Hello Flight Crew,

The first thing Our Boys did was sing the Star Spangle Banner.  When the light fell on our flag  and we stood with our hands over our hearts, mine was in my throat!  What a beautiful tribute to us.

Meeting  June and Christine was great.  Two beautiful Ladies!  Don’t worry Chris, I won’t tell anyone that you have an entire wall in you house of Gianluca. You showed me the picture and I won’t let these little things slip… Thank you, again for the present!  They both attended Meet and Greet and will be able to tell you more.

I did not attend Meet and Greet.   I did not  find The Boys in back.    I did not share a cab with Piero.  I listened to some wonderful music.  I saw some beautiful faces.   I took the gifts and departed.

The Gifts

Gianluca gave me Song – I gave him Love

Ignazio gave me Joy – I gave him Adoration

Piero gave me Spirit – I gave him Devotion

They showed me Passion – I paid them Homage


91 thoughts on “PITTSBURGH 9/11”

  1. Marie, you always have a great “turn of the pen” as the old expression used to go when we used pens. Love your writing.

  2. Stephanie, Concert hall was lovely! It was about half the size of the Fox in Detroit. More of an intimate setting. Smaller stage so less horsing around. Not a full orchestra. No Nikki again, I think she’s history. The only bummer was, no pictures. I snuck (sneaked?) a few but the usher was on me like, well, like me on a dimple. What can I say about The Boys! Marvelous! Bravo!
    Move over Elizabeth. My sister is going to give you a run for your money! She’s pretty sold on Piero!

    Hey, thanks Myron! Means a lot.

    1. Ah well, no pictures means no videos, which I rely on as I live vicariouly through you lucky ladies. I’m really sorry Pittsburgh had to be stupid about it. I thought it was up to the production company, not the venue management. Well I’m happy it was heavenly music, as usual.
      Stephanie 💞💜💞

      1. I am with you Stephanie. I was looking forward to a video with them singing our beautiful national anthem, the “Star Spangled Banner.” Keeping my fingers crossed that it will show up on You Tube soon. I can only imagine just how beautiful and moving it was.

        I was told by Fox Theater that I had to call back the day before the Concert in order to find out if I was allowed to take a camera in the theater or not. It was my understanding that it was not the Fox Theater, but il Volo’s management that would say yes or no to a camera. But, it does not make sense that I was allowed a camera in the Fox Theater and that cameras were not allowed at the Heinz Theater Concert. Strange!!! It must be whatever the management works out with each Theater.

  3. I would have been toast at “The Star Spangled Banner” How wonderful of them to do that!!!! Sounds like you had a great time!! Did your sister love it too?

    1. I would have been a mess also listening to them sing our Anthum. I get goose-bumps when it is sung at a ball game.

  4. Oh, Marie…. How I love “The Gifts”! I think it’s one of your best. I am going to copy it and post it right above my computer where I can see it every day. It fills my heart with joy!
    Thank you!

  5. Linda, my Sister had a Great time. Every time I stood and shouted Bravo, she was standing beside me shouting Ho-ray!

    Helen, You fill my heart with Joy! Thank you!

  6. Marie, you write so beautifully. You have a true gift. Your concert sounded wonderful from start to finish. The National Anthem being sung on such an important day must have been so moving. What a beautiful tribute by such special young men. I am so glad you had such a beautiful evening. Thank you for all you post.

  7. You did it again, Marie. Such beautiful writing. I’m so glad you and your sister had a good time. So that’s two concerts for you. Next stop, Florida???

  8. LeeLee, next stop, depleted bank account! However, you know my lovely sister and travel companion? I’ll sell her to you for tickets to Radio City Music Hall!!

    1. LOL – that was good. Hmm – how much do you think your sister and companion would sell for? Enough for two tickets?

  9. Marie, it was really special meeting you and June last night. Now the cat is out of the bag (about my wall). Pittsburgh gave them a rousing reception, deservedly so. I was totally enthralled. Was in the 2nd row for Pete’s sake. Oh Elaine you already know this, b/c you’ve been to two shows, but Gianluca is out of this world gorgeous up close (far away, upside down, sideways, any way). Piero is so confident and charasmatic on stage, as they all are. Ignazio was very endearing. At the end, near the finale, Piero doffed his jacket, rolled up his sleeves, unbuttoned a few buttons, and Ignazio followed suit, took of his bow tie, unbuttoned some on his shirt, I though “this in itself was worth the price of admission”, Gianluca didn’t touch any buttons (darn it)! Their voices were so heavenly. I had a thrill of a lifetime, no exaggeration. These gentlemen know how to entertain and then some. I was very unhappy that I could not get an autograph, the usher pretty much told us don’t even think about it! They want to get in and get out. I shook Ignazios hand, but the M&G was such a blur that I don’t remember if I shook the other’s, I don’t think I did. Marie…did you see the cover of the Buon Natale CD, and Ignazio’s beautiful hair! All 3 are simply beautiful.

