots.  Badge is the neat thing Mary B. made for us to wear.  Group shot is L TO R:  WOMAN WHO MET THE BOYS IN BACK WITH ME, ANN, KATE, MARY B., ME, THE OTHER WOMAN WHO WENT WITH  ME, LORETTA.  I have about 50 more shots.  For some reason 40 of them are Ignazio.  ENJOY!  ~Marie



59 thoughts on “DETROIT CONCERT – 9/5/13”

  1. Now how did another one of Ignazio get in there? I have no shame!
    By the way, I kissed that cheek TOO! Too – as in also. Meaning I must have kissed the other one!

    1. Thanks so much for all the pics! I now have the closeup of the three of them singing and smiling as my computer wallpaper! What a wonderful way to sign on! Thanks again!

  2. Wonderful pictures, Marie! Thank you for posting them – those of us who couldn’t be there can get a small idea of how great it was…

  3. Oh, my gosh, Marie! How generous of you to share all these amazing photos with us!

    I love seeing the Flight Crew group, and Mary, the badges look fantastic! How fun!

    My fav photos out of these here…
    – Our 3 Boys so happy and smiling together as they sing. They truly look angelic!
    – And Ignazio doing a push-up?! Was he singing, too?!

    I believe you got one of Ignazio singing “Memory.” I Love Ignazio singing it, and I’m wondering if anyone was won over by hearing Nazio sing it up close and personal. Oh yeah, probably *anything* up close and personal from Our Boy could win you over! ^_^

    In the photo of Gianluca smiling (with Ignazio on the right edge of the photo), there’s a circular light near the top of the photo. It could just be a photographic “artifact”, or it could be a photo of my friend Lisa’s spirit (she died last November and occasionally turns my phone on to play Questo Amore).

    Ahhhh… I’m all smiles! Lots of love and gratitude,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Jeanine,

      Our 3 Boys are so happy. You can just tell that they have been raised right by loving family.

      lol, Jeanine, I am not so sure that Ignazio would be able to sing while he was doing the pushups, especially where he did one hand pushups for us. That had to be hard to do. They sure have gotten stronger with all of the workouts that they have been doing. It shows to me anyways. I love Ignazio singing Memory also. I am won over by all three Boys, singing anything at all. I just adore and love their angelic voices, period. Sigh!

      1. You are so right, Jeanie! … great families! and probably not singing during one-handed push-ups! How they have gotten so strong and healthy!

        And so hoping for a few days off until the 11th. Rest, recuperation, rejuvenation, relaxation… all the “re’s”! (; >)

        My friend who traveled with me to BC for the first concert this year, responded to some links I sent her with “IL VOLO rocks. … What a fun story from a fan [that’s you, Marie!] my spirits are uplifted by their music. thanks again for my discovering I’ll Volo.”

        Another fan wrapped around your baby fingers, Boys! Sweet night and joyous moments until your next extravaganza with your loving fans!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. So, True, Marti. Always makes me smile when Lisa pops in for a little Questo Amore! (; >)

        Sweet night,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  4. Wow, Marie, I didn’t know you are a professional photographer! What nice pictures! You really captured many special moments. Oh, and those nice big smiles from our guys, from Gianluca…are just lovely. They make me smile too. Thanks, Marie. Seeing them smile always brighten my days…and nights…I will have sweet dreams tonight…all smiles, all Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio. (Now if only you can also send over the KISS photo!)

    1. Elaine,

      Our guys really seemed happy and had lots and lots of smiles at the Detroit Concert. The crowd really, really loved them and that made the boys happy also.

  5. I am not posting about Detroit September 5th as there is nothing more to say but they were fabulous,wonderful & every other adjective I can think of. Marie has probably told you all everything.

    Tonight or rather last night now at the Molson Amphitheatre which holds 16000 people I was told that there were only 2000 people at the concert. I was there earlier in the day to check out parking & it was pouring rain until about 4.00 pm. This is an open venue so the rain made it cool tonight which I was glad I had my jacket & raincoat on.

    Ignaio seemed to have the lightest clothes on from the other guys.
    the girl Yanofsky started the show with 20 minutes of jazz which I could have done without. She has a good voice if she would only use it properly. Apparently she sang a song at a game which was called I believe which was slower & pretty good & she also sung another slow one but she is trying to take off someone else but I haven’t figured out who yet.

