I blew up that picture of Ignazio at the back door.  That’s us in his glasses. RSCN0887I’m in a light blazer taking the picture.  Funny, huh?

I am getting blog and several email questions.  Christine, you are the worst (lol).  Here are my FINAL answers:

-Yes, I sleep fine.  It’s this stupid grin I can’t get off my face that’s beginning to hurt.

-I still do not remember most of my conversation then or during a later opportunity.  Don’t you see how close I am!?!  I didn’t wet my pants.  I didn’t slobber.  I didn’t faint.  Give me a break!  He wore JEANS, Linda!

-Not reserved!  Not at all!  Acted like they saw me all the time.  Gianluca too, Chris, not shy, not reserved.

-Yes I really did cry!

-Did I like Caruso?  Silly question.  That’s when I started crying.

-Piero … Although I have always loved him (I sorta hate saying this because of those of you who won’t get the opportunity to see them) but, you have to see him in person.  You have to hear his amazing voice fill the hall!  Gianluca’s and Ignazio’s voices are every bit as beautiful as you would expect! Piero’s strength and power holding those incredible long notes are something to experience!  Now, I listen to my CD’s with even more awe.

-Every bit as handsome in person but, not as untouchable as you think from our normal point of view.  You really don’t feel as overwhelmed as you think you will.  They look and act like us.  People.  Of course, later, when you think about it, you want to collapse from that joy I was talking about.

-They in no way acted like we were crazed fans (lol).

-Yes, full orchestra

-No Nikki

-My favorite part of the concert.  The (I know) “operatic-like” solo’s (sigh)! Please, please record these!

-How did I really feel? I told you!  Re-read my poem

-10 minute intermission.

-Meet and Greet.  I told you, some place, that I got to touch them again and that was good enough for me.  The process was very regimented.  Ushers telling you where to move.  line for pictures.  No cameras allowed.  No autographs.  Had to give gifts to an usher.  Staff took really nice photo’s.  You can get them on-line in 3-5 days.  Boy’s were relaxed and obviously still in the throes of an adrenalin rush.  Gianluca was snapping his fingers and singing lightly between photo sessions.  However, because we were the very last people, we had a little more time than most and I got to have another short conversation with Ignazio and Gianluca.  Yeah, on top of everything else, I kinda hated mentioning that.

Now, you have been with me every step of the way.  It was amazing!  Thanks for going!


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  1. So exciting for you. I’m green with envy. I only wish id known about the meet and greet part before I got my tickets for Pittsburgh. Show.

  2. Marie, is this really your final answer, How much will you charge for more answers? Ha, ha. The rules for M&G, No fair! I saw Gianluca signing things in at least 2 meet and greet photos posted online, how can they say no autographs, were those people special?

    1. I just responded to Loretta’s post on another page. I really am thinking that the Boys were very rushed to get to the Private Jet to take them to Houston. That is probably why everything was so rushed. I hope anyways.

      Marie might have Meet & Greet Tickets for Pittsburg and so she can let us know if it was the same as Detroit. I remember that June got M&G tickets for Pittsburg also, so maybe she will come back on and let us know how it was for her.

      I got told NO I cannot go to Pittsburg also. I would have driven myself, watched the concert and driven back home that night, just to see them. Detroit was an expensive trip.

      Thanks Marie for all of your pictures and posts about the concert.

      1. We were thinking the same thing, Jeanie. Someone that night stated that they had to rush to the plane.
        I don’t have M&G tickets. By the time I decided to go they were closed out. Too bad I tried hard. Heinz was going to give me my money back on the others. Oh well, I’m just happy to be going. It was my sisters idea. She wanted to go!
        I know what you mean Jeanie, I told myself NO when I found out there were Radio City Music Hall tickets available!
        Your welcome.

      2. Wow, Heinz was going to give your money back! Put it behind you and go and have a wonderful time. I had a room reserved in Pittsburg and had sent for their travel book about downtown Pittsburg. It looks like a nice place with a lot to see. I cancelled the room when someone changed their mind and decided on Detroit. lol (flip-flop at the last minute)

        Glad you will have a chance to meet others from the Flight Crew. So neat. Look for June also. She did get the M&G tickets, so she should be up front. Can’t wait to hear and see your pictures about it when you get back. Have fun!

  3. Since Piero is my very, very favorite, I read over and over what you had to day about him. How I envy you being that close to him. And thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with those of us who will not be seeing our boys this tour. Ignazio, Gianluca and, sigh, Piero are so personable, Thanks again, Marie, for sharing this with us (me).

    1. Allene, did you see the photos on the Mundial sites of the meet and greet which show Piero walking hand in hand with a little girl with Down Syndrome and she has the bigest smile and so does he. There are other, smalller ones posted of her with all 3 and they are all kissing her which are also great photos. Since you are a Piero fan, you don’t want to miss those. The one walking hand in hand is unbelievably touching, their smiles are identical!

    2. Allene, I wish you could have the experience I had with Piero. If you saw any of the pictures of me sitting with him in the van you would notice that I am hanging on to him like I’m never letting go. Bless his heart, he never flinched. Truly as Marie says, seeing them up close in real (likereally changes your perspective. I’m praying along with you that they will come to Mpls, but if they do I hope Live Nation improves the M&G. I meant real life.

  4. Jeanie, It’s great having the chance to meet other Il Volo Nuts! Again though, I’m sorry we didn’t meet. Won’t let that chance go by again.
    June, Christine and I are already planning on meeting up.