      1. Elaine, I meant upside down LITERALLY b/c I took a small video at the show of when he was taking his bows after a solo b/c he always has the greatest smiles while bowing, well, it came out upside down, I was afraid to be seen. So to watch it back, I actually have to turn my lap top upside down to see it!!! He looks pretty good upside down!

      2. Lyrics fro Diana Ross’s Upside down:
        I know you got charm and appeal
        You always play the field
        I’m crazy you are mine (he’s hardly mine, but rest is true)
        As long as the sun continues to shine
        There’s a place in my heart for you
        That’s the bottomline

  10. Saw it! Posted it! Still drooling!

    Your re-telling of the unbuttoning just made my heart leap! So glad you got such a thrill! It was an astonishing performance! Thanks for sharing the story!
    Did he ask for me when you shook his hand?

    1. Yes he said “tell Marie I’ll be waiting in the moonlight under the stars for her”, did you show up? In an interview when they were in New Zealand when they were much younger Piero was telling the interviewer what pick up lines to use for girls, he and Ignazio were going on and on about the moon and the stars and Gianluca is having none of it and says “simple words,say Tiamo, I love you”, Ignazio has a fit and says “Ti amo? that’s too much”, What a hoot! Guess you gotta do a lot to get Ignazio to say that, are you ready willing and able, Marie, well, we know you are WILLING!

  11. Maria I love reading your “poems”. you have a gift.
    Christine, you had me laughing all night at your descriptions of Piero and Ignazio “dedressing” and “Gianluca not touching a button” that’s a killer. my turn on 22nd in Orlando anyone going to that? I am like Gianluca at this stage, can’t sleep with excitement, it’s my 2nd concert, but my first 2 years ago, their first concert, my family was more interested in looking at me than the boys and that disappointed me. this time I leave them at home. I am going with a friend who loves them, I plan to behave like a lady, but you never know what your emotions will do when you come in contact with these boys.

      1. LeeLee,

        Get thyself up to Orlando, pronto, in time for that Concert. No excuses! Just Go! Here’s your chance. lol

    1. Marie, your poem is magnificent! I’ve saved it, too, and will share it with my IL VOLO buddies.

      Deanne, so good to hear from you here! Glad you’ll have a true IL VOLO friend to share the magnificence of the evening. We look forward to your report after Orlando!

      Love to all,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’ Doorway

  12. Deanne, I couldn’t sleep before the concerts either! Now I can’t sleep thinking about them! You’re gonna love ’em even more than you do now! Stay in control, don’t do anything Linda wouldn’t do and act like an idiot if the mood strikes!

  13. Marie,
    You truly do have a gift with your writing. Love all of your poems.

    We did not see Piero and Ignazio undressing and getting sexier on stage did we, like in Pittsburg? I just might have fainted. Oh my!

  14. Marie pleaseeee!!!! I can’t love them anymore than I love them now!!!. and I don’t know what Linda wouldn’t do??? I plan to sit there and suffer unless the suffering gets unbearable, OK???

      1. To sit altogether would be a hoot and a half! We would all scream so loud I bet the ushers would tell us to be quiet. We should try it some time…

      2. Peninahonig,

        You are right, it would be a hoot and a half. I am sure we would be ushered out if the stern looks did not settle us down. OMG, I really cannot imagine.

      3. Jeanie
        You are so right! The mental picture I have of the entire Flight Crew sitting together (in the first two rows, natch!) for a concert, is just too, too delicious! How hilarious would that be? I am cracking up just thinking about it! A front row seat would have to be won by lottery!

  15. I hate to be the first one to say this, but I do not like Ignazio’s hair in the picture for the Christmas Album. I wonder who did his hair? I could have done with a little less beard on him also. But, it is a wonderful picture of all three of them and I will be pre-ordering their Album. I can’t wait to get another CD of theirs.

