Gianluca, “Great show! Thanks Montreal!”

With the Montreal concert behind them, Il Volo has completed their scheduled stops in Canada on the  #WeAreLoveTour2013 and are finally getting closer to the US East Coast performances!

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, we are waiting for you, and not that patiently anymore either!   We hope you are given the opportunity to rest the next few days before Pittsburg, Philly and Boston.  We have heard some concern expressed over your fast paced schedule and the strain it may be having on your voices – we know you must be doing whatever it takes to keep that from happening! Some singers even admit to drinking a  “magic potion” to soothe their vocal cords, do any of you have one?    See you soon!

“Gianluca Il Volo ‏@GianGinoble   Great show! Thanks Montreal! #WeAreLoveTour2013″

“Piero Barone Il Volo @piero_barone  With the first hello, she gave new meanings to this empty world of mine… #loveStory #WhereDoIBegin #PieroBarone #solo #buonanotte”

“Gianluca Il Volo ‏@GianGinoble   A dormire… 💤”

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    1. Thank you, Lyse. I attended the Concord concert and I shared the same thought as you. It was a perfect concert and our guys were flawless. Love them forever!

  2. Great pictures of Detroit Marie, hope the Pittsburgh show is a success & that you enjoy yourself.
    Also poem is wonderful

    Hope there is a post of the concert in Montreal, & that
    it was better than Toronto. Maybe it was the weather, if it had warmer the crowd would have been more responsive. Other concerts here of theirs have been great with people jumping up & carryring on & the crowds letting them know that they are appreciated. Also to book at an outdoor theatre in September?? what an idiot.
    Don’t understand why the Il volo management can’t do their own booking. Surely there is some one out there who isn’t so money hungry that they could put space between the bookings to allow for rest for the guys.

    I don’t have anything to report about the meet & greet in Detroit other than to say it was a complete disappointment for me & if that is a what a meet & greet is going to be like where we are pushed through like cattle then I will not be going to one again. Also would like to know what happens to the gifts for the guys? Are they given away or thrown in the garbage.
    Marie if you get a chance to talk to the guys please ask them if they get the gifts.
    I was heartbroken.

    1. Loretta- I have relayed messages like yours on to Barbara and to Live Nation (they really control how the meet and greet is done) – I watched two of them from the side in two locations and got involved in the one in Phoenix almost by accident. But the people that came in line were rushed through as though the only thing that mattered was the photo and nothing else. In my case, I lucked out because I was trying to discuss business with Barbara on the sidelines and the security people were not going to interfere with her. But for most others unless they were people that the boys recognized from before then they took time to talk.

      I have sent the complaint in and I would suggest that anyone who has that experience should email a complaint. They should hear from the fans.

      1. Myron I am glad if you can get through to someone in the management to see what is going on with restriction of fans. I know their has to be security. In Toronto in 2010 or maybe 2011 I can’t remember the date but it was at Massey Hall there was security but they were there IF anything happened & did not interfere with the fans getting pictures or giving gifts. It was a mingling & relaxing meet & greet.
        Now Myron who can I email a complaint to that isn’t going to tell me to go to hell. Is there someone who would listen to what the fans have to put up with just because the security is controlling everything. People had to leave their purses on a table before taking a picture with the guys. When I bent over to get my presents out of my bag Ignazio said something in Italian I guess it was so maybe he was told to see if I was going to pull out a weapon??? I am extremely heartbroken to think that ANYONE would think I would harm these precious young men.

  3. Loretta, I’m so sorry your M&G was a dissappointment. You sound truly hurt. However, looking at it in a different way, I live 20 minutes from Heinz Hall inPuttsburgh and I am unable to to the concert because of a previously planned vacation. So I am heartbroken too. I am attached to my IPad searching for every picture, every video, every tweet I can find living the experience through those who are there. So I identify with your disappointment. It was so nice to see pictures of you girls in Detroit, looking so lovely outside the theatre. Now I can picture you when I read your messages. Well, I hope you have a good day dear, and we’ll continue to love our boys, support them and, always, pray for their good health & safety. God bless you.
    Stephanie 💞💜💞

    1. Loretta, The good part: you at least handed him your gift and got close for a hug….and your picture with the boys is really good of you. Grasping at straws, I know, but a good picture with them is something to treasure.

