Music Notes ~~ by Meheaton ~~ The North American Concert Tour ~ A Look Back

Il Volo Flight Crew  ~ We Are Love September  29, 2013 Music Notes   –    Myron Heaton


Tonight, September 29 in Wallingford, CT, marks the final concert of  Il Volo’s North American Concert Tour.   Borrowing from experiences of our friends who attended each of the concerts and my own experiences at several others, I thought I would review the whole adventure.


The concert venues ranged from classic theaters like the Chicago Theater, Heinz Concert Hall, Fox Theater and Radio City Music Hall  to large arena-style or open-air set-ups like Concorde or Toronto.   In terms of acoustics and environment, I would probably place the Chicago and Radio City Music Hall at the top of my list for choice places to perform for Il Volo.  RCMH has the added extra incredible history in New York that makes it extra special.   Earlier in the tour, my favorite place was the Comerica in Phoenix.

Technical Aspects

Il Volo brings its own sound equipment,  lighting equipment,  staging equipment (platforms, stairs, large screens and LED light curtain) and other decorations for the stage.  The sound system was very good quality, although sometimes balance between instrumental and singers needed some attention.  That can depend on the venue.

General lighting and special effects lighting was very good and very interesting most of the time.  Sometimes the follow spots were not “following” correctly, but they are local people who run those usually, not someone familiar with the blocking of the program.

I found the staging to be much more effective this year than last season.  The premise of three screens and stairs was still there but use of the round platform in the center and curved stairs really helped add class.  Beautiful stage work.  Also, the staging of the boys was much better this year with better usage of the stage space and more interaction with the audience as well as between themselves.  In most venues they were able to come out into the audience which is always exciting.

Artistic aspects

In regards to the music repertoire, I think we all agree that this is where Il Volo has no peer in this business.  They start with 200 hundred songs and narrow down to 40 of the best  and then refine to the 26 they actually use.  The boys choose, and all three must agree on each song.  They pick beautifully written, well crafted songs with beautiful melodies, great harmony and sweeping lyrical lines; songs with strong texts that say something. These songs receive great treatment with wonderful arrangements and beautiful orchestrations.  Humberto Gatica and Tony Renis oversee this part of the work, and they are very good at it.

This year’s North American tour saw some of the best of last year added to the best of this year:  this year’s “Luna Nascosta” with last year’s “Tous les Visages de l’Amour”,  and this year’s “Il Canto” along with “E Pie Ti Penso.”  And of course, the wonderful comparison/translation of “O Sole Mio” becoming “It’s Now or Never”  and  “Torna a Surriento” becoming “Surrender.”  The “accidental song”,  “El Triste,” was a great addition along with the great  “Il Mondo.”

The classic solos were so superb, displaying the power of Piero’s “No Puede Ser,” the emotion of Ignazio’s, “Caruso,” and the raw passion of Gianluca’s, “En Aranjuez con tu Amor.”   The new pop song solo this year, “Night and Day,” gave us Ginaluca’s taste of the great Cole Porter channeled through Frank Sinatra, and it was wonderful.

For the next tour starting in Guadalajara, the music will change a little bit. Some songs will be dropped and some that are in English or Italian will be in Spanish.

In singing and performance, this is another place where Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have no peer.  They are called young men, but no; I’m going to make this point and say, ” teenage boys.”  In terms of maturity of the human voice  (35 years),  they are still teen voices to a certain degree, but that is what makes them so incredible.   They are not 35 year olds, but they sound like they are at least 25 or 30.  Such rich, full sound, great tonal control and fantastic breath support.  I cannot say enough about the wonderful singers and really fine musicians these guys are.

It is so wonderful that they have real talent.  They do not need “autotune” to sing in tune.  They can actually read music, not just guitar chords.  They can sing a capella and rule the day.  There is nothing fake about these gentlemen.  Then you add that to the wonderful personality and unique character each of them is and, oh my god!

This North American tour should have gone to some other Midwestern cities (that we have all discussed) during this tour because this series helped raise the standards of popular music in this country even to certain degree.  It really is hard to go back to listening to other groups of the current scene.

If I am pressed to make a choice, I would say that the Radio City Music Hall concert was their best and certainly the climax of this tour.

I will be anxious to hear from the concerts in Latin America.

Thanks, Myron! 

As always, everyone ask questions and discuss! 🙂


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  1. I am so glad we have pictures & keeks & Team Il volo & our own CD & DVD’s to listen to & watch Mundial as well because when the guys go to Latin America I am going to miss our sweethearts. I feel that video Ignazio made was a prerequisite to them going home for Christmas & Ignazio staying home in January until the next tour. Somehow I get the feeling we’re losing them. Don’t know why I feel this way but I do.

