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  1. When will we be getting the lowdown on the Boston concert, how it went, how the Maria girls skit went this time? Myron, Michelle?? As an aside…I know Myron always wants them to be clean shaven b/c he thinks it gives them more class, but I like the facial hair a lot on both of them. Piero has too much of a baby face to grow hair though, wouldn’;t look good on him at all. Myron, did you do the meet and greet yet again, with all of your relatives, I did in Pittsburgh but couldn’t get any autographs. Patiently waitibng…..thanks.

    1. Christine, I was not in Boston myself but will hear a report from my relatives sometime today, I am sure. I expect to be in New York. Facial hair ( I focus on stubble or scruff – not a full beard like Ignazio’s goatee or mustache that is trimed nicely ) – the stuff that looks like the guy got up late and didn’t have time to shower and shave in the morning. That is the look I don’t like. I heard from Barbara and evidently they have talked about it but I still don’t think I will get my wish at Radio City (just one concert). It does not change the way I feel about them otherwise. I just want everything perfect (sound, lighting, songs, orhcestra, etc and those great faces ) for that huge talent on stage. You are also right about being young and facial hair not coming in very full. When I saw them close-up Gianluca’s was rather thinly grown in also In Phoenix all three including Piero had stubble but he got rid of it recently. In the days of Gianluca’s hero, Sinatra, they would never have been in public like that but that was a different era. I wish Sinatra was around now days to hear these guys. I am moving on.

      1. About Sinatra hearing the boys…
        When I got my idea about All the Way, I looked at the clock, and it was 4:44. Four is my number for heart, and 3 is my number for God.
        The All the Way video of Celine with Sinatra had 1,331,000 hits.

        Then I watched a few snippets of Sinatra in concert and happened to catch one of him trying a new song (“I’ll Drink the Wine”) written by someone new, Paul Ryan of the U.K. (I just felt a connection of Frank’s supporting talented “youngsters.”)

        I’d say Sinatra IS hearing them and smiling broadly!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  2. Myron this is how I see them:

    I think Ignazio’s small mustache & thin beard or goatee makes him look distingiuished & sexy & Gianluca’s scruff along the edge of his jaw makes him look sexy & a little older. Ignazio can wear his hair anyway & he looks rugged & sexy. His dressing casual or to the nines I think gives him pizzaz & the natural & casual way he dersses makes him the sexiest of the three. They each have their own style of dressing. Gianluca is always dressed up & in style & Piero has his own bow ties & colored jackets which gives his own distinguished look. This is how I see them but they can be dressed in rags, no one can sing like they can, or has the build as they have or can speak several languages & sing in those languages as well. They are far above anyone on the planet & I will accept them them anyway I can see & hear them.

    1. Whatever my opinions are about stubble have nothing to do with my appreciation of them as wonderful singers and great individuals. In my prior comments after seeing them I have always gushed with praise about how wonderful they are in person and , yes, they each do dress very well in concert. That does not change. I guess I come from an old school of thought about stage presence that seems outdated today.
      Gianluca posted yesterday a picture of Sinatra – well, that’s it.

      1. I was not criticizing you, everyone has their own preference of how other people do things or how they want to appear. Times change, yes I would like to see them clean shaven but now the beards & mustaches have grown on me, I know you are thinking of how you want them to appear on stage for perfection but I think because they do what they feel is good for them that is what makes them perfect in my estimation. Everyone of us wants the very best for them in their careers & in their lives & I hope neither one of them decide to ever leave the group because no one will be able to replace the void and we the fans are going to have to suffer the loss.as well as them.
        We all join with you Myron in wanting the very best for them, there is no other entertainer I want to hear anymore, they have inserted themselves in my life & now I can’t listen to anyone else.