      1. Now don’t take me the wrong way, I dearly love all three of the boys, just not Ignazio’s hair and beard in that cover picture. lol

      2. Sorry, Jeanie, I have to go with Marie and Christine on this one. I think Ignazio’s look on the album is stunning, as is Piero and Gianluca.

      3. Oh LeeLee,

        I dearly love Ignazio and his wonderful voice, just as I dearly Gianluca and Piero and their wonderful voices, BUT, the hairdo that is done on Ignazio sometimes is just too much. I like it so much better when it is more natural, like he used to wear it when they were just starting out, combed over to the side. He does have a head full of hair. I don’t ever want these wonderful boys to fall into what the singers in America fall into. They are wholesome, sweet and loving now, thanks to their upbringing and I so want them to stay that way. No weird hairdos. OMG, Ignazio and all of the boys sure are sexy without the messy hair and facial beards.

  16. I am going to wait up for Michele in Philly. I have it on good authority (her) that she has a story for us. OK, truth is… I already heard it but, I can’t tell!

  17. Jeanie, me thinks I may take thee, myself, and I, but probably to Miami (it’s closer and it’s on a Saturday). I can’t stand missing out on all the excitement!! I agree with Marie. I think all of us at the concert together would be epic.

    Linda, if I decide to go to Miami, would you be interested in meeting up someplace at the Arena?

  18. Oh Wonderful Lee Lee, go for it. You will not regret it! I wish I could afford to go to all of their concerts in the US, but it is not going to happen.

    They would probably throw all of us out of the Concert, we would be so excited. lol

  19. Marie
    That poem is simply beautiful! More of a declaration of love than a poem.
    Absolutely wonderful.

  20. Yes Marie, that poem is absolutely terrific! Even though it’s fairly short it says it all very very well. You have a talent for expressing the feelings of all of us. Absolutely wonderful!!

  21. It’s certainly nice to be in a place where we all understand each other! Love it! Love you guys!

    I think we should all plan to meet at the filming of the next PBS special(s). Maybe we could get a two for one deal like some of you were smart enough to get this year. Besides, that would put most of us out of state. News of our arrests for “over hugging the entertainment” may not be shown in the state we live in. Sound like a plan?

    1. Definitely Marie, but with twoPBS specials coming up this year – Barbara Streisand and Buon Natale, it won’t be for awhile. Will give us time to save our fares!!

    2. Yeper Marie, hopefully it’s on the EAST coast near us! I’m still in la la land from the show! I got my pictures last night, only about 6 good ones! I didn’t want to be intrusive taking photos b/c I was so close plus photos were not allowed, but I saw others with cameras. The Meet and Greet lady, Sarah (who I had heard some rumblings about from others) was very nice to me when I told her I didn’t want my pic with them, just to get them together for a shot and she did when I was in line and said to me “that one was for you” Several peopel in the M&G line commented on their watches, they were up close enough to notice, Of course I told them all about how they were gifts from the italian watchmaker

  22. Ann, I’m putting change in my piggy bank now! During our party, after we meet at the PBS concerts, we can discuss that little time share Villa outside of Rome!

    Chris, How did it feel being that close? I can’t believe I didn’t talk you into being in that shot. Bad Girl! Still, share that picture! You are a walking Il Volo Encyclopedia, girl! And you have great taste in wallpaper!

    1. Greatest taste in wallpaper, not only are you a poet, but a comedian as well! How did it feel being that close? It was the best concert I have ever been to. I thought Jersey boys, the play was good with everyone singing along, a fun time, multiply that by 10.000 times. I will never forget seeing them up close, their passionate voices, El Triste and the star spangled banner in one show, Come On!

    2. Marie, I’m there! il Volo and Italy. Have a ways to go working on my knee and imbalance problem. This is my biggest inspiration. Our guys always make me feel good.

  23. Chris, not sorry I let your secret out! You’ve got to understand that, in my mind, it makes my Ignazio shrine less significant. Therefore, makes me feel less like a crazed fan because you’ve got a problem, not me! Sorry to use you like that. Sorry YOU’VE got a problem!

    El Triste, the Star Spangle banner and those faces. Weren’t we the luckiest people on earth that night?

  24. I am absolutely green with envy reading all of your accounts of the concerts. But I love to read them and in some small way feel like I was there too. So my thanks to all of you. Some day, please, please, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca come to Minneapolis!

  25. Ann, Hope your medical issues clear up before the concert and Villa Time share! If not, you can lean on me!
    Don’t worry, we’ll get you there. We’ll need you! Your the only one who knows where to go!
    Feel better and keep listening!