  4. Loretta, I understand your deep disappointment, especially regarding the gifts. But I feel a need to explain the situation from a security point of view. Living here (in Israel), this is a matter with which every citizen is familiar – unlike the U.S., where it can be regarded as intrusive. Unfortunately, it is NECESSARY. This is the first time that the boys have had security people in charge of the meet & greets, and for good reason. They do have to be protected against all eventualities, and one of those protections is to make sure that nothing that can potentially harm them is given to them as a “gift.” And that is the reason why they took away the gifts before you were able to give them to the boys. I don’t know what the policy is there, but usually in a situation like that the packages are inspected and eventually they are given to the people they are intended for. I certainly hope they did get the gifts you brought. Maybe the Flight Crew can contact Barbara and find out just what they do with those gifts. What do you say, Board members? It certainly would prevent some worry and bad feelings.
    Loretta, just be glad you were able to be at the concert! It definitely was special, and you will have photos to prove it. Enjoy the memory!

    1. I don’t know if I can get a reply on this but I will send another email about M & G with focus on gifts being brought in and what happens to them. In LA I saw people bring gifts right to the boys. so this is not consistent. Hope I get a good reply.

      1. If you are compiling a list of people unhappy about the M&Gs you may add my name to the list. I had a terrible experience in Mpls, but decided to give it another try in Detroit. The only redeeming factor was that there was a little time to talk to Piero while waiting for the picture–not much, but a little goes a long way when one is besotted. They should call it “Look and Run” instead of Meet and Greet.

      2. Myron I would appreciate a reply on the gifts after all people put out good money to get something worthwhile & not cheap as I did. I put a lot of thought into thi gift. It was an early birthday gift for Ignazio as I will not be anywhere near him on his birthday & to me it was special. I so wanted to see him open it because I hoped he would love it. As well as the other guys I put a lot of effort into getting something they would like.
        Its a damn shame of thee gifts are thrown out or given to away to an oranization.

  5. I too am sorry about your disappointment in the Meet & Greet Package. After reading laiabd72’s response, I can see exactly what she is saying. The Boys are getting more and more popular around the world and they do need security protection. Sorry to say, but there are a lot of mean, sick people in this world today and it is hard to tell what someone might do to a gift that they give them, just to injure them, as laiabd72 said above.

    When I talked with a man at VIP Nation about the Meet & Greet tickets, he did not come off nice at all to me and refused to answer my questions, so I decided not to get the M&G tickets. I felt like if I was going to put that kind of money out at least I could have my questions answered. I can fully understand your feelings about Live Nation and Vip Nation.

    I am also sorry about your disappointment with the Toronto Concert.

    Did you read any reviews for that Concert? If so, how were they?

    Last, but not least, I am sorry that I did not get to meet you also Loretta in Detroit. I still cannot believe that we were all so close and did not know it. I too loved the picture that had all of you in there in front of the Fox Theater. Wasn’t that a beautiful Theater? The other two ladies looked like they were very nice also. I hope you at least got a big hug from all of the boys at the M&G. A thought just popped in my mind. Do you suppose that you were rushed, because the Houston stop had been added in at the last minute and that could be why you felt like you were pushed like cattle? It sure sounds like a private jet was waiting for them at the airport right after the concert and the pictures I saw of it was at night. Boy, I bet the boys are tired. I agree with everyone else, they need to have some rest days, for them and especially their voices. Their voices are truly a gift from God and I for one don’t want anything to happen to them.