      2. Myron, I value your insights on everything and I know Gianluca loves Sinatra, but Sinatra could be a cruel person at times, remember he punched that one male reporter and he had called women reporters very bad names. It was the drink talking, I know, nothing could take away fr! om Sinatra’s talent, but “handsome is as handsome does” and Handsome Gianluca would NEVER act out in a million years or punch a reporter. So the fact that Frank wouldn’t be seen in public with facial hair didn’t preclude him from throwing a few punches. My mother worshipped Old Blue eyes, but myself, I prefer Perr, Dino and Tony Bennett, all supreme gentlemen which gianluca will always be.

    2. Loretta, I am with you! Nazio is definitely the sexiest of the three of them.
      Shave off his beard (I don’t mean that literally) leave the mustache and he resembles Clark Gable, who also had that impish dimple and twinkle in his eye. Not to mention hair falling in his face! Gianluca has a smile second to none and Piero has his own funky style and quirky personality. I love them all, anyway they show up! Dressed up, dressed down, who cares? Just let them sing their hearts out and give us a smile at the end! It brings a lift to the heart and a smile for the rest of the day.
      It is impossible to be in a bad mood after you listen to Il Volo!

  3. Loretta, I agree with everything you say, except I find Piero the sexiest! Can’t wait to hear about the Boston concert.

  4. I just can’t seem to find the Team Il Volo – “Ignazio Boschetto speaks about the soaring success of Il Volo” interview. Help!

  5. Thank you Linda. What a wonderful interview. Wouldn’t it be something if they sing one of Ignaio songs on their next album?! What a talented young man! I love Piero’s piano playing and Gianluca singing Frank Sinatra songs. Yes, they are all talented and I love them dearly!

    1. I was thinking the same, Allene. It wasn’t so much that he was moving that stuck out to me but that he’s writing his own music. I knew at least one of them had to be writing. 🙂

      1. Kyalpn did you mean moving back to Bolognia when the tour is over, that is a switch, he had said (at age 17) that he wanted to live in LA, he must have had a change of heart and is maturing so much, knows what he wants in life. They are all so mature, so professional. It will be sad if they stay out of the “limelight” for any lengthy period of time, we’d miss them so much.

      2. Exactly. Though it will be sad for us as fans, I can tell he’s a much more private person. He doesn’t use social media nearly as much as Gianluca and Piero anyway, and he always takes that time whenever he’s on vacation to get back to himself, so I’m not so surprised by him wanting to move back to his early roots. Who knows; that’s probably when some of his best music is written. 🙂

      3. I saw an interview probably at least a year ago where they said they write their own music. I think Piero said it, but I believe he meant that they all write.

        I look forward to perhaps a song from Ignazio or the others in a future album and concert!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  6. Ignazio said he is looking to live a more “private” when not recording or touring…my heart goes out to him because I think the more famous they get the harder it is going to be for them to have ‘private” lives. I remember back to January when we all panicked because there were no tweets or messages telling us when or if they would be touring !

  7. I just got word from relatives about the Boston concert. They were very happy with the concert. They did not seem to think there was any problem with singers vrs. instrumental sound balance – for them it was just right. I was wrong about the numbers that went – there were actually eight family that went. Other tickets went to some church people. Of my people three had seen them the last time they were in Boston and spread the word. They are all now hooked on Il Volo. They loved all the music choices except the country song “Angel” – felt it did not seem to fit the rest of the upscale literature. One ensemble song that was the tops was “Il Canto”. They really loved the solos – two of them had met Gianluca before in New York last year so they really focused on En Aranjuez con tu Amor – which they had heard Bocelli do before and thought Gianluca did it better (hey, two of these people are voice teachers as well). Also, loved Night and Day. Other points: Ignazio’s Caruso and Piero’s No Puede Ser. One of their favorite ensemble songs was ( in French, of course) Tous Les Visages de l’Amour. On the techinical side, common complaint was follow-spot operators not on target all the time. That happened in L.A. as well. a minor point but distracting when it happens.
    Two cousins will try to get to New York in 2 weeks to meet me there if they can get tickets – I had heard Radio City was close to selling out but I guess that was only a few left as of now.

