LAST NIGHT I WAS FILLED WITH PRIDE                                                                                                                                AS THEY RODE THE WAVE OF FAME I CRIED

MY FRIENDS, MY CREW, WAITED FOR THE GOLD                                                                                                              A PAGE IN THE BOOK OF IL VOLO IS TOLD

WE WISHED WE COULD HAVE BEEN THERE TO CHEER                                                                                                   BUT AS ALWAYS WE’RE PASSIONATELY DEVOTED FROM HERE

LET THIS ONE NIGHT BE A MEMORY TO LAST                                                                                                                OUR GIFTS OF LOVE WERE SHAMELESS AND VAST

SPEECHLESS VIDEOS WERE TO BE SEEN                                                                                                                               BEHIND THE STAGE WE WATCHED THEM PREEN

AT EIGHT O’CLOCK WE WERE ALL ON SITE                                                                                                                     THEN WE WROTE OF TRIUMPH THRU THE NIGHT

THEY SEIZED THE STAGE, THEY WERE BOLD AND STRONG                                                                                     ALL THEIR LIVES THEY’VE LIVED A SONG

STRAIGHT TO THE TOP WE KNEW THEY’D SOAR                                                                                                               TO STANDING OVATIONS, BRAVO’S AND MORE

EMOTIONALLY EXHAUSTED WE WENT TO BED                                                                                                         DREAMS OF OUR ANGLES FILLED OUR HEAD

SLEEP DOESN’T ALWAYS COME AS PLANNED                                                                                                               TO THINK, TO WONDER, THEN TO UNDERSTAND

THAT LIFE’S NOT MEASURED BY WORK OR PLAY                                                                                                              BUT BY THE LOVE WE SEND EACH DAY


127 thoughts on “RCMH – YOU ARE LOVE”

  1. please do not make me panic!! I will be in a depression for the rest of my life, I cannot live without these three! I think we are reading too much into Ignazios litte tribute. I remember there is talk about a Disney documentary and also taking on Europe next year, so they already have plans for next year, so they will continue to give us heart failure, hopefully for a long time

  2. Oh Deanne, ditto! Just thinking about it made my heart freeze. Your last sentence “chuckled” me out of it! Never thought I’d hope for continued heart failure!

  3. Is anyone else suffering from “separation anxiety” at the thought of them leaving the country? I know they will be all right and that they will come back…..BUT…Wait, I know that is too selfish…they need to share their love with others in the world….BUT…

    1. Marie, I just watched photos of the venues they will play in South America on Facebook…what gorgeous venues! Man up, girl. We may not like it, but they don’t belong just to us—we have to let them go out into the world….just like any parent has to do with their children, no matter how hard it is. Take heart…they WILL return and surely they love us the best!

  4. On Ignazio’s message to his beloved IL VOLO brothers…

    Ignazio, you are truly a troubadour of love!

    My thoughts on a couple phrases Ignazio used, which some of you mentioned…

    “Nothing happens for nothing” that his dear father (what love in his eyes!) told Ignazio since a child. In American English, we might say “Everything happens for a reason.” And, oh, am I grateful for Ti Lascio Una Canzone and the producer’s suggestion for round four!! Yes… now three voices, one soul!

    The last day… I interpret that as savoring, like Amanda Martin (teen video reviewer of IL VOLO) said about savoring the last bite, or like living each day as if it were your last, so full of Life, so full of the Moment. I believe Ignazio is here to stay with IL VOLO in many many Full-of-Life Moments!! Even as a pinnacle, Radio City Music Hall is also “just the beginning!”

    Love to all, and Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca, you really know how to touch our hearts!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  5. I think there would be a lot of us on this site having heart attacks if we were to hear that our boys were splitting up. Please, please please Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca, we want Il Volo around for many, many years! We love you so very much.

  6. MARY! There is no “man”ing up! I’m not a man! I’m a hand wringing, foot stomping, cursing, blubbering big baby. They may be leaving but, emotionally I am being dragged toward Latin America while hanging on to one of their legs!

