Il Volo’s Dream Came True September 27, 2013 @RadioCity Music Hall

The Dream Came True!
The Dream Came True!

It is safe to say that the guys dreams, if they hadn’t already, came true tonight at Radio City Music Hall!

Twitter was alive tonight with well wishes, laughter and tears for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!

Here is a video before the concert!  The guys were speechless, now that is hard to believe, but true!

The Meet and Greet is underway!  More news to come!

13 thoughts on “Il Volo’s Dream Came True September 27, 2013 @RadioCity Music Hall”

    1. They truly do deserve every bit of this honor! Making it to a SOLD OUT Performance at Radio City Music Hall. I just know that everyone there loved them and that they were many standing ovations. Oh how I wish that I could have been there.

  1. I am just so ecstatic and happy for the boys! Their dream has come true. I can’t wait to read the reviews on this Concert. I have teary eyes also, but happy tears for them. Congratulations to il Volo, you have truly made it. They must be so happy right now.

    Thanks LiJoy for your link!

  2. I am so very happy and proud of our young men. Do you think that they could even imagine just a few sort years ago that they would be giving a performance in RCMH? Congratulations to you Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca! I dearly love you, and wish you the best of everything in the coming years.

  3. I know the concert is over, and it is a late hour, but thought I would share a conversation I had with myself all day. Congrats guys, I know you had a great time, and you looked terrific!

    Okay, this is ridiculous! Something has to be wrong with me. I can”t concentrate on much of anything today, can”t get chores done, haven”t had a radio on for who knows how long, and I have obsessed with trying couldn”tto learn to use the computer, when not so long ago I was afraid of it, and couldn”t care less. I don’ t understand. Worse today!
    Wait, today is Sept. 27th @ Radio City Music Hall, and that’s where my mind has been all day. What time is it? How are they feeling, what will they wear, what are they doing right now, can’t you just see their faces when they first saw the inside, will Gian sing Night & Day, will Ignazio do Westbury antics with Surrender, what will Piero’s solo be, etc. etc. etc.? Oh dear, oh dear!
    Yes, you are right, I do have ILVOLO fever! But isn’t that condition quite commom with teenage girls,Lord knows they are easy on the eyes; but why me? I’m not young, I’m not a blonde ,well
    sort of. I’m a grandma for heavens sake! So how did I become inflicted with this outrageous condition!…………You know what, I think I might know! How about the obvious, and totally unexpected things you immediately can see in them. Things like upbringing, kindness, love of real music, manners, style, thoughtfulness, love of family, openness, and and and. How often do you see these things today? Thank you Lord! These things only add to the admiration given to them.
    Hey, I’m relieved! I’m OK!
    Now, do I really have to do laundry? Oh well, where’s that CD?

    Gian, Piero, & Ignazio, spent today thinking about you!

  4. You are not alone, Kathryn. I, too, have spent the day thinking about nothing but our Il Volo. And I know the hour is late, but I am having a hard time making myself go to bed. I keep thinking, just one more posting and then I’ll go to bed. I guess it’s just because I want to share the joy that I know Piero, Ignazio, ad Gianluca are feeling right now.. So just a little bit longer, and then I’ll head for bed. Maybe.

  5. Kathryn, Allene, you’re not alone. I live in California, pacific time, so at 5 PM here, I was thinking that concert was about to start. I checked the web and I saw the video of them getting ready. Then I read Jeanie’s post and after that I checked the web about every 15 minutes for pictures and sure enough mundial started posting them. They looked so handsome. Now I read comments that the concert was beautiful.
    We just knew it would be. I did pray for them today. I just viewed the video that Jeanie mentioned , they were kids then , so cute, that made me smile. Next dream, Carnegie Hall ? So happy for them.

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