1. I will be purchasing 2 of these, one goes up on my wall! The other in my player. Beautiful cover picture! Can you imagine how their rendition of Ave Marie will be, they do it on this CD. I’m counting the days til it is released.

    1. I always buy 2CD’S & 2DVD’S so i will have a spare when one wears out…,thank you for the new Xmas album You are right GG’s rendition of Ave Maria will be goose bumpy. My 2 favorite hymns, Amazing Grace and Ave Maria.

    2. Oh I do have some of all 3 on my wall, which I am am now so embarrased about THANKS Marie, and am afraid will now become infamous here! I like the pic and have it in a frame from when they were at Dodger Stadium with all 3 . Piero has a red/white/blue t-shirt on and they took the pic with their managers.

    1. Dear Santa,
      I’ve been a good girl ALREADY all this year. Could you put Piero under my tree this Christmas, please? No need to wrap up this present. I’ll take him exactly as he is when he warms up before a concert.
      Thanks in advance,

      1. Yes Piero exactly as he is,Funky and sensitive. He and his tailor Rock.. don’t you just love it when he wears a tee-shirt & a tie, and, a formal with no tie? ya got to love him more

  2. I was just talking with Renee, who LOVED the concert in Pittsburgh! After she shared all the yummy details about the concert, we were talking about how we have other CD’s in our cars but IL VOLO wins over nearly every time.

    Folk music is nice, but IL VOLO is God’s pure nectar!

    I am so jazzed about Buon Natale (Panis Angelicus available again! Ave Maria, and more!) I’ll be pre-ordering September 30th and standing by my mailbox October 22nd!

    And thanks to ilvolomusic.com for posting the pre-order info. (as well as the tracks) as quickly as our Flight Crew! (; >)

    Definitely gorgeous cover, rivaled only by their glorious music!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. Age before beauty, girls….Dibs on Gianluca in the stocking, under the tree, down the chimney, up on the rooftop…Whatever!

    1. Beings as it’s Christmas were talking about, Just what the Dickens are you trying to say here Helen? Up on the rooftop? Is this the Night before Christmas story you mean , or is it something else, Please elaborate! ha ha

      1. Christine… I’m just sayin’…. I’ll take Gian any way, any time, anywhere I can get my hands on him!….And aren’t you the clever one…”What the Dickens” indeed!

      2. You all are so funny! Guess I had better get a bigger stocking ready to hang this year. Ha Ha rotfl

  4. We will have to share.ill make the sacrifice and let you havegianluca first as long as I see the other two dolls under my tree. Pitts concert was fantastic. Actuaally brought tears to my eyes. I’m just so sad its over

  5. Christine I adored concert I never wanted it to end. It had everything. Their fabulous voices over the top looks and personalities. Awesome

    1. Teresa, you have a nice italian name, don’t know how old you are but I’m guessing you know the italian language. I was in line at the meet and greet and I could overhear Gianluca say something to Piero in italian, real quick, so I don;t know what it was he said, but the fact that they can share their “mother tongue” with each other. I thought it was music to my ears to hear him and they were done singing for the night. They are so special. God’s gift to earth!

      1. I agree with you Christine. I love hearing them speak Italian. Being Italian, I used to be able to speak it, but when you don’t use it, you lose it (at least I did). I can understand some things they say, but would need to take some refresher courses to get it back. But they are mesmerizing (in more ways than one).

  6. I am 57.all Italian. Know very little Italian. My parents did not speak it often around us kids. Hearing the boys speaking it would have been music to my ears..they are wonderfuli feel like s ferny hopper cause I cant get enough of them.

  7. Hello again everyone, its been a while since I have posted, and have been reading everything I have missed. I’m glad that so many from the crew have been able to attend some of the concerts, and even meet up with friends from here. I’m sure you have had a wonderful time. It has been a real treat viewing all the pictures, videos, and comments through their tour thus far. I have also been working on a TO AND ABOUT IL VOLO letter, that I hope to be allowed to post here. What do you think? I’ve read in some of your comments, that there have been some indications that they do read this blog when they have time. Hope so! In the meantime, glad to be back! MARIE, I’M SO JEALOUS of your encounter with the boys, especially that dimple kiss! Oh,MY.

  8. Ordered my Buon Natale CD this morning, but I am one of the lucky ones and have already seen Buon Natale (on my PVR since August). There’s going to be LOTS of discussion about favourite song, I am already voting for “O Holy Night”.

    1. How, where did you order your Buon Natale CD, Sandy?
      ilvolomusic.com indicates pre-orders begin Sept. 30th. (They are not always on top of things, so perhaps you have another source??)

      Oh, thanks, Mary… Amazon. They do get their exclusives!
      I just ordered two to arrive ON October 22nd!

      And thanks for your earlier reply, Sandy, about Tous les Visages de l’Amour!

      I’m reveling in our summery weather, but the thought of this CD will make it easier to welcome fall.
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. Hey Ssilick, What is PVR and why don’t I have one? Is “O Holy Night” better than “Amazing Grace” and “Ave Maria”? Also, please tell me there’s some Italian lyrics on there! Wait, there is no Amazing Grace!