    1. side comment on follow-spot operators – during certain parts of their show (not always) the only lights on Piero or Ginaluca or Ignazio is the follow spot light (with background lighting) so that means this person MUST be on the ball and awake and NOT ON THEIR SMART PHONE OR SOMETHING ELSE. Problem is in each show the operators are from that venue. They know nothing about the Il Volo show until they rehearse briefly. So they wing it in performance. More reason they need to be awake.

      1. I agree with you what was the person on the lighting doing in Vancouver, did he fall asleep, Ignazio standing by the piano was singing in the dark most of the time. Also in Detroit Ignazio asked the lighting person if electricity was expensive.. These people have to take a course on how to focus the lightening & stay awake or attend to their jobs better.

  8. I remember too. It was a long winter without much news. Although Gianluca came through often. I would like to see them have private time. Privacy has to be the down side of fame. Maybe in their towns and villages in Italy they will be able to achieve that much needed anonymity.
    This does not mean that I won’t whine about not hearing from them. Count on it!

  9. Hey Myron, we were typing at the same time. I was talking to ssilick.
    I mostly agree with your cousins except that I like “Angel”. Which is kind of funny since I don’t care for country music. I just like the way they do it. Also, my least favorite song was “Night and Day”. I just couldn’t get it to fit him.
    I think the best, the very best, were all three of their Italian solo’s. Wonderful! Bravo!

    1. Marie, You I look at it this way: “Angel” is a little off their norm but they “class” it up and make it work. It is easy singing which gives them a little break while still on stage. Less wear on the voice. You know another song like that is “Little things” – the one direction song which, as far I have heard, has not been done on the tour. Wonder why ?
      Also, from the album: “bring you to my senses” which I liked – not on tour – why ? I don’t know . No big deal but makes for interesting conversation.

  10. Well, I for one love the beards, full and/or stubble and the same goes for that lonely earring. They are experimenting and expressing themselves in their own way, they are young men now and are asserting themselves and I am content to listen to their beautiful singing, and I like seeing them laugh and have fun with each other, these are their teenage years, let them enjoy as much as they can, given the sacrifices all three have made already for success.
    I agree with Marie, I would love to see them have some major downtime and a lot of privacy for six months, and more it will be exciting, as we won’t know what to expect when they resurface and they will have rested those heavenly voices, have new material, different ideas and would probably blow our socks off.

  11. I LOVE Angel. I love the way they have to hold down the power of their voices. And I agree that our boys need more privacy. But of course that is the price of fame – always being in the spotlight.

  12. I can’t help it I love the stubble. I know! I begged Ignazio to shave a while back but, that was only because I was afraid the mustache would cover a dimple! Can’t have that! It doesn’t! I think Gianluca looks extremely handsome with the shadow! Sorry Myron, you’re surrounded by a bunch of stubble loving women. We need to get some guys here to help you out. On the other hand, the odds here are great for you. It’s like 100 women to one man! Now what guy wouldn’t want that?

    1. I have to get off this topic because it has been a source of stress for the last few weeks. As as director, I believe in the highest standards in every aspect of stage presentation – from clothes to staging, to hair to music choice, to everything. I have been to many concerts in the past years where the performer comes out on stage in very crude clothes and general look but then the music and staging is the same so no one cares. With Il Volo from the beginning I was pulled into them because they were so different from most teens in that they actually presented a class presentation from every aspect – music, clothes, hair, the general look. I was also fearful that it would not last long before one of them drops out or they lower their standards or the main thing that sells them -” young teens doing classy music” – gets lost because they will get old and loose that “young” image – nothing can stop it. But it does not have to be made to speed up. I want them to look young as long as they can do it naturally. I looked at the new picture that Gianluca had tonight – great suit, great style, great hair and of course that towering talent. I made myself not look at the you-know-what but it did not work. For me It started out as just me trying to get a good performing act to town but now that I have met these guys four times I am almost feeling like family. Too involved and getting no place.