    The guys came on & sung the songs & do you know the crowd only clapped,I was the only one standing giving standing ovations. No one moved. At least at the solos the crowd stood & gave standing ovations but again at other songs they just clapped, the crowd were llike dead fish. This was not the theatre the guys should have been playing in. September is colder & the weather was crap.which made it cooler at night.
    When choosing a girl Piero chose an 8 year old, Gianluca got a blonde who stared at him the whole time he was singing, Ignazio held the performance up because he wanted a little girl & he got what he was looking for she was about 12 & the happiest look on her face because he picked her & she never took her eyes off him the whole time he sang to her & he incorperated her name in with Maria. He carried her on stage & gently placed her in the seat. At the end of the performance Piero carried his little girl off the stage. While Ignazio was looking & he was walking through the crowd looking for who he wanted & didn’t shake many hands or gave very few hugs. One girl stopped him & asked him to sing Happy Birthday to her & the guys did that & then Ignazio gave her a hug.

    The guys did not have an intermission for 5 minues or so they sang right through, They probably thought the crowd would go home if they left the stage. They sang right through until the first enchore. The only way the crowd was still there was because there were loud whistlers & screamers in the crowd that kept them standing & clapping. They came back out & sang 2 songs but did not go back for a second enchore because if they had the crowd would have thought they were finished & would have started to go home so I think they sensed that & they stayed & sang about 3 other songs including O Sole O’mio BUT they would not let the crowd sit down they made them stand & sing along with them. They put in about 2-1/2 hours of hard work.
    They put worked hard tonight to get the crowd moving & I felt sorry for them & disgusted with all the lazy Torontonians who couldn’t be bothered to stand to show their appreciation. Finally it was the turning point for the crowd to show appreciation at the enchores, then they woke up. These poor guys really had to work hard tonight to geyresponses back from the crowd & felt like screaming when I turned around & I was the only one standing. & the lady beside me was laughing because I was voicing my opinion no very quietly. Probably that is why the people in front of me finally got up out of their seats.
    i am ashamed of Toronto BUT I think I could have been the weather & if they had been at another enclosed theatre the response would have been better. They did not sing Little Things, there was no relaxing fun between them but they were trying but it wasn'[t like as loose & relaxingt fun as it was in Detroit. AND if they don’t come back to Toronto I blame Live Nation for putting them in that God forsaken place & their management for letting Live Nation be their promoters. They are only after money & don’t give rats a___ what theatre they put them in.
    God bless you guys you had to work so hard tonight to people who either didn’t appeciate your efforts or were too cold to move.
    I was sitting in a draft & was glad with what I had on so I will give the crowd a tiny bit of leniency. But I hope to God they come back to Toronto next year & I hope Montreal gives them a better reception tonight which is now Sunday.

    1. Loretta, now tell us how you REALLY feel about those lazy people from Toronto!! I for one, thank you for standing up for them!!! Glad you got to see them TWICE!

    2. Hi, Loretta and all,

      I’m so sorry the audience wasn’t able to be more fully alive and expressively enthusiastic. So glad that you stood, giving Our Boys the ovations they deserve, Loretta!

      Being in Oregon, I had to choose between Vancouver BC Orpheum Theatre or Concord, CA outdoor performance. I chose BC, guessing that an outdoor venue couldn’t possibly have the caliber of acoustics of a respected theatre like the Orpheum.
      I’m curious, Myron. Do you have any insider thoughts on this?

      Molson does sound like a very odd choice for IL VOLO. I wonder how far ahead they have to book the concerts to get the theaters that would best feature Our Boys’ voices and their audiences.

      Wishing you lots of time listening to IL VOLO, Loretta, to lift your spirits. The other 364 days of the year when I’m not at a concert, CD or mp3 with headphones is such a delightful, joyous lift!

      Soaring with IL VOLO,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  6. Marie,
    Great pictures that you posted. Did you by chance get a photo of the first “little” doll baby that Gianluca took up on stage with him? If you did, I am sure all here would love to see it.