    1. I don’t think that makes any sense. I really can’t see them opting out now. They are just starting to get the recognition they deserve. They are on a roll.
      Why would he or any of them want to quit now? Yes, they need time off–this whole tour thing is very intensive. They should not have the North American tour back to back with the South American one. They should have time off between. I just think Ignazio took the occasion of having fulfilled one of their dreams to thank the others for their love and support and tell them, that underneath all the kidding around he does, he really appreciates them! They are his brothers and he may tease, play jokes on them, but he loves them. I don’t read any more into it than that. Time will tell!

    2. When I watched the video for the first time I thought, what? is a farewell video? I didn’t understand the proposal of the video, and seemed to me inappropriate for the moment, the most waiting concert of their lives. If were a thanks of all of them, would sound nice, I felt like Loretta, but they have almost 1 and half month forward, and I hope everything is gonna be alright.

  2. Loretta please don’t say we are losing them. Thatis a very depressing thought because each morning the first thing I do after getting my coffee and feeding cat is check to see what’s goiñg on with our darlings.where will the other boys stay in January.

  3. The article by Meheaton was excellent. Could not agree more. Looking forward to next years tour!

  4. Thank you.I would assume they all need to be there. I also hope someone made Dvd of rcmh concert. I would love to add that to my collection.imagine how amazing ignazios writing will be with that heart of his._

    1. I did email asking that a few weeks ago but never got a reply. My guess is that someone has the whole concert. On youtube right now you can get just about every song from that concert from various fan’s video. If I knew how to do it (I know this can be done) I would edit all those segments together into one video in concert order. Anyone up for it? We have the concert order list on line already to go by.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Lijoy!

      What powerful impact Our Boys have had on you, and me, and all of us!

      Honored to have read your blog,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. One thing that I have always wished for is to make a positive impact on the lives of others. I believe that is the way in which you know that your existence means something. I know as a teacher that I have touched some lives beyond the ABC’s. I don’t think The Boys realize yet what impact they have made on many people. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

  5. I can’t help this feeling I have particularly this year. Joying this blog & the previous site & I have got closer to every one here & the guys. particularly I want them to be part of my family & they never will be. And as someone said earlier we are always thinking of them & praying & talking about them & then when we go to a concert we are just one of the crowd. Don’t what is the matter with me today just the fact they are leaving the Sates, don’t know. Going out now maybe I will get some fresh air. Just feel lost.& weapy. I won’t blog anymore if I continue to feel this way.

    1. Lost and weepy – really says it. And Myron: Thank you for your review. What you can see professionally we can only intuit. I know what I like when I see it, and Il Volo is it!

    2. Aw, Loretta, you are just having withdrawal pains. When they are in South America it doesn’t feel like they belong to us as much as it does when they are here.

  6. Loretta,

    I think we have grown to love and depend on the guys so much that we fear that they will follow the practice of other groups and split up. Actually, I felt that Ignazio’s video was an affirmation of the closeness the group members feel to each other. Do I think hey will remain based in Italy–yes. But they will tour every year. We won’t lose them.


    I was able to watch much of the Radio City Concert on u tube, and, even though it isn’t the same as being there, I think they actually improved with their grueling schedule. Did you see the movie “Secretariat?” After the Preakness, his trainer chose to train him hard before the Belmont–and he won by more lengths than I can remember. Our guys are not horses, but they are champions, and champions rise to the occasion and actually improve when they are faced with challenges. That is what happened with our guys.

    And did you see how they had that tough old NYC audience in the palm of their hands at sold-out Radio City Music Hall!!!!!!

    1. Yes, I have seen that movie. Interesting comparison and it helped that they had a couple of down days to re-power up for the RCMH.

    2. Love it, Sheridan!

      I didn’t realize that it WAS the tough NYC crowd in the palm of their hands. I thought, Oh, this must be all the IL VOLO fans who came to see their beloved IL VOLO boys. Now, you gave me a new and even more amazed perspective. Love the comparison, too!

      Thanks, Sheridan, and for all your other beautiful sharings, too!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. Here’s what I got. “Incredible, wonderful singers, fine musicians, rule the day, wonderful personality, unique character and Oh My God!”
    Did I understand it right Myron?

    Lunch at Adornetto’s Italian Eatery one-ish.

