7 thoughts on “Dry Your Tears….”

  1. I’m working on bringing them to Pittsburgh for a Wine & Dine after December 1 in Detroit. Whatever you’re working on, please keep us all informed.

  2. Marie yes we all love them but it would be nice if they recognized us as individuals & yes they know OF us a a group & occasionally send us tidbits of information but I want more.

    Lori that is a wonderful idea you have of getting together with the guys for a wine & dine. I hope you are not planning it for the winter where it is bad for driving in Canada & the States with floods & snow sorms. To have it around Christmas is a busy & expensive time for everyone & I am sure the Il Volo boys are on a tight schedule being as they are already having a wine & dine in Detroit, going home for Christmas, & probably staying their till February I am surmising this. Could this be planned maybe the same time as if there is a PBS concert in the making where the weather would be better & before any tour schedule? I hope you don’t mind me sticking my nose in to your plans but I would like to be able to attend this event wtihout having to worry how the weather is going to be & if I can afford it.
    Good you know someone to contact, hope you succeed

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