    1. Thank you Marie. I had hoped to go back to Italy this September but it did not work out. When I had my knee surgery, it upset my ear imbalance more and I finally found a doctor that took tests and gave me a prescription today!
      I really do know Italy and love all of it. Went to two different hill towns in Abruzzi with two different girlfriends – so fun to meet their relatives. Have been from top to bottom. Lago di Como to fab Italian Riviera and Bari, my dad’s home town.
      Just got from the library, a copy of new movie “Love is all you Need”. It left the theatres in one week! With Pierce Bronsen. My girlfriend saw it and loved it. Takes place in Sorrento. Gorgeous. You can order dvd from your library. Will let you know how I like it.

      1. Hey, Ann, keep working on that knee and balance. I want you as our tour guide!

        A piggy bank is starting to sound pretty good!

        Love the idea of being at the next PBS concert together, too – maybe next spring??

        Love to all,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. Well? Annacruise did you like it? Is it worth renting? Let us know. It’s such a pity but I can never remeber if my grandfather was from Salerno or Sorrento, because they both start with “S”, I have to ask a relative and then store it in my memory. I wish I could get to Italy someday, but am afraid to fly, yes, people say, let the doctor give you something to calm you, but I am clostraphobic, the thought of being in a tin box for hrs on end doesnt excite me!

  26. Marie I would love to meet up with all of you at the next filming of a PBS Special. I will also save my pennies in an Il Volo jar, and hope it will happen. How about somewhere in the Midwest?

  27. So much fun to read all about the concerts from all of you. I so wish they were coming back to Washington DC this time. Piero held me hand during the very first concert they had here in 2011, and I went again in 2012 but here it is one theatre for 2500 or several thousand and nothing quite in-between. Keep the reports coming ladies!

  28. Guys, I do have a somewhat of problem. I think they need to form an IL VOLO anonymous club and I’d have to be ashamed to stand up in front of everyone and say “My name is Christine, and I am an ILVOLOVER”. Some of the 12 steps would be that you must burn all your photos, forget all memories you have of the concert, never listen to IL VOLO CD’s again, how could I possibly do that with the Chistmas CD coming out, I’ll have to wait to get a cure in the New Year. Does anyone have any advice for curing this affliction?

  29. Yes Chris, I do. Don’t get cured! Take up drinking or something! Besides, you’d have to burn your house down to remove all the pictures! Please don’t do that! If you ever get rid of them send them to me BUDDY!

  30. Wow Christine,

    Take a picture of your “Wallpaper” and post it for all of us to see, PLEASE! It sounds like it is wonderful.

    It sounds like the M&G in Pittsburg went the same way as the one in Detroit did according to the reports. For the money that a person pays for the M&G’s, it should be a little more relaxed and allow some time with the boys, just not being pushed through quickly. I venture to say that eventually the people that have experienced that will stop purchasing their packages.

    1. I forgot to add that I was in Sorrento, Italy and it was just beautiful. I also got a little time in Capri, Wow, Rome (Vatican) and more time in Naples. We were on our own and I could hardly walk, so we did not get to see as much as we could/should have at the time. Not nearly enough time to really see where we were able to get to. We did do a couple of bus tours around the areas though. I so want to go back again someday. I so wished that we could have made it to the Amalfi Coast and Sicily, but we didn’t. Actually, we thought that we were taking the hydrofoil to the Amalfi Coast and we misunderstood and did not go down far enough to catch it. Ravello was a highly recommended place that we should see on the Amalfi Coast. But we dearly loved everything we were able to see in Italy, just not enough time or money.

      So, Christine, if your grandfather was from Sorrento, it is absolute beautiful. I was afraid to fly also and my doctor gave me some type of meds for it, but I did not need to take them. It was the trying to do all of the walking that did me in. Found out 3 years later that I need a HR, so no wonder I could not hardly walk. No meds would have helped that.

      1. Jeanie, How wonderful your trip to Italy sounds. Like Christine, I’m not a fan of flying as I mentioned in another post, but I have heard that drugs (prescription – not any other) is the answer. If can sleep and wake up in Italy, that’s the way to go. My family came from Naples and Sicily. It is a bucket list item to go to Italy. I know how wonderful it is from every story I’ve been told.