    1. I also think that that particular Meet & Greet was rushed because they had to get to Houston. But I in addition I think they should not have Meet & greets on nights when they have back to back concerts–on the first night that is, because they have to travel to get to their next stop before they can go to sleep. They should be allowed to spend a few minutes with the fans–maybe 5 or even 3–so people would not feel like they are being treated like cattle. After all, those meet & greets aren’t so cheap! You should be allowed to talk to them–after a concert they are still full of adrenalin and should be able to talk a bit with people.

  6. All you great ladies who understand my pain. OF COURSE I understand why the security took the packages for protection. OF COURSE I DON’T want anything to happen to our sweethearts. But after months of planing & preparation of the trip & hoping for a hug & at least a few words & not getting them for me it was a great disappointment.
    Gianluca did open his gift & I gave Gianluca a hug & I don’t remember if he said anything but he stepped up to me & I hugged him & I gave Ignazio a hug & Pieor ran off to wherever because I was the last one. Didn’t I want to be the last one?
    I turned back when everyone had dispersed & caught Ignazio before he took off (I didn’t know at that time) their presents had been taken off of them) & asked him if he could at least open his present so I could see if he liked it & then he told me that the presents were gone. I think he knew I was upset & he mentioned that he would take a picture of him wearing it but I don’t expect that to happen..
    It is rotten that they have to protect any artist & performers from cruel monsters who only want to hurt or blow people up or shoot someone who has done nothing to them. It takes away the goodness in the world & the enjoyment of every day living & of having to throw a barrier around people you want to show your ,love for.
    Anyway I was gratfull I was at that wonderful concert & now I want to figure out a way I can get the solos on my computer. Each of the guys new solos were out of this world. I still like Piero’s solo of Love Story better when I first heard but it was wonderful done this way as well. Ignazio sund his heart out on Caruso & I could feel the strength of his singing. The first time Gianluca sang Night & Day in Vancouer & I heard it I didn’t think the song was for him BUT now he has polished it up to suit him & he does a spectacular job.
    Thanks ladies for kindness.

  7. The meet and greet in Chicago was like Loretta described. I would have liked to have talked to the guys ( i did give Gianluca a message that his father had given to me to tell him) but we were hurried out. My daughter had paid a lot of money for the meet and greet. I know the guys were on their way to Detroit. But, at least,Ii got to see these beautiful young men up close and for that I am grateful!! What a performance they put on–Chicago loved them!!

  8. There are a lot of crazy people out there and their security does have to be careful. I remember looking at thefan’s responses after Gianluca posted a keek singing Me and Mrs. Jones about a month and 1/2 ago. My enjoyment of his video turned to horror after I saw a return KEEK from some bizarre person who wrote in arabic and was also speaking in arabic. it was translated something to the effect that there is only of God or something like that and I was thinking why didn’t they delete that as SPAM, it was really scary. There was another weird post after a KEEK that had arabic writing, but it didn’t contain a verbal response. Nobody had better threaten our guys and live to tell about it!

  9. Loretta, I’m so sorry you were disappointed in the M&G. I love your passion with regard to our boys. Please try not to be too disappointed, though, as you were still able to experience something special.

    Unfortunately, laiabd72 has brought out a good point. You can’t be too careful these days, and it is such a shame, but that is the way it is today. I don’t know where I read it or heard it, but with other artists, if they are given gifts that are not used, they are usually donated, but I feel these boys use and are so appreciative of whatever gifts they receive.

    Christine, I’m with you. God help anyone who threatens our guys.

  10. Unfortunately, the more popular the boys get, the more intense the security will become – in Montreal. a woman got out of her chair and ran right up to the stage – Gianluca was very charming and even bent over to kiss her hand, but I suspect in the future this kind of unauthorized approach will not be allowed.

  11. After the meet and greet in Chicago, my daughter said the more popular they get the less the fans will have access to them. I don’t think anyone could have gotten on stage at the Chicago Theatre unless they could pole vault. At least I got to hug and three of them and get a picture with them–I’m thankful for that.

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