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Hi Everyone,

It’s a slow knd of day, but that’s good news for Il Volo, they can continue to rest up before tomorrow night’s concert. It’s especially good news for Marie and her sister as they are going to see a well rested and ready to go Il Volo in Pittsburgh!!

“The Boys” rode nine hours on their bus from Montreal to Pittsburgh, they tweet that that they have arrived and looking forward to their concert tomorrow.

Gianluca tweeted last night “Insomnia!”, then tweeted this morning, “going back to sleep, I just slept 3 hours last night!! it’s not enough” I seem to remember that even when home in Italy, Gianluca was up at 3 or 4 in the morning tweeting. Prehaps his insomnia is not a new thing. I’m sure that being on the road and sleeping in different beds doesn’t help. Take care of yourself, Gianluca, stay healthy.
Gianluca tweeted later “Eating a big plateful of fruit as usual!!”
Piero tweeted and sent a photo of himself kissing a little girl, he said; “I heard our music style since I was her age.”
Piero tweeted last night “Pittsburgh we’re on our way!” He tweeted earlier this afternoon, “#Pittsburgh!!”
Ignazio, where are you?, let’s hear from you!!

Check out Team Il volo for a short article about the appearance of “The Boys” at the Audrey Ball in Houston.
We would also like to wish Team Il volo a happy second anniversary, congrats to all of you!!

Mundial has some good photos and videos for you to check out.

Tune in tomorrow for some info on the Pittsburgh Concert.


21 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It……”

  1. re:Gianluca – this is a problem he had last tour as well. He does not eat like normal; he sleeps poorly and then he looses weight. I have been tweeting (as others do as well) advise. I sure hope he gets his sleep. Fruit is great but he needs other nutrition as well. This is not news to you all that’s for sure. I sound like a father worried about his sons. Oh, well .

  2. Ah…Good!
    Now, Myron…I also am concerned about Gianluca. You’re like a father… I’m like a grandma! Just can’t help worrying, even though I know I can’t help.

    I hope his mother can have some influence on his eating habits… Maybe he should eat lots of pasta, chicken, eggs, and veggies…Carbs and protein!!! As for his sleeping, he needs to establish as much of a sleeping ROUTINE as possible, believe me. I know this isn’t easy to do on tour, so I sympathize.

    Well, enough preaching! I just desperately want what’s best for all Our Boys! We love them and want them to stay healthy. (That last sentence is fast becoming my theme song!)

  3. Can’t agree more…We all want what’s best for Our Boys, Helen and Myron.

    Marie, have a great time tomorrow in Pittsburgh. Of course, let us know how everything went.

  4. Gosh I worry about The Boys too, you guys. They will have two days of rest by the time I see them tomorrow night. I’m anxious to see if they’re as lively as they were last week. I sure hope Gianluca got some sleep and decent food! Their people, who care and love them at least as much as we do, are there with them.
    I wonder if Ignazio dreamed about me. Leave it alone Linda and Loretta!

    1. I bet they will be as lively as Detroit. Hopefully Gianluca gets his rest and decent food. His beautiful Mother is there with him, hope she is able to persuade him to eat a decent meal. It has to be hard to sleep well with those crazy schedules along with trying to sleep in a tour bus.

      Enjoy tomorrow night. There is someone else that posted on here that they will be at the Pittsburg Concert. Forget the name though.

      lol, Make a sign with the words Flight Crew on it and maybe she will see it.

      1. I know, Jeanie. I actually hope it doesn’t end. They are all too funny. However, and I’m sorry Marie, but Linda will be seeing Ignazio AFTER you so won’t she be the last one on his mind? I’m just saying.
        P.S. Linda, I am assuming you have a meet and greet. If not, oops. Marie might have you there.

  5. LeeLee, it’s never over, never. When it’s all said and done, it will be me he chooses. and Marie knows it. She’s just needing to get her last look at him!! 🙂

    1. And so it begins again! Linda, Marie does have that dimple-kissing episode over you. Maybe he really liked it! I am just surprised that Miss Canada has not uttered a word regarding the dimple-kissing. Maybe she was just soooo disappointed about the Toronto concert that she forgot all about it.

  6. Just saw a tweet from Gian that says he had a 2 hour workout at the gym and he’ STARVING! So maybe he’ll eat a decent dinner. Exercise may be the key to stimulating his appetite AND to helping him sleep!!! He looked wonderful when he was working out in LA for that month before they went home this summer. Hope springs eternal!!!

  7. Just noticed that Nikki’s name was taken off of the Philly concert.
    Honestly, I am relived because I really just want to see the boys. I am sure she is very talented and I wish her the best.

    1. Interesting! I think the same thing happened in Detroit. I pretty sure I saw her name associated with the Detroit Concert and then it was gone.

  8. Wishing Nikki the best as a warm-up performance for another performer, one who is better suited to her music ~ just not a good match for Our Boys.

    I also like that this may mean a break for the boys, rather than singing for 2 hours and 20 minutes straight!

    Here’s hoping,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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