    I can’t believe that you were probably directly in front of me, about six rows up. I was in Row C, after the five Pit Rows. I asked a couple of people in the lobby who were with ladies on a walker if they were “Marie” and got told No both times. Too be so close and not know it. I would have loved to have met all of you. I actually see myself in your picture of the Theater. You only see the side of my hair, blocked by the person in front of me. And if you look five rows back from you to the left of your picture, you will see the “girl” that Ignazio took up on the stage with him. Look for her dress, I did not see Ignazio come and get her, I was probably busy smiling at the little girl that Gianluca took up on the stage at first. There was so much going on.that night to look at. I just knew that the empty seat in the row in front of me and maybe 4 seats to the left of me was where the girl on the stage with Ignazio had been sitting.

    Wow, what an experience you had to get to meet the Boys twice.

    I wonder where the other lady was that posted that she was also going to the Detroit Concert. I still cannot remember her name.

    It looked to me that it was pretty close to being a sold out Concert, how about you? There was a man in front of me, in line to pick up tickets in the box office that got seats in the balcony right before the show. No way could I see that far up to see how many seats were empty. lol

    I looked for a review of the Concert but never saw one.

  7. Mary B,

    Wow, just how lucky you are to have Piero get in the van with you. I see you got to put your arm around him. Lucky you! You look so happy.

    I won’t even ask if you had a good time, because I already know that you did. It was wonderful, wasn’t it.

    I am sorry that I did not get to meet you. Did you have seats in the second row of the Pit when Marie was?

    1. Jeanie, I was also in the pit…row behind Marie and Loretta…on the aisle, right in the center. Couldn’t have been a more perfect seat. I really felt like I had a great view of the boys. Of course I was still on cloud nine from meeting (and hugging) Piero.

      1. Well, Gee Mary, then you were 5 rows in front of me. We were in Seats 309 and 310, Row C. I can’t believe we were so close to each other and did not know it.

  8. Oops! I meant to type “where Marie was?” Really need an Edit Button for me I seem to not see my mistakes until after I post. lol

  9. No Christine, I am not the pretty one. I’m the tall gawky looking one leaning on Mary.
    Jeanie, I also looked around hoping we could spot each other. We knew you traded you tickets but, we didn’t know to where. Darn!
    I plan to meet up with Christine in Pittsburgh. I also hope to catch up with June. Let me hear from you June! Anyone else?
    Thanks for liking my pictures! Great seat! Even greater subject matter!

    Helen, I included one twice. The one with the three of them. I cropped the picture closer (which made it a little blurry), so you could see that Gianluca did not look tired! Can you see by Their Angelic faces how happy they were to be there? In good spirits. In good health! As in love with us as we are with them!!!

    1. Marie,
      I traded my tickets twice. The last time was the morning of the Concert. They had even opened up Pit seats. There was one still available the morning of the Concert, but I needed two tickets.

      We almost went to the Pittsburg Concert. Lucky you Marie, getting to go to Pittsburg also. Did you get good seats there also? I saw that they also opened up better seats recently. lol I think I just got told NO I cannot go to Pittsburg also. Darn!

    2. Marie, what do you mean “your not the pretty one?” When I see you I’m gonna slap you, yes you are pretty! Great photographer, great poetess, is there anything you cannot do well? I will feel so inadequate around you!

    3. Marie…..Bless you for the closeup of our three Boys, all smiling!! You are right. Gian looks wonderful and so happy! Let’s hope this “sleep and rest” problem is now a thing of the past.

      I tell you, your pictures are marvelous!!! It’s great, as someone else said, to put a face with a name, and you and Loretta and Mary are SO GOOD LOOKING! But then, I knew you would be! And The Boys Oh! THE BOYS!! Can they get any more handsome? What a stupendous treat it must have been to see them up close and personal. Marie, you must still be reeling from the effects!!! If it were I, I would be flying so high, just like The Boys! The happiest of memories forever and ever!

      Thank you, Marie for your generous heart in sharing everything with all of us. What in the world would we do without you????

    4. Marie, I’m the person that had the hip replacement this summer. I will have a walker some of the time. I only need it for long distances. I’ll have black pants and top and beige cocheted(sp?) sweater. I’ll look for you b/c I know what you look like from your pix. My friend and I are somewhere in the first ten rows and we are going to the M&G. I hope we see each other.

