Share your Pictures ~~ 1st Round

Hey Everybody!!

We asked for pictures, and a couple of people have answered the call…..

Thank you guys!  And hey…where are the rest of you?  😉

Gerri_Concord_2013        Gerri_Concord_2013.4Gerri_Concord_2013.3  Gerri has shared her pictures from Concord…though was too bashful to show herself enjoying herself. 🙂 


Myron was very happy with his meet and greet photo op in Phoenix….  Myron_Pheonix_2013

3 thoughts on “Share your Pictures ~~ 1st Round”

  1. Great pictures Gerri and Myron.

    Kelly, I think that Marie pretty much covered Detroit, don’t you?

      1. I will see if I have anything different, BUT, Marie’s pictures will be hard to beat! They were great.

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