    1. Hey! It is not supposed to be that easy. Where’s the hundreds of words ? That restaurant sounds great.

  8. Thank you Myron for that wonderful review of the 2013 We Are Love tour.

    And Loretta, I too feel down today, but I think it’s because their tour in North America is over, and we now will have to learn Spanish over night. Oh if that were only possible! And I sincerely hope and pray that our boys will not be thinking of splitting up for a long, long time, if ever.

    LeeLee , Thank you for the site where I can find Ignazio’s picture with his parents. I wonder if Piero or Gianlucca had both parents with them at RCMH, Does anybody know?

      1. I read a long time ago that Gian’s brother, Ernesto, planned to be in New York for the RCMH concert. I’m pretty sure Gian’s father was here, too, because he posted a picture of RCMH a few days ago.

    1. I wrote this on another part of the blog but again: Is there something going around about Ignazio dropping out ? God, I hope not. That RCMH video was wonderful but kind of spooky – then again I am probably reading too much into that part where he says: ” I sing each concert as though it was my last” (something like that).

      1. Myron, I didn’t think there was anything “spooky” at all about that video. All Ignazio was saying, basically, is that he’s living each day as if it’s his last. I personally think everyone should do that. I think it was a very sincere, positive video that came from his heart. As mentioned by several folks on the previous page, it seems that’s the general consensus. I don’t mean any disrespect, but I think it was your comment from 12:12 this morning that sparked the whole discussion. You’ll have to read through a lot of comments (I believe it’s up to 94), but a lot of folks had some real good thoughts and insight into the video and their feelings about Il Volo.

      2. I just think it means he is afraid he is going to wake up one day and it will all be a dream.

      3. Exactly, Penina. I don’t think it was a farewell. It was a, “Can you believe you’ve come this far?” mixed with, “I can’t think of anyone people I’d rather do this with; we have become family,” and topped by, “I give it my all for you, because nothing is better than each individual moment.”

  9. By the way, we are going to need Spanish speakers to start translating all of their interviews. They always have a number of interviews in Latin America, and it is so depressing not know what is going on.

  10. I saw the picture of both of Ignazio’s parents, and they looked so proud of him. I think Ignazio, more than the other two, may miss having quiet time at home with his friends. But i can’t see him leaving Il Volo. I certainly don’t think his parents would encourage it.

  11. At least the pictures will be in English, Sheridan!!! We’ll still see those lovely faces even if I takes us an hour or two to figure out what they’re saying!

    1. I agree about the affirmation of love. Ignazio’s video was a tribute to their brotherhood. If you live each day as if it was your last one, you express your love without any reservations. I think that is what he was doing, and quite beautifully at that.

      1. Thank you, Lynn, for this expression of YOUR love and appreciation in such a resonant and poetic way.
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. He is so humble – note the CD insert booklet where he thanks Gianluca and Piero for sharing this experience with him. Talk about heart.

  12. Myron: I just got back to the house after a busy morning, so this is my first chance to reply to your essay on The Boys. I ALWAYS enjoy what you write, knowing that you have a musician’s ear that provides us with an accurate description of The Boys’ performances. It really thrills me when you write so glowingly about Il Volo!! I agree with every word you say…..”the rich, full sound, great tonal control, fantastic breath support”…..They truly are beyond phenomenal. There is no other group that can hold a candle to them …Words cannot do them justice.

    Please keep writing about them! Guess we’ll all have to brush up on our Spanish so that we can follow the South American tour. I feel desolate already, am missing them so much.
    Helen Bridgforth

    1. We will have some help from our site and from our friends and I have some friends that I have asked to report to me. Four in Guadalajara who I have worked with down there in an exchange project. I have two friends in Buenos Aires and a couple in Sao Paulo and Rio. A cousin in SanJuan – – – so I am requesting reports in those cities.

  13. I agree with Sheridan and Marie – the video was to show how much Ignazio loves and appreciates the other two, not a farewell. I think the bond they have is so important to him he just wanted to show it. Remember the interview a few years back when they were asked what they wanted and he said “Nothing, I already have what I have always dreamed of with Il Volo and our singing (sic)”. I feel a bit blue too because the tour is over but it will soon get exciting again with tweets and pictures from Mexico. Thank
    Thank you Myron for sharing your musical expertise – it’s really interesting.

  14. Marie, from your mouth to God’s ear that our boys will never split up. I don’t even want to imagine such a thing, because, right now, Piero, ignazia, and Gianluca bring such joy and happiness into my life. Yes, I too am feeling blue because they are leaving us here in North America. I cheer myself up with the thought that their next tour in the US will include a stop in the Mid West – please, please come to Minneapolis!