  13. Of course I love “Angel” too and “Little Things” and……well everything.
    I hope they get some private downtime, but if you all remember the beginning of the the year, when on the old site, were panting for something, anything! If not for Gianluca and occasionally Piero we would really have gone nuts! We were even mad at management for not keeping their name out there, remember?? So be careful what you wish for! six months is a long time. 🙂

  14. It’s OK Linda. I know. I’ll miss ’em too. You’ll be alright. I promise. I’ll send tissues and we can look at speedo pictures together to keep us warm.

  15. Here’s my two cents – bring on the stubble. Sorry, Myron. I just think it makes them look so much more mature and ooohhh so handsome.

    1. I thought I was going to stay out of this topic from my standpoint but when my name is called I must reply> This is just the problem I was talking about. Why should us fans want them to mature so fast ? Teens always want to grow up fast, i Know. But for the sake of the promotional image that has worked very well for them for three years and that is the image of ” young teens singing quality music with voices of 30 year old men” Nothing else like it in the business. Now with the facial hair they jump from 18 to 24 years in looks. So we loose the “young singers” image. The road for this kind of act is a challenge in this country but they did have that special hook.

  16. There are on youtube 2 videos of ll Volo – Boston 2013 – 2nd Row Center – Part 1 and part 2 – Take a look – amazing

  17. Love “Angel” sung by them. love the stubble .Loretta, I have to agree with you on many points: we all want the best for them. I think I would die if they broke up(hopefully I’ll die before) because like you, they have inserted themselves into my life and I only listen to their music. I get irritated when driving with my family and they turn on the radio. irritates my ears.
    I am the happiest person that Ignazio said he wants to settle in Bolognia. thank God. I hope the others will stay home too. I don’t want them in LA. I don’t want them getting the habits of the Hollywood stars. the young people love them because they are different. stay different.
    I would like to see them have more spaced out concerts and more times at home to rest. I think this will come as they are better known and don’t have to travel so much but can let their CD’s do the work and then they can have time to write their own songs. to win an american Grammy, you need original songs. they have a couple, need more

  18. Like your ideas, Deanne! I agree down the line!
    When my sister (who’s probably reading this) and I drove to Pittsburgh, we listened to We Are Love. Then because “we already heard them” we listened to something else! There’s something else?

    1. I know I’m in the minority, but it just melted my bones in Chicago. I might be biased, but just voice just filled the theatre superbly!

  19. Both Piero, and Ignazio play piano, now Ignazio is writing music, wouldn’t it be nice if next year, they could work up something together for a special spot in the concerts? Just alone. Another facet of their abilities. WOW.

  20. In the Boston concert video, Gianluca looks as if he could have walked off the old TV show “Miami Vice” with his magnificent looks & the facial hair. Like Loretta, it is growing on me! Even at age 14, Ignazio was sporting an earring. If you look at the video of him singing “Miserere” 2008 you can see his gold stud. I like Piero’s face no matter what he wants to grow on it!
    I have a friend who loves their voices, but she doesn’t want to look at them because she thinks they look “nerdy”. Well, to each, her own. At least she likes to hear them sing. I like to hear them AND look at them. I hope that I will be able to see them in concert next time they tour. I want to experience the power of their voices up close & personal.
    If you haven’t seen the Boston videos yet, go watch them. It’s worth it just to see them sing the National Anthem acappella. It is very moving.

    1. Im sorry Lynnbal, don’t be mad at me, and it’s not your fault that your friend feels that way, but Nerdy and Il Volo do not belong in the same sentence. Piero in the past when just 15 years old or so maybe a littel gawky, but he is coming into his own now and in 1 year he will be an adult. If your friend would see him in concert she would not be saying that, he has such stage presence and such pretty eyes, he needs the glasses to see, for Pete’s sake, and again, it’s not your fault but for anyone to say Gianluca and Ignazio are nerdy, is way beyond my comprehension. I don’t get it, and your friend needs 10 lashes with a wet noodle.

      1. As far as I know, Piero does not need the glasses to see. They are just a fashion statement. Piero is an original in that department! And his voice is one of a kind also! WOOOOOOEEEeeeeee! What a voice!