  10. Great pictures, Marie! I love the close up of the three of them smiling.
    Loretta, what happened at your Meet n Greet? It’s sad the audience was such a downer for you in Toronto but the boys were still great.
    I’m so jealous you got to go to two concerts!
    What a great picture as well of all of you outside the theatre. Wish I’d been with you!

  11. Marie,

    Thank you for the pictures! I just finished reading some news online–all of it bad, like the Syria situation–and then I turned to this website to see your beautiful pictures of caring fans and our adorable, talented “Boys.” I realized what is so special about this phenomenon surrounding Il Volo. The word is love. Fans, like all of you in the picture and those of you writing on this page, and Our Boys together represent love and caring. THANK YOU!!!

  12. And Loretta,

    Sad to hear Live Nation didn’t care enough to put the concert in an appropriate space. Glad to hear that the Boys overcame the obstacles and that you were there to support them!!

  13. Marie,
    If you meet up with June, let me know how she is doing with her Hip Replacement. I was not on Facebook and had intended to get in touch with her when she posted her email address but never did. I remember that she was concerned whether she would be able to go to the Concert in Pittsburg. I had a HR about three and a half years ago and had intended to touch base with her when she asked if anyone knew if she would be able to go. Hope everything is going smoothly with her.

    1. Marie, Thank you for everything you have done for this website. And thanks to the other sweethearts that did all that work. I’m computer illiterate and got very overwhelmed. So I withdrew from corresponding. But not from following.

      Jeanie, I am feeling great except for the fatique and stamina factors. No pain and walk mostly without a cane or walker. I’m even driving to Pittsburgh from west of Cleveland. So excited. I can hardly wait til Wed.

      1. June,
        Glad to hear that you are feeling great. Well, the fatigue and stamina factors as you say are quite common. Rest as much as you can and just don’t try to overdo anything. It really does take a while to fully feel back to normal. My suggestion is to take your cane with you and use it.
        June, if I am remembering correctly you are not too far out from your HR. If you are driving, please stop frequently to get out and walk a little, just to keep yourself loose. I wish there was PM on this blog. I am going to look around for your email address. I had written it down from the other site.

        You are going to have a great time at the Concert!

  14. I have to say that although meeting the boys and enjoying the WONDERFUL concert was such a treat, also a great treat to meet and spend time with Marie and Loretta. What fun ladies!! We stayed at the same hotel and were able to spend some time listening to Il Volo music and just talking about the boys and anticipating the concert. They were so lively and full of fun (I mean the boys during the concert, but so were M&L) I’m sooo happy that we were able to get together.

    1. Mary, What hotel did you all stay in? Now don’t tell me you all were at the Westin, downtown Detroit! That is where we stayed. Now that would be something.

      I agree the Boys were very lively and fun during the concert. I said in another post how the crowd was happy and I think that made the Boys happy also.

      1. No, Jeanie, Not the Westin–the Hilton Garden Inn. And I found out the next morning from a girl who works there that the boys had been brought there by the bus in the morning and picked up again by the bus in the afternoon..So they were there during the day and so were we. Probably a good thing we didn’t know or we would have been tempted to storm their door, and am sure they needed to rest to get ready for the concert. But we were so fortunate to encounter them later outside the theater….guess we shouldn’t be too greedy. Sorry we missed you

  15. Fabulous pictures Marie, you really got some good ones. I love seeing what you all look like. You also got some fabulous pictures of Ignazio!! 🙂
    Loretta, too bad about the crowds in Toronto, I guess they don’t apprieciate the hard work “The Boys” put into their concerts and how much they try to please their fans. Their beautiful voices should be enough.

  16. Gosh, anyone on here that could meet up with LeeLee in Florida for the Miami Concert and go with her, like Marie did for Loretta. That would be nice. Just a thought.

  17. Jeanie, We were at the Hilton Garden inn. Where, by the way, Mary found out the morning we were leaving, that’s where the boys were!! They checked in for the day only!

    1. OMG, Marie you could have had another encounter with them if you’d have known they were at the same hotel? There are about 5 hotels in DT Pittsburgh, some are four star, have no idea where they are staying, but I work right across the street from a Marriott and I actually went in there about 3 weeks ago to see if they were registered to come there on the 11th. Girl at the counter looks it up and nothing under IL VOLO, so not one to give up, I said, how about under “Vitale” or “Gattica”, no, nothing, am I insane or what??