    1. Allene, I am also praying for Minneapolis next year, but the M&G at the Orpheum was a big disappointment (down in the black hole of a basement), But if they don’t come here, I will travel just about anywhere to see them.

    1. Please don’t say that…I’m feeling a little vulnerable from outside forces already. Don’t tell me our guys are already gone…even if I already know. 🙁

  15. Yes,I also feel the emptiness and the loneliness. After the time we had meeting the three of them before the concert and the concert itself, I feel unhappy they will not be near. I have looked at the pictures so many times making sure it was not a dream! I still did not post them. Sorry this reply seems to be scattered, my mind is going in all different directions! Parting is so sad!

    1. Hey, Nana,

      When you feel ready, your photos and stories will be an uplift to you and all of us! Maybe it’s perfect that they will come after this time of grieving. Perhaps then we’ll be able to feel sweet nostalgia more than sadness or emptiness or loss.

      And, if you ask me, there is something very intense going on with the energy lately. I just checked and Earth exhibited a G2-class geomagnetic storm as a result of a CME (coronal mass ejection) from the sun on Sept. 29th (takes 2-3 days for the effect to reach earth). Pretty photo of the aurora borealis.

      You deserve to celebrate your experience when all of us can be happy-dancing with you!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  16. Yes, but the great thing about the Latin American fans is that they can’t wait to put videos of the guys on You tube! So, we won’t be missing the guys–we will get to see what a terrific job they are doing fulfilling their dream in Latin America.
    You know, the list of appearances in Latin America has kept growing. I hope they are sold out everywhere they go. And i think I read that they will be back in North America promoting their Christmas DVD.

    So, perk up ladies–they are not gone–they are just traveling around the Western hemisphere!!!

    1. Altho I am not part of your flight crew, I love IL VOLO as much as everyone else. They will be in Detroit for Wine and Dine on Dec 1, 2013. I live in Detroit and read about it. Our PBS station is hosting it at a place called Rattlesnake Club, in downtown Detroit. BUT – two tickets are $1000 donation. That is pretty steep for the folks of Detroit.

  17. you all, you just have to go to”Il Volo at WTTW Chicago Public Media – you tube.” it is hilarious. it was when the boys were promoting PBS in Chicago, and I just happened to pick it up from one of Ignazio’s comments. the funniest video of them I ever saw, they were in form

  18. WOW! Don’t know where to start, don’t know what to say! You all know how much I adore the guys, we all do! At first, I too got scared at one comment Ignazio said, something about ” being the last time” and my heart jumped into my throat, mainly because he had said a short tme ago that he wanted to move back to Italy after the tour(s) except for recording, or tours. GULP! Don’t know how that would work but he should know better than I. Linking the two comments, I really became concerned. I think, for me, part of my reaction had to do with the video itself, and the fact that it was so far away and I couldn’t hear what was being said on it or by what they were saying to each other., hence, fear set in! All I saw were the hugs, beautiful, but could be taken another way! After reading all the blogs today, and the tears reappearing, I asked myself a question! Why is it that a group of grandmas,(age wise) have become so attached to these three boys? What is it that they have going on, to earn such respect & worry & love. I recently posted my feelings, but I would like to hear some of yours! I have not become aware of this occuring with any other so called “boy bands”,(hate that term) out there.
    Sorry for rambling on, but are they unique, or are we? Just asking.

    1. I thought Ignazio talked about moving to LA or Miami at one point. Then recently he said he was moving from Sicily back to Bologna.

      1. I personally am thrilled Ignazio is not going back to LA. I hope the others also go back to Italy. Hollywood and LA are not for them.

    2. Hi Kathryn
      There sure are a lot of us grandmas just on this site, so I don’t think we are the ones who are unique. It is our boys who are unique. Compare them with other bands–they are neat (usually!) respectful, they aren’t spoiled brats, they don’t have nasty lyrics, they are super talented (i.e. they actually can SING, not just shout), they are sweet and funny and endearing and adorable and sexy all at the same time! No wonder we all love them! They are what we hope our grandchildren will grow up and be. Hardworking, responsible, thankful, determined to succeed, family oriented–etc! Dare I say old-fashioned? And maybe that is why we identify with them so much.
      We don’t see these values so much with other performers. Yes there are exceptions to this statement! But compare them to Justin Biebers or the Paris Hiltons and there are NO comparisons!
      They truly are unique and wonderful in every way.

      1. Penina, I love it!! sweet, funny, endearing, adorable, and sexy…That’s our boys. It ‘s that magical endearing quality that jumps right into our hearts and burrows in that makes these grandmas adore them.