  21. Saw it Lynn. It’s incredible! They’re incredible! Video is very well edited! Flashback! A few seats over from where Loretta and I sat and the seat in front of Mary B!

    1. If he doesn’t need his glasses to see then why did he wear them throughtout his performances on the Italian TV show when he was only 15 was he making a fashion statement then too?

    1. I think what is obvious is that we all love the guys and want the very best for them — even if those ideas are different. Let’s move on. 🙂

  22. During the long quiet season, I hope we don’t worry what happened to them and remember, they are probably…
    – working up new material,
    – in studio creating a new stunning album,
    – maybe even getting started on a Disney movie ??,
    – preparing for their concert season,
    – and hopefully having several weeks of total relaxation in Italy or where they each like.

    And Yes, I don’t want to see them acculturated to L.A.
    In my mind, the only possible positive outcome for living in L.A. for any length of time would be if THEY could actually change the culture around them, and that’s asking a lot!
    I’m glad Ignazio can get away to Bologna, where he can enjoy friends and be a “Paisano”!

    I don’t have any worries of any of the three leaving IL VOLO. They are happy and content together, and there’s enough room for them each to do their own thing (solos from Sinatra to Memory to Non Puede Ser; choosing their style of dress; and being brothers), as well as to dream of their next adventure, and to have time apart while on vacation. Have faith that their careers will unfold perfectly for each of them and for IL VOLO!

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  23. My belief: worry is not a supportive energy.
    If you start worrying,
    try playing “WOULDN’T IT BE WONDERFUL IF…?”
    with really amazing fill-in-the-blanks.
    Isn’t this what they do in their own way? They dream of Barbra Streisand, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall… Miracles do happen! and dreaming opens the doors!

    So here’s a great start:
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if… Disney DOES do the IL VOLO movie starring Our Boys, brings in all kinds of new fans, premieres the film at one of the Disney theme parks, and has a huge acoustically perfect indoor venue concert at one of the Disney indoor venues?! We all attend the Disney film, concert, and our own special Meet & Greet, each with hugs, kisses, photos, and autographs! Oh, and then we have a specially catered Italian dinner with The Boys! (One can dream, right?! : )

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if… The Boys are invited to do a Christmas concert at the Vatican for the Pope and many more. And IL VOLO invites Celine Dion to join them in singing The Prayer at this concert! Of course, she says Yes! And that opens the door to further opportunity for me to share my vision of the special way they might perform in concert with Celine. Oh, and I get to attend the concert in Italy! (This is my dream, so I can put whatever I want in it, right?! (; >)

    Having fun,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  24. Loved the Part 1 and 2 videos, especially getting to hear our National Anthem in concert. Thank you!

    Loved your report of Boston from your relatives, Myron! Thank you so much.

    IL VOLO’s music is pure nectar, they are gorgeous in all their many faces, and their hearts shine brighter than many suns!

    Yes, their youth with such spectacular voices is a hook, but in a way, it’s not just their appearances, it’s also that they are young at heart, and along with their powerful, angelic voices, that makes us feel young and soaring and all that we truly are in our heart of hearts ~ including our dear 82 and 86-year-olds!

    Jackie Evancho, as lovely as her voice is and as young as she is (12 on July 4th, 2013), does not feel as young at heart as Our Boys, and so her music, refined as it is, doesn’t uplift me as much as that of Il VOLO. Maybe she would have fun hanging around with IL VOLO for a few concerts (if they want a female artist for a song in a future concert series). I’ll bet their goofing around would be fun for her!
    Perhaps Jackie really had to grow up at such a young age when it comes to her music (not the rest of her life). I don’t know how Our Boys have managed to both mature and grow up and still stay so young. It’s a perfect combination! Maybe in part because they have each other. God bless Gianluca, his seriousness (as precious as it is) can’t overwhelm him too much, since Ignazio and Piero are there to break him free.
    (I have to say I don’t know Jackie that well, so I hope my inexperienced observations are not out of line. She truly is an amazing singer, even though sometimes too formal for my preferences.)

    Buona notte!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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