    1. Marie, you better hurry up, because Gianluca just tweeted that they are at the airport on their way to Mexico. Get to it!!!

    2. Marie, Good luck with that hanging on to a leg business. Oh, I see that you meant emotionally…guess I can relate to that. I had a feeling you would object to the “man” up reference–just kidding. Yes, I also being dragged emotionally, just trying to be brave.

    1. How utterly depressing. Those girls in Latin America are going to tear the beautiful hair out of the boys’ beautiful heads in a frenzy! I bet they are already lining up at the airport waiting! They are going to have to re-do the Buon Natale CD cover which will show them with WIGS on! I so hope they enjoy themselves and don’t work too hard.

    1. Now, see, Marie!! I had Linda in mind, but right away you ASSUMED I was talking about myself. Come on, Ignazio, I know where you loyalty lies. It’s with me (uh, I mean, Linda).

  7. Oh LeeLee, I am so sorry. Considering you warm and giving nature I should have known. Now, where’s that little puking icon guy when I need him?

    1. Apology accepted, Marie. The reason the little puking icon guy won’t work here is because he’s not needed.

  8. I am diligently trying to post grade for my students between reading all of these posts. I need a secretary to do my grades so I can focus on the Flight Crew and THE GUYS!

      1. Or throw them against the wall. The ones that touch the wall get an A, the ones that are close but no cigar get Bs, the ones that are a bit further get Cs and the ones that fall on your shoes flunk. Be finished in 5 minutes.

      2. Only kindergarten! No papers! And long before the craze to report their every move. Thank goodness!


    1. OMG! Thank goodness I retired from teaching high school English before I discovered IL VOLO. I never could have gotten my work done!

      Wishing you and all our teachers clarity, focus, and efficient completion of your work so you can dive back into IL VOLO Land! Oh, and yah, a secretary would be really nice! (; >)

      All the best,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. Just give them all A’s. Then get right back to reading. You’ll be happy! We’ll be happy! The kids will be ecstatic! Sounds like win, win, win to me!

  10. Actually, I pretty much did give them all A’s. 218 seventh and eighth graders, Oy!

    Now back to reality. Question: Who usually posts twitter for the Crew?

  11. Brain issues. I like to have an idea who I am following, favoriting, etc. Their posts are very timely. I wanted to thank Michele and Kelly for a beautiful job!

  12. Will try to cover up my depression by posting something comical. Marie, you say he is your “littel troubedour of Love” what a fancy title for him. Last time I checked, he was NOT LITTLE, has grown up to be quite tall, and in the past has said he listens to Elvis Presley, so for Marie’s sake, instead of a troubedour, that would make him a hunk a hunk of burning Love, wouldn’t it? Eh Marie?

  13. I don’t know how many have access to Brabble so here goes:
    Gian https://app.brabble.com/b/u/520a84ed21f451316f000021
    Piero https://app.brabble.com/b/u/519d1c6f3fea6e3908000028
    Ignazio https://app.brabble.com/b/u/519d1f7e3fea6e3908000029
    ilvolo https://app.brabble.com/b/u/5202aaf76dc8821f0d000004

    Scroll down for each entry. It is amazing that they really don’t use Brabble as much as I expected. All the guys still use mainly Twitter, Instagram, and Keek.

    1. Forget Myron. They were perfect. I don’t know a thing about music but, I know Il Volo. They were perfect. Thanks for leading me there, Lijoy.

      1. I have heard many artist trying to sing acapella, they just can’t remain on key. The boys are amazing. As Myron states no auto-tune used here.

  14. Gianluca just tweeted that he found something hilarious. You can click on it either on his twitter page by clicking on the photo of the three of them on the left and it will play or go to You tube and type “IL VOLO outtake (naughty Ignazio)” At the very end (only 40 some seconds long) Ignazio lets out an italian expletive and the other two’s faces when he does it are priceless! Look for it!

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