      2. Lee Lee, I was so anxious to get on that plane. I was really afraid to fly also. We did a non stop flight both ways, something like 9 hours plus each way. We bought books of each area that we visited, so at least I can get those out and look at the beautiful area. I almost missed my son’s speech in Naples, because I was so mesmerized over the scenery, looking out of the window at the bay of Naples. I forgot to go straight back to listen to him giving his speech. I was able to hear most of it though.

      3. Jeanie, you have me there. All the beautiful places – not that the north is not – Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi. I even got to the island of Sardinia which is nearby. Let’s all go back together and keep the villa in Rome too!

    2. Jeanie, I’d post a photo of my wall but I would be too embarrased. Suffice it to say that I have alot of photos up. Yes, the meet and greet in Pittsburgh was not all it was cracked up to be. You “meet” them by whizzing by, I don’t even remember what happended, it was so fast. I either couldn’t talk to them because I was so starstruck orpartly because I felt they didn’t allow it, I don’t think, I was upset I could not get an autograph, I guess that was too much to ask. The girls that get the photos with them hugging and kissing them will be drooling and back for more, don’t worry. They won’t be in the poor house anytime soon for lack of M&G tickets. I guess as thier fame gets bigger and bigger they will distance themselves from their fans, some here may not agree, but it’s already happening if we were not allowed an autograph! I do not feel it is IL VOLO’s fault it is their management, you know we all have to listen to our bosses even if it’s something we don’t agree with if we want to keep our jobs!

  31. Saw pictures of her wall. It is wonderful. I want one! I might change the faces a little!

    Jeanie, your right about the M&G’s. That’s pretty expensive for a quick photo shoot. Who am I kidding? Of course I’ll go! However many people aren’t as fanatic as I am.

  32. Marie,

    Why didn’t you sneak a picture of her wall? We would all love to see it.

    The M&G would have been the $300 x two for us though, plus the expensive hotel and dinner also. We dropped a bundle on that trip. But, the Concert was totally worth it and I am so glad that our seats were moved up.

    I wonder why Pittsburg, at least their website looked like plenty of seats opened up and were unsold, even on the day of the concert, and Philly did not sell out. Maybe it is the economy. I still run into so many people that do not even know of il Volo. I can’t believe it. They are the best to me.

  33. Christine, whatever you do, DO NOT GET CURED! Imagine giving up Il Volo (or the Flight Crew – because both would go hand in hand). Think of how empty life would be and how much fun you’d be missing out on. No, no, no – stay with Il Volo. Just breathe – It’s ok.

  34. Jeanie, it was pictures of the wall that I saw.
    Unfortunately, there were lots of empty seats in Pittsburgh! Maybe all those steel mills effected their hearing. Too bad. First time for me in Pitts. Friendliest city I’ve ever been in. Beautiful too.

    Really good advice LeeLee. I can almost forgive you for what you said on the Christmas post!

    1. Marie I am laughing that you had to clarify that it was a picture that you saw-you were not in my house-but your invited if you bring Ignazio with you! Believe me I would put a picture of the pictures up but I would worry that people would think I’m looney tunes. I get mugs made (don’t keep them all for myself, I have 2 and gave away 2) with their photos on it, mouse pads, am working on a 12 month calendar, at work, I showed my supervisor some things (photos, etc) and she says to me “what are you, 12 years old” we get such a laugh out of it. You can take pictures to a photo kiosk and they have all kind of gift items that can be made, there are pillow cases (2 for $24.00) that I told my supervisor I will draw the line at and would never have those made so every once in a while she kids me and says “did you order the pillow cases yet” “Did you get the sheets?” I LMAO and I told her “deb, they don’t have sheets you can make, just pillow cases! It is so embarrasing, I told you guys, I need IL VOLO ANONYMUS, but it’s all in good fun!

  35. Well, if Marie and others are really starting a Piggy Bank, I guess I will start one also. I will put a big il Volo Concert Money sign on it. Now, they will really think I have gone over the deep end and have me committed for sure. lol

  36. I haven’t heard from Linda S. What do you say, Linda? Car pool for us and we can pick up Deanne on the way up. Unless, of course, they film down here again. My Il Volo Piggy Fund has commenced.

      1. That would be awesome. I’m thinking since they like Miami so much, maybe they will. Time will tell. Linda, did you see my post about possibly meeting up for next week’s concert? I don’t know if you can get my e-mail address from this site (since you’re on the board and all 😉 but let me know.

  37. Watched movie “Love is all you Need” in Sorrento. Would have liked it better on the big screen. They spoke a lot of Danish. Didn’t like it that much but it was different.

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