  19. me too Penina, I am thrilled Ignazio had a change of heart and prefers to live in Italy. from the beginning I did not mind them having an apartment in LA because their studio is there and they need to be there sometimes, but no way did I want them to live there, so he has made one girl happy. after all is said and done, you can be famous and not live in Hollywood or New York, many stars do it. right now, the most hectic time of their careers, they get to go home twice a year: in summer, and at Christmas, so they get out of the whirlwind world and come back down to earth with their families and friends. and I love the advice that Piero’s mother gave him when she was interviewed, she said”when you are ready to choose, choose a girl from your own kin”
    wise words. They are much wiser than their years, and they know that girls love and desire them. I have noticed that in taking pictures, they are always very discrete and polite, full of respect. maybe they will teach American boys how girls like to be treated. start a new trend in America

    1. They are truly gentlemen in every sense of the word. And we love them for it! In today’s crude world, they stand out like shining beacons.

    2. Beautiful, Deanne! I appreciate and echo all you have said here.

      And, how great is it that Ignazio is following his heart and his dreams in all areas of his life, including drinking in time in Italy. Not only is this a fantastic example for all of us, it’s what will make it possible for Ignazio to be sustained and to have the energy and enthusiasm for the tours and the long hours in studio and to continue to love his time with his IL VOLO brothers instead of feeling he has to choose IL VOLO or Italy. Surely he can and will have both!

      That Ignazio heart just couldn’t get much bigger!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  20. You’ve said it all . You hit the nail on the head. Our boys are the total package. There is no comparison. Do you ever see our angels with their pants hanging off their rearends or their middle fingers up at the camera. No. That’s because their pure class. Justin bieber. Ha.

  21. Marti where are you?? how was the concert in Connecticut. You are awfully quiet I thought you would be telling us all about it. Did the boys give extra encores because it was the last sow? They seemed sort of sad because it is the last one but also anxious to go Hondorus or Mexico or wherever the first concert is. Tell us all about it Marti, were you able to take pictures?

    1. I have had a feeling all along that Ignazio is still attached to Francesca back in Italy. I think that that may be the reason he wants to stay based in Italy. If he were to marry her,he would still be in the group. But his relationship with the guys would change. I may be all wet in my feeling this way. But I can’t shake this. Only time will tell.

      1. And Myron,thank you so much for your expertise. Your insights have been very enlightening. And I appreciate the facts that you have taught us.

  22. Kathryn, Penina, Deanne, and Teresa, I agree 101% with everything you have said about our guys. I think Il Volo is phenomenal in that it has caused we grandmas to love and worry about three teenage boys from Italy. I don’t remember any other musical group to receive such love from “senior citizens”.

    And now, on to Mexico. Our love will follow you wherever you go, Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca!

  23. Myron, thank you for your insights & professional observations on the 2013 tour. I wish IL VOLO would come to Louisiana to raise our musical standards. I am so sick of hearing rap music blaring out of cars passing on the road or in a parking lot. And I hope I don’t offend anyone here, but I have had it up to “here” with twangy country music down here. I love the traditional jazz & I spent my teenage years hooked on the Beatles. But IL VOLO’S music touches me in a way nothing I’ve heard lately has done. I hope they can stay singing together longer than the Rolling Stones, and never look as mummified as Keith Richards.

    Myron, when you have time, I would like to know more about what is meant by the vowel sounds in music that you have mentioned previously. All I know now is that the boys sound better with each concert. RCMH was the pinnacle; I don’t know how they can sing any better. But I know they will.

    1. One example is the shape of your mouth when you sing an “Ah” in any language from Europe (English as well) – That vowel needs a lot of space in the mouth and so the jaw should be down to the point there you can put two fingers in between your teeth vertically – thus the expression “a two-finger wide” AH. When you open your mouth to the point where the jaw moves over a little threshold (my term) that is an “AH” anything smaller is the vowel “uh” or less. Country singers tend to go for this. But Classical, opera, Broadway and good pop singers like Streisand go for the large vowels. The large space then fills up with more sound than a more closed mouth and that allows the sound to gain richness because there is more space inside the mouth and the head to build resonance. Part of the sound goes behind the palate in the back of the mouth up into sinus cavities and nasal passages which add even more richness. If you have ever had a head cold you know the extreme of that. Anyway, our boys do all this automatically because they have had great voice teachers. Watch a video that is a closeup like the PBS March show and you see it and you here that deep, dark resonance. Other singers don’t get it because they have no idea how to do the mechanics. Justin Bieber is the same age as our guys but he sound like he is 14 years old and our guys sound like they are 25 or 30 . Voice lessons = technique, and technique provides so much power and flexibility. Our guys are aces.