    Allene, he was as wonderful as you imagine he is! Honest! You know they will sing, at least, as well next year when you see them!

    Your welcome. Thank you!

    1. Mmmm… I wouldn’t call us IL VOLO nuts. Maybe more like IL VOLO connoisseurs or IL VOLO family or IL VOLO friends. There is nothing nuts about loving IL VOLO. It may be the most sane thing we do in our lives! (; >)

      Just sayin’…
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Jeanine,

        I know at least one person who thinks I am nuts because of me loving il Volo. I have never, ever been like this before. lol

  5. Marie it sounds great to me. I am glad they used a full orchestra. They have not been doing that in some of the cities – just the five man ensemble plus computer instrumental track. Good going for you.

  6. Beautiful, Marie! Love the sunglasses photo here, too!

    It’s funny. Initially I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a special Meet & Greet invitation from The Boys, like I did last year in Seattle (even though, duh, I forgot to put my cell number in the card that I asked to have delivered to them).

    But then, when I read your experience and saw your photos and shared your story with a few friends, I am truly so happy for you, Marie, that I don’t feel any disappointment, just utter delight in your joyous experience and your sweetness in sharing every detail with us, including “the final answer.”

    Your initiative yielded your true dream come true! And I’ll bet you’ve encouraged others, by your experience, to not sell themselves short. Go for it, guys!

    Big hugs of joy and gratitude,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. I don’t know – does anyone out there also think that this is not Marie’s Final Answer. After all, there still is Pittsburgh to go.

    Marie, thanks for rubbing it in about seeing Piero in person. Ugh, that hurt (just kidding, love you anyway).

  8. Yes, Christine, I did see that picture of Piero walking with the little girl. He just seems to radiate caring and love as he holds her hands, and she is grinning ear to ear! I gobble up whatever I can find about Piero. And, Mary, how I envy your experience of having him close enough to hang on to him! I hope that someday I can hear his glorious voice in person – it sends shivers up my spine whenever I hear him sing.

    Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca seem to be wise beyond their years. It is heartwarning to see them with their fans.

    Take care of yourselves guys, and enjoy your two days off!

  9. I was in line at the meet and greet when Piero went over and got the little girl–she was thrilled. The first thing Gianluca did was to kiss her on her cheek. They took several pictures of this little girl. After the pictures were taken, she ran back to her mother and then she started dancing–she was so happy. They did have an orchestra at the Chicago Theatre. I don’t think the stage would have held an orchestra. The music was still beautiful without it. I think the meet and greet is hurried when they have to leave for a concert the next day. By the time we went to the meet and greet, the stage had already been cleared.

  10. Mary, I live in the Rochester area. My family accused me just recently of being “obsessed” with Il Volo! It is so frustrating not being able to share my love for Piero, Ignazio, and Gianlca with them. I have a friend, also named Mary, who also loves Il Volo – she favors Ignazio. If it weren’t for her and all of you on this site, I just don’t know what I’d do.. When you love something so special as “our boys” are, you want to share it with your family. Grrrr I just want to shake them!

    1. Allene, you can share your love for Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca – with us!! We are all of the same understanding. We can be the secondary “family”.

    2. Too bad Allene, that they stopped the ferry that used to go to Toronto.
      My husband and I took it a few times when we were on the way to visit our daughter who lived in Boston at the time. It didn’t save a lot of time, but it was a very relaxing 4 hours! You could have “driven” to Toronto for the concert.

    3. Yes, we really want to talk about our love for Il Volo, and none of my friends have been exposed enough to get enthused, I guess. So, you are right, the site is our outlet for our emotions. My daughter shares my feelings, but she lives 200 miles from me. I would love to get to meet you if you ever get up this way…I’m north of Rochester close to Woodbury. Keep it in mind…Wish we could get a Minnesota fan club going so we could get together occasionally to talk Il Volo.

  11. Allene, My family was, and some are still, the same way. My sister, who is going to Pittsburgh with me, is the one who suggested going. She’s mostly going for me but she likes them more and more. I hope after the concert she will be my fan buddy! The rest of my family merely smile, in a tolerant way, when I mention Il Volo or the site. Oh well, we all have each other. That’s what we’re here for! Sad that the rest of our families can’t see or hear correctly though. I’ll keep pluggin’ away at mine! Maybe someday they’ll get well.

  12. You can bet that for the 2014 tour, I’ll be trying a lot harder to get to one of the concerts. I wonder if bribery would interest someone in my family (a grandson perhaps?) in to taking me. Hmmm – it’s worth a try. In the meantime, I will continue to “fly” with all of you.

  13. Allene,
    I used to bribe my young sons when I wanted to do something.

    Tell your Grandson that “You don’t want Granny (or whatever you go by) to die before she gets to see and hear the Love of her Life Italian Boys sing in person do you? I guess I will just have to go alone to see them?” Pour it on thick Allene. Someone in your family had better step up to the plate here. I guess I am lucky that DH likes them and likes to go to things like this.

    I know what you mean about family. I only have one that has openly said they do not like them. I just don’t mention it to them. My DH is probably good and tired of me talking about them. He’s knows that I would go alone though, and I would and he does like them.

    Maybe a nice vacation to Florida would do you good. Long way, buttttt.

    They are well worth it, IMO!

  14. Hmmm – I wonder if that would work. Threatening that I will go by myself if necessary.

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