    Track Listings
    1. Ave Maria
    2. O Holy Night
    3. I ll Be Home For Christmas
    4. Silent Night
    5. Christmas Medley (Jingle Bell Rock/Let It Snow/It s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year)
    6. White Christmas
    7. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
    8. Mis Deseos/Feliz Navidad (Feat. Belinda)
    9. Panis Angelicus
    10. The Christmas Song (Feat. Pia Toscana)
    11. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree
    12. Stille Nacht
    13. Notte Stellata (The Swan)

    1. Marie, PVR is a recording device that allows you to easily schedule and record any events on your television (2 stations at a time). We saw Buon Natale on Detroit PBS on Aug 15th and I recorded it to add to my collection including Il Volo Takes Flight and We are Love.

  10. Two comments on the above:
    1) Why not Amazing Grace? I know that it’s not a Christmas song but, see #2.
    2) Can’t fool us. “Notte Stellata is not a Christmas song. I’m letting “Panis Angelicus” slide because it is, what it is.

  11. I, too, have the Buon Natale CD ordered. Can’t wait! Oct. 22nd seems like a long way away!

  12. Got my order in to Amazon today. Too bad we can’t just order one of the boys to be sent out, too. Wish the people working on cloning would hurry up. Three of our darlings just isn’t enough to go around, and we each want our own, right?

  13. Is anyone planning on going to the Wine & Dine on December 1st in Detroit at the Rattlesnake ?

    1. Wow! I don’t think I will be able to attend that Wine and Dine at a $1000 Pledge for two. Then add in the expense of driving and getting a hotel room again. Think I will have to pass on this one.

      ssilick, are you going and do you live in Detroit or close by? That would make it more affordable.

  14. Oh that CD cover! Unbelievable. I know it will sell truckloads since they have fans in so many countries. Their hair should be the reason for many sales!!! I remember reading a post from someone after a You tube video that was hysterical –some girl wrote: “I want to run my fingers through that gianluca hair and kiss those gianluca cheeks” that is exactly how she wordd it and I though it was hysterical, it was probably Elaine who wrote that, or Michelle! I Bet Marie wants to run her fingers through “that Ignazio hair”, but lucky dog, she already got to kiss those ignazio cheeks! They don’t look like they are next to each other in that photo, which is the only strange thing, they look like they are walking, heading somewhere, maybe to Marie’s house, ha ha. I have to trot over to amazon and pre-order!

  15. How perceptive of you Chris, They did come to my house. Don’t tell anyone! Ignazio wanted to stay but, I refuse to be the one that the group breaks up over. So, I sent him on his way! You’re all welcome!

  16. So what you’re saying, Marie, is that those are your stairs their climbing and that is the picture you took of them and the reason Ignazio is looking away is because he is sad that you won’t let him stay?

    Puhleez!! Who are you telling? Good try 🙂

  17. LeeLee, Were you there? You have it exactly correct…until that last line anyway! Do not push me! I will call him back! I turned him away for people like you! Where’s the damned gratitude?

  18. The gratitude would be there if the story was true. However, since I need to see more proof, or hear it from Ignazio himself (which would be the preferred method), I just have a hard time believing. You can understand, can’t you?

  19. Next time he’s over I will have him call you. Ye of little faith! Of course, you know how private he is, he may not want to call. Also, if he does call, you know that his voice sounds completely different over the phone. Right?

    1. I have that voice memorized. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I have all their voices memorized, so I’ll now if ‘someone’s’ fooling me.

      1. Yep, the voices are one of a kind for our Boys! It would be very hard for someone to try and fool us. lol

        Doesn’t it make you mad and just feel like an idiot when you post and then go back and read your mistakes. I do anyways. I seem to never learn to proof read before I hit that button. I swear it is more my flat keys and the spaced out keys for me, plus the fact that my fingers type to fast for my brain. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

        lol lol lol

      1. OMG! I love Chicken Marsala. Ignazio can make it for me anytime. Marie you and I are both in Ohio, so we need to set something up so he can cook that dish for us.

  20. Uh oh, gang! I think Marie has officially lost it. You remember, Marie, you posted something about you think you are dreaming? Well…but what a nice dream it is!!

  21. Uh oh, I could be in trouble. Kelly, these “Ladies” made me say things that you know I would not normally say! It was mostly LeeLee. Bad girl, LeeLee!

    1. As I look back, you’re right, Marie, it really is mostly me. LOL. But it’s being bad in a good way, no? As long as It’s all in fun. The thing is you just make it so easy. I’m simply playing off your words.

  22. Had fun playing with you all today! Have to go to work now (yuck!). Talk to you all tomorrow evening. Stay safe. Behave (keep an eye on Chris and Leelee). Feed those Piggy’s!

  23. Haaaaa…nothing better than coming to this blog after a long day of working overtime…love it. Thanks, Marie, LeeLee, and Chris.

    And yes Chris, I like that YouTube comment. I didn’t write it but that…oh just imagine…sorry, can’t talk now, need a cold shower!

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