      Then the same is true for the other vowels,e tc. etc. By the way, this is not the only our guys do well. breath support, diction and on and on.
      This was awfully long and I am sorry about that.

      1. Thanks so much Myron, for this explanation. I bet you are an awesome music teacher.

    2. I agree with all said above about our boys. and I think Lynn says it all when she says their music touches us. They personally touch us deep in our hearts like nothing else ever has and that’s why we love them so much.

  24. Thank you so so much, Myron, for your broad sweeping perspective with wonderful professional details. I learn from you every time you write a blog for us! I, too, thought, from the videos, that Radio City Music Hall was a pinnacle to that point. Knowing, Lynn, as you mention, that they will continue to get better, even though we / I can’t imagine how that could be possible!

    It’s been such a treat to share this tour with all of you here! Thanks to our Flight Crew Board and each participant here, we now have a community, beyond isolated sharings. It’s astounding to see the friendships that have been made, the folks who have met for concerts, the encouragement to drive hours for the next concert, and more.

    It’s a lot to absorb!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  25. It’s interesting how many folks have experienced worry that Ignazio might leave IL VOLO. First, I want to reinforce what I said on the RCMH page and what Sheridan, Marie, and TJ are saying. Ignazio has NO intentions of leaving. He is rejoicing in and expressing gratitude for something that happened for a reason, from the synchronicity of their being at the same place at the same time and then singing together on Ti Lascio Una Canzone to the majesty of “Three Voices, One Soul” at Radio City Music Hall.

    It’s been an amazing four days. Can you believe it was just four days ago that Our Boys were singing in Radio City Music Hall to a sold out crowd of over 6000? How many of us between Friday and Sunday cried for joy, awe, excitement, love, camaraderie, pride in Our Boys at least once? How many of us cried on and off all weekend? I did.

    I have been asking myself for two days, What was that?! It was more than happiness for their dream come true. The sweet joy and intensity of my emotions was right up there with when I got married and when I bought my house. Maybe even more so. I can’t explain it. Yes, their voices are glorious, astounding, joyous, uplifting, and their humor sweet and fun. Yes, they are handsome and sexy and caring. Yes, they are naturally their True Selves (that’s a big one for me!). Yes, they have good values and respect and love of family (big one there, too, huh?!). Yes, they love working together and truly are IL VOLO Brothers. But why the constant tears? I know my heart was so full that it pushed way beyond the boundaries of my body. And their hearts? Can’t you just imagine? It’s like their hearts expanded to encompass the entire planet. That’s the closest I can come to explaining it to myself. They, and Ignazio with his video and every moment (so full, as if it were one’s last – but it’s not) are demonstrating the reality of WE ARE LOVE to a level far beyond words. The vibration of their music and their hearts is like an elixir of pure Love. And as we rejoice in and with them, it’s like all our hearts joined as one, so big we couldn’t contain the Love.

    And when we experience life this wonderful, this “high”, it’s natural to fear losing it, so any nuance can result in “What ifs?”
    So how do we live through this? Maybe the same way Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca do: we’re in the Now with all its glory, its sadness, its hopes, and we remember what the song says: WE Are Love. Not THEY Are Love. WE. You. Me. Our Boys. Their Team. The family down the street. The clerk in the store. The driver in front of us. WE … ARE… LOVE. What would it mean for each of us to Live that as best we can as a gratitude for Our Boys and the ways they have uplifted our lives? What better thank you could we give THEM and ourselves and our entire planet? WE are part of THEIR team. We ALL are emissaries of Love. And, yes, we ARE Family. All of us.

    Listening to IL VOLO makes it so much easier to soar into this True Reality. Tonight, I hear echoing in my mind, “You’re in the arms of the angel. May you find some comfort here.”
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. So beautifully said, Jeanine! Thank you for that entry! I am having trouble finding words that adequately express my feelings, but you came as close as I ever could! <3. Myron, THANK YOU for your review and factual reporting on these amazing young men!

  26. Myron, I also would like to thank you for your expert opinion posted here. I have learned a lot from what you have written. I appreciate this very much.
    I also feel sad that the concert season here in US and Canada is over, on the other hand I’m looking forward to you tube videos of the coming concerts. I remember that last year somebody posted on you tube the whole concert in Buenos Aires. So maybe somebody will do that again. I know that the Latin American fans are eagerly waiting for our boys.
    In the mean time we have our CDs and DVDs and you tube videos to remind us how beautiful their music is and why we love them.

