Live from the Taj Mahal

While I was not “on the ball” fast enough to post these as quickly as she sent them, Michelle was kind enough to send a few pictures to us as she enjoyed the concert tonight.  Various e-mails from her during the show used phrases like, “Rockin’ the house,” and, “They sound great!”  She seemed to be worried initially that there were many empty seats, which would’ve seemed especially stark after the triumph of RCMH last night, but she happily reported that it was basically only the very back of the venue that had empty seats by the time the show started.

She also assured us that she sent them lots of kisses from us all. 😉

Enjoy, and thanks again, Michelle!




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  1. Beautiful, Michele! And thanks, Kelly!
    That first one of Ignazio is stunning! Maybe Mundial would like to post it!

    Doesn’t it just amaze you that Our Boys could have an incredible night like last night at Radio City Music Hall and show up the next day in a different city (and the next again) to perform another show? I am still recovering from the excitement of RCMH, and I didn’t even attend the concert (except in my dreams), much less perform in it!

    Next time they have such a spectacular experience (maybe Carnegie Hall or Madison Square Garden!), I hope their management will arrange for at least one if not two days afterwards to wander around the city with big smiles on their faces and no commitments, except signing autographs and giving hugs to all the fans they will meet on the street and in the park or the Italian restaurants or discos.

    You guys are utterly incredible!
    Oh, and Gianluca, I’m so glad you got to have your cousin (Christianne – not sure how she spells her name) from Italy as your Maria in RCMH. Thanks for letting us in on the secret of who she was. She sure was happy to see you!

    Piero, I love the video of you singing O Sole Mio at the top of the stairs! Was your little run down the stairs a nod to Charlie Chaplin? It reminded me of him.

    Ignazio, how amazing that the sweet little girl kissed you on the cheek. You are a gentle charmer!

    Love and gratitude to all,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  2. I am sure the concert was great. It always is. Re: empty seats – Live Nation added this concert only four weeks ago so it did not have the length of time to promote ticket sales like the other concerts did. Radio City was announced last spring (thank goodness) and it paid off. Most of the other concerts were well planned also. I’m guessing a pretty good turn out for a short time to promote.

    1. That’s exactly what we thought, Myron: not enough promotion time. It’s a testament to how big the guys are becoming when they can nearly sell out a venue that big in such a short time. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Michele, those pictures are lovely. I especially like the one that our guys are linking arms. They are like brothers just as they said before. It is heartwarming and Michele you are so lucky to see all these in person.

  4. I have enjoyed the great poetry, comments, reflections and photos. It is refreshing to read comments in English, although the Latin American fans are devoted fans also. There was a lovely group card for Piero in June. Bravo, Marie and all the other fans on this site. Maria/Marie from Athens, Ga

  5. Ignazio’s tribute video is on ALLTHINGS ILVOLO right near the top. turn up volume to hear, shot is far away.
    Also watch video of teenage fan, fresh from a concert, sing their praises, and encourage people to go to see them. Very cute.
    Go to you tube, TYPE IN SEARCH BAR , Ilvolo2013concertreviewamandamartin

    1. Kathryn, thank you so much for sharing this.

      I think Amanda captured the feel of an IL VOLO concert better than many professional reviewers. I hope many of our flight crew will support her and Our Boys by watching the video and sending links to young people.

      Wouldn’t it be cool if many teens did reviews like this to help get the word out to young people in the U.S. about IL VOLO?!

      Oh! And if all those teens joined us on the Flight Crew and brought their friends. Elizabeth… some more compatriots! (; >)

      I so enjoy the sharing and camaraderie here!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  6. What a wonderful tribute – Ignazio’s tribute to Piero and Gianluca! It just about brought me to tears. Thank you so very much, Kathryn, for giving the info needed to find it. It shows that Ignazio has a sentimental side as well as a funny side!

    And thank you Michele for the great pictures.

  7. this is too funny!! Piero tweeted”Jacuzzi in my room”. this is a simple humble boy who only wants a bed to get some sleep in and here he is with a whole suite and a Jacuzzi which in the short time they were there I doubt he had time to get into it. I can just imagine him saying to himself”Lord, we really reach” I am surprised they did not give them the Bridal Suite!!!!!!.
    and like some of you, Yes, I really think they are working them too hard. come on management, have a heart, they may be young, but they are human. I am exhausted for them and I am not even performing!

  8. Oh NO, this is really helarius!!! I just popped into Il Volo Mundial after I wrote here, and I see Piero in the Jacuzzi!!!! couldn’t stop laughing, then I went a little further and saw him in bed looking at himself in the ceiling mirror he said his room had. this is something for the record books, I guess one person didn’t sleep last night

  9. Deanne, I wonder who took the picture of Piero in the Jacuzzi!!! Well, at least he got to have a little relaxation. They certainly all deserve it.

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