  18. What wonderful pictures! I wonder if their is anyone on here going to the the Philly concert.

  19. I was out a good part of the morning and just came on line and can’t believe all the comments

    Marie, I have nothing of value to add to what was already said above, except thank you again for sharing these wonderful photos with everyone. Great pictures of the guys, but am so glad you have a photo of all of you, so now we can put a face to the names (and I might add you all look BEAUTIFUL!). So no more ‘gawky’ talk, missy!!!

    Loretta, I’m sorry the crowd was not up to par for our guys in Toronto. It’s their loss that they couldn’t feel what the guys were putting out. Lucky they had you there to at least get some of the folks going.

    Jeanie, OMG you overwhelm me with your kindness. Thank you so much for the shout out! I read what you wrote a couple of pages before this one, too and love the experience that you felt. It was too bad you weren’t able to meet up with Marie, Mary, and Loretta.

    I, too, thought about the last minute tickets. I’ve been keeping an eye on the seats that are still available and was wondering if they give a discount the day of the concert if the seats aren’t taken. There’s two seats that I have been eye-ing and are still available (IN THE 2ND ROW)!

    Anyway, I appreciate everyone on this blog. I remember when the O Sole Mio video came out and went viral throughout my office. I thought, wow what a wonder!! Unfortunately, I didn’t think much about it after that. Of course I saw the Il Volo Takes Flight PBS special and my Mom and I enjoyed it and them so much at the time. My Mom has since gone, but when I saw their PBS special in June, something just sparked in me and I became hooked beyond words (I know you all understand) and I know she would have, too. So here I am now participating in the wonder of these three fellows with you all. I share the same as all of you whose family and friends think your crazy. You know what? We can get into worse trouble than this. If this is what makes us crazy, then WOOHOO! Crazy I am and loving every minute of it 🙂

  20. comment about Toronto- When Nikki performs the only intermission is after she sings while the stage crew changes the stage for Il Volo. Then the boys come on for the whole 2 hours & 20 min. – as I wrote about in Los Angeles. Evidently, Nikki is singing less concerts than she was originally scheduled for. Don’t know why.
    Toronto response: Bad weather – yes. other things perhaps. Every tour has a night or two that gets a bad response or a “dead” crowd. There is possible a bright side to this which is hard to think of when we love our guys and don’t want to see them feel bad and that is: This sort of thing will shake them up a bit and they will work harder in Montreal concert. Tours like this can be rough.

    I had heard from another friend that does not belong to our group but is a very strong fan that she could tell back stage before the concert that the boys were really wiped out from the long flight and late night of the Houston affair and so they were just a little sloppy in some things. That also is bound to happen once in a while. Tough love. It was a trade off – Audrey Hepburn event was a very, very important event to do – Hooray for our guys. BUT HOWEVER, it meant that they had to stretch their stamina to the maximum for the Toronto concert. Now on to Montreal with (I hope) some decent sleep but no break day in between.

    You might notice that the schedule ahead is getting tougher. Pacing is going to be the major word of the day each day.

    1. Myron…. Thank you for your comments on the Toronto concert. I can just imagine how tired and sleep-deprived The Boys must have felt and it was bound to affect their performance a little bit. Add to that, cold weather and a small audience and the vibes just weren’t there! As you said, these things just happen once in a while.

      I was so hoping that a concert in Dallas could be squeezed into their busy schedule, but now I’m not pushing for that. They have enough concerts on their plates without trying to fit in another one! I just want them to remain healthy and happy!!! Texas could and should be on the schedule for next year, and certainly Las Vegas, too! Let’s work hard for those !!!

      1. Helen, I couldn’t agree with you more! My disappointment at no Texas concert is far outweighed by the boys’ health and well being. Maybe we’ll see them here next year?