  27. I read constantly, so I don’t always remember the sources for the information that I remember. Here is another tidbit that I read somewhere. Ignazio has been writing songs and collaborating with the others. The next album, it is hoped that it would feature some original songs by Il Volo themselves. If I can remember the source I will post it.

    1. I also read he was writing songs. And somewhere else I read that in order to win a Grammy you have to have original material. Which must be rather new, or an unstated “rule” because that certainly wasn’t the case when the Emmys first started. Be that as it may, it may explain the non-nomination this year and maybe if they have some songs they have written themselves they will get that nomination next year!

      1. Great insight here, Penina!

        Thank you for sharing this with us. Perfect timing, as we are feeling movement towards the possibility of an original song or more. Wow! Can you imagine the speechless joy and enthusiasm they’ll experience when their first original song is released?!!

        This is quite a ride they’re on, and it’s such a blessing to enjoy it with them!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  28. Thanks Myron! I actually understood it all! Makes sense too.
    Jeanine beautifully expressive as always!
    Here’s my take:
    It is human nature to want to be near those you love. That’s why we deeply feel the loss when they’re not around. Simply – We Love Them!

  29. I have to say “Amen” to everything that has been posted on this site. I am so grateful to everyone on this site for making a place I can share my love of Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca. with all of you.

  30. Everything that has been said above is very true and I am sure that we all agree. I think that part of our feeling of loss stems from the fact that we had built up an enormous amount of excitement and enthusiasm, which grew as the tour progressed – and now it’s all gone, all at once! It’s hard to come down to earth after such an amazing tour (even though most of us were “touring” in our minds). And yes, Marie, you’re right: we love them so much that it feels like there is an enormous empty space where they were only yesterday. But they’ll be back! And we have new CDs to look forward to…
    Thank you so much, Myron, for all your explanations and analyses – they add another aspect to our enjoyment of Il Volo’s music.

  31. Thanks so much, Barb, TJ, Marie, for your kind words. I didn’t know if it was over the top, but I was finishing around 3am, with no energy to edit it down. As well as no time to go back (as I did today) and review how many of you said your own beautiful version of what Marie just said. So, please forgive me for only mentioning 3 names last night, and thank all of you for being real with what we’re feeling. This is a big time for us!

    Myron, thank you, too, for expressing that concern, even though you have since been “affirmed that Ignazio is fine and not leaving”, as you expressed to me. Marie’s human nature explanation is so nice and simple and true. (And there are many of us who also pick up the energy around us, which can compound and complicate things!) Ultimately, by being honest with what you were feeling, Myron, others were able to share their feelings, too. And now we’ve shared support, love, emotions, words of wisdom, and it feels to this “mush ball” (a loving term) like we’ve had a group hug and passed around the hankies.

    So glad we are able to celebrate Guadalajara with Ignazio’s birthday card delivered especially by Barbara Vitali! Linda and our Flight Crew Board, that is so cool. Thank you so very much!

    Ignazio, you Troubadour of Love, or the Elvis version: H a H of B L ! I’m so glad we’ve got a truck load full of funny folks on this blog. Keeps us going!

    LiJoy, glad you saw my wishes (and prayers) for you and other teachers. I’m extending them all year long. I know there’s never a day they aren’t needed and appreciated. I taught high school 31 years, and I remember.

    October 4th is going to be a big day! And, Marie, I’ll be thinking of you and your sisters discovering a new IL VOLO style camaraderie and appreciation, dimples and all!

    Hope the Boys are getting some relaxation along with getting the Latin American concert all ready for their screaming teen agers! It’s gonna be fun to follow along, and Myron, thanks so much for connecting us to IL VOLO through your worldwide network of friends and colleagues!

    Wow! Sun just came out! (after torrential rains here in Oregon) I’m off to stroll by the river and listen to
    IL VOLO, IL VOLO, and IL VOLO! : )

    Love ya,
    ~Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  32. Thanks for the comments. Of course, all I am talking about is the mechanical, technical side of their singing. What accounts for the huge, rich sound. But what accounts for the way that sound reaches inside your heart & soul – – – that needs each and every one of you to tell that story. The heart and passion of each of these guys is certainly beyond most teens or even 20 somethings. Each of you must fill in that answer.

    1. Beautiful, Myron!

      Marie, you crack me up. I cannot wait to meet you one of these days!