    2. Myron….Forgot to sign my name to the comment I just posted. It’s Helen Bridgforth.

      1. LindaP and Helen – I agree- and based upon what I heard from Barbara in Phoenix she seems to agree that it was a mistake to make the USA tour so short (I know that sounds like a contradiction) – by that I mean more time to do a few more concerts. Example: three or four more concerts – Vegas, Dallas (Barbara said that El Paso had a huge crowd last year ! ) St. Louis or Denver but also add two weeks to USA tour. she said that they are re-thinking this and getting together in Pittsburg to discuss it in conference. I hope to see some movement. For me it does not seem sensible to cram so many concerts into 2 1/2 months when other artists do tours that last 6 or 7 months.

        Another irritation is that in Latin America they are not adverse to doing two concerts in the same location ( I know venue rentals are cheaper )
        Buenos Aires gets TWO CONCERTS back to back AND Sao Paulo gets THREE CONCERTS – 3 concerts (they just added another concert there two days ago).

        I know it sounds like I am talking out of both corners of my mouth but I really feel that the boys need more concerts in the USA/Canada BUT at the same time all of it spread out over a longer period of time with more rest breaks (empty days) in between. They just started planting the seeds of a huge American audience last year now this year should be the year to feed and water those seeds and make them grow.

      2. Myron, thanks so much for your info here. I agree 100% with you about spreading out the concerts (more days off; never more than 2 concerts back-to-back, I would guess!) and adding more U.S. venues over an extended concert series.

        I wonder if in 2014 it would work for them to do say the U.S. concert series (start earlier), then at least a couple few weeks at home relaxing in Italy, then the South American concert tour, again spread out. That would help, too, with missing home, like they did this year.

        I feel like these are the best days of their lives (and next year will be the best, and then the next year the best, etc. : ) and they should be thoroughly enjoyed at a pace that is livable. Our Boys don’t sing like others (far better, in my opinion), they don’t act like others (much more relaxed and real than most), so why should they keep up the pace of others, either? They can set a new industry standard, or they can simply have faith that their careers are unfolding perfectly and enjoy the flow. There is no need to rush.

        And the cool thing about having those extra days between is that it does leave room for the possibility of special unexpected events like the Unicef Hepburn gala event or the Nobel Peace Prize concert.

        My 2 cents!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  21. Thank you so very much for sharing the pictures with us, Marie, and to all of the rest of you who have been so lucky to attend our boys’ concerts and share with us your comments, another big thank you! I have looked at the pictures over and over, and read your comments at least twice. It looks like the 2013 Tour is going to be very tough, so Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca please take good care of yourselves. I love you all so much!

  22. Marie, thank you so much for all the pictures and the description of your IL VOLO experience. Y’all were definitely some very lucky women. It is so good to see pictures of all of you, Marie, Mary, & Loretta. All 3 of you ladies have a sparkle about you that says “Look out, world. I’m going to have a good time with life & you better just get out of my way!”

    Loretta, I still want to know where you were when Marie was kisssing Ignazio’s dimples, & you weren’t getting any!! Did you get your kisses in at the the Meet & Greet? I saw in the picture that you had your cane handy. I hope you didn’t have to use it on any guards that night, or on any lifeless concert patrons in Toronto. I hope the guys will have a more lively group in Montreal.

  23. lol I still want to know WHO it was that Piero walked out with on his arm. I think that Mary was supposed to tell that story.

    1. Jeanie, I don’t really know anymore about that girl, except for seeing her on the stage with Piero. Saw a glimpse of him leaving (didn’t see her like Marie did, but I did hear him say, “grab your coat,” so she must have gone with them to Huston. After that I don’t know–but wonder…

      1. Thanks Mary,

        Interesting! Silly me, when I read Marie’s comment that she would let you answer about the girl, my mind wondered if it was your Granddaughter that Piero walked out. I saw your Granddaughter in the pictures Marie posted and new then that it was not her. Six inch heels ect. lol

      2. I meant to that that your Granddaughter is very beautiful and looks like such a nice, loving young lady. I know you are very proud of her Mary.

  24. I agree with Myron. Whose ever grand idea it was to have them sing in Chicago, Detroit and Houston within 3 days of each other is crazy, young or not, they need some rest in between. The US is just the beginning, when they begin the Latin American leg of the tour, they are really going to need all the energy they can muster, they have such rabid fans in Latin America. Piero has said that no matter what hotel they stay in – in Latin America, the fans will call the room and when he answers a girl will say “is this Piero?” Probably try to sneak into their rooms and everything. They are living the life of “rock stars”!

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