      Hey, you know my very dear friend Lisa who crossed over a year ago and who turns on my phone and plays Questo Amore? She was a colleague that I only actually saw in person 3 times in my entire life. Everything else was over the phone and email. Amazing what’s possible these days!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  33. Oh Gosh! you know everyone has grown so much together on this site, that I think if we did not have each other we would have cracked up long ago. nobody outside understands what a bond we have with these boys. it is an amazing thing, really a divine thing.
    Lijoy, I have to say that your post was so beautifull and true of how we all feel. thank you for expressing it so perfectly. I will say again , I really hope they will be based in Italy. I want them to remain pure(if you know what I mean)not get contaminated by Hollywood. (incidentally, Piero’s brother, Francis was also at Radio City, he sat with Gianluca’s cousings in the 7th row behind Jen, one of the ilvolvers)
    My argument has always been”what’s the hurry?” to get to No.1 fast? the money? the fame? Our boys love their music, they love to use their God given talent to make others happy, and they have succeeded. they need love just like anyone else. money is important to live, but they don’t have the need to be in the Forbes list of riches men in America. (they don’t make that much anyway)
    In the end, when we face our maker, we will only have to answer for how much we loved, not how popular we were or how much money we made, and they know that better than most of the famous.
    Juneray, what inspired you to say what you said?that Ignazio is still attached to Francesca. do you know that I gave Ignazio an early birthday card at the Orlando concert,and in it I told him that I hoped one day he would get back with Francesca because I thought they were meant for each other, and now you come out with this. amazing! somebody is working behind the scenes!!!
    well girls, I have to say that we really console each other, because these boys have knitted themselves into the very fabric of our lives. they live permanently in my subconscious and radiate through me an energy that motivates me with life in everything I do. it is an amazing phenomenon to experience

  34. Oh, darn, DEANNE. Now I’m going to really blow my cover! because what you said about IL VOLO “permanently in my subconscious and radiate through me an energy that motivates me with life in everything I do” sounds an awful lot like what Divine Grace angels said to me about my connection with IL VOLO. They say that “we are our field of awareness” and that everyone whom we love is [therefore] in our field.

    They also say that “every gift we ever give is received” (at some time in the soul’s existence), so all of our writings and love and gifts that we didn’t see them open at a a M&G are received. Wow!
    And, of course, that means that every gift Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio give us is received, too. Oh, darn, I’m crying again!

    Maybe THAT’S WHY my heart felt so full the Radio City Music Hall weekend. They were sending us so much love and gratitude that it was bigger than anything I remember receiving from a person in my life! Wow! Now that rings really true for me. Whew!

    And, yah, Marie. I figure you’re laughing about me saying I’m blowing my cover, as in “been there, done that” many times over! Oh, well! It’s a new layer! (; >)

    Talk about growing! Just AMAAAAAZZING!
    Resonating with We Are Love,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  35. OK, I know I’ve posted a lot lately, but there is something big that I really feel I must share CAUTION about.

    In my middle-of-the-night looooong (longer than my usual long) post, I said, ” I know my heart was so full that it pushed way beyond the boundaries of my body.”

    Oh, geez! I just have to express the importance of thinking about how we (I !) express things.

    Last night an hour or two later, when I was falling off to sleep, I had a huge very painful experience of my entire chest and part of my back feeling on fire with pain. I didn’t know if I was having a heart attack or if it was something huge shifting in my energetic field. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced or even heard about. I prayed and used my TAT® tool to release stress and trauma and limiting beliefs and chewed two aspirins, and then it slowly subsided, and I returned to normal.

    This morning I thought, Holy Moly! Next time I’ll say, “The LOVE in my heart (not my heart itself!) pushed beyond the boundaries of my body.” (The last thing any of us wants is a medical condition referred to as “an enlarged heart.”)

    And, yes, I am making an appt to check in with a doctor to be sure all is well. At the time, I did pray to be miraculously fine and better than before the incident, and I have had four major healings (including regaining all my peripheral vision after glaucoma – without eye drops), so I have a feeling my prayers were answered.

    I hope this might prevent anyone else from having a mildly alarming such experience.

    Feeling gratitude and love,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Hi, Miriam,

      Are you new to posting here? If so, welcome! Such a beautiful IL VOLO family here!

      I’m guessing you’re referring to everyone’s comments, and as part of everyone, I’ll say thanks for saying so!
      We all put so much into our sharing… learning, growing, playing, laughing, and sometimes crying together.

      Also, I got it confirmed that the chest pain experience was related to expanded heart energy, and not a health condition. (Our capacity to Love just keeps growing!) I’ve felt fine since.

      Celebrating our new “Share the Love” family members,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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