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  1. Happy Birthday Ignazio! May there be many, many more as Il Volo. as you bring love to us, and we bring our love to you!

  2. Thanks for the great pictures of our darling birthday boy. Have a fantastic 19. Ignazio.

  3. Happy 19th Birthday Ignazio! Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with all of us. Have a great day celebrating!

  4. Nice Pic’s Michele! What a great seat you had. I hope you don’t mind if I snatch that one of Ignazio with Gianluca looking his ever serious self. Ignazio, I know you you can feel all this love! Happy Birthday you wonderfully talented young man!

  5. Happy Birthday Ignazio! We love the talented young man you have become! We are looking forward to seeing what comes next! All the best
    for a wonderful year.

  6. A very Happy Birthday, Ignazio. Thank you for bringing such happiness to the world with your wonderful, wonderful voice!


    that you will be sure to look at the other wishes for you
    including all the comments here,
    Marie’s beautiful poem “About Your Birthday Card”
    and all those comments, too.

    We may not have been waiting 3 years for this opportunity to have our love and appreciation expressed directly to you, or we may have. Either way, there’s lots more love and birthday wishes to be found on this site. Please explore!

    And I have to say to you that I had wondered if maybe there would be a clip at the RCMH concert from the day in New York when you spoke of your dream for a big concert for the American people in Radio City Music Hall. The surprise of your personal message video to your IL VOLO brothers was even better!

    You and your father are right! Nothing never happen for no reason. As I would say it, Everything happens for a reason! Ignazio, that includes all of us discovering IL VOLO, falling in love with you and your IL VOLO brothers, having our lives uplifted and transformed, and living the “We Are Love” message for all the wooooorld. (OK, that’s for Piero! : )

    Biggest hugs to you, dear Ignazio, and Ti auguro un felice compleanno!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  8. Is anyone else disappointed that Ignazio didn’t at least respond to this blog his regards? instead of just twittering it. Gianluca knows how to say thank you in a more personal way. I never thought Ignazio was bashful at any time. Yes I know he has a concert tonight but 5 minutes of his time would have been appreciated by many. There is a lot of love being poured of this blog every day not just on a birthday. From the card to the poem should have been responded too. Disappointed?? yes I am. He should be spanked. Just saying

  9. It was possible that he would not be able to do it right away. But then again, how long does it take to say, even as a tweet, special thanks to Flight Crew!?! I sent a tweet to Barbara thanking her for delivering our messages. Maybe we need to contact her again.

  10. One THANK YOU is enough – in my opinion! How many birthday greetings do you think Ignazio received? Thousands! The guys and Barbara are very busy right now – the first concert of the Mas Que Amor tour should be starting soon! Give them a break! It is the thought that counts. We love Ignazio and we told him so and that should be enough! He says, Love you all, Thank you – all the time! I feel his tweet was beautiful!

  11. I agree with Michele, his birthday isn’t even over yet, plus they have a concert tonight. Don’t forget Gianluca was on vacation in Italy on his birthday so he had more time. I felt his tweet was beautiful too!

  12. Happy Birthday Ignazio! May you continue living your dream come true. You guys are simply uplifting to all who know and care about you. Thank you for the great photos above!
    Mary Bohling…I am trying to connect with you on FB, but it won’t let me send a friend request! I am so happy to meet another Il VOLO Flight Crew member in Minnesota!! Yeah!

  13. I think Ignazio is being ‘politically correct’. I agree that he is receiving thousands of e-mails, whether it be individual or from groups (such as Flight Crew, Mundial, and the many Il Volo websites). To single out one group would be to single out each group. I believe he received our card as Barbara promised and that we are most definitely included in his thank you.

    With that, Ignazio, you are most welcome!!

  14. His birthday isn’t even over yet. (Heck, I celebrate my birthday for a week. …That’s what happens when it’s during Spring Break! : )

    They are getting ready for an entire new concert series, not just one more concert. At least as a teacher, I could tell you that sometimes the 5 minutes I had needed to go to using the bathroom.

    I would never expect a birthday thank you the very same day. He may not even have time to start celebrating until after the concert, and they have another concert tomorrow.

    We’ve sent our love, and he tweeted to all his fans. Perhaps we’ll hear a little more later – or not. Either way, we’re all “in the arms of the angel.”

    Sweet night, everyone, including our “birthday boy”,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  15. Wow! Some of these responses were a tad unexpected. Oh, well. Tomorrow is another day and we all are entitled to our opinions about a great many things. Going to the symphony this weekend. Carmina Burana! Need I say more.

  16. Ignazio, Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to THANK everyone for their birthday greetings! We love you and hope you had a great day! Enjoy the first concert of your Mas Que Amor 2013 Tour – what a way to celebrate your 19th birthday!

  17. I moved this from another location as Loretta would like to voice her opinion again – about her disappointment that we have not received a personal thank you yet from Ignazio.

    Loretta Foley (@favouritesinger) says:
    October 5, 2013 at 11:35 am (
    Yes he received thousands of birthday greetings BUT IN MY OPINION this blog sent a personal greeting not one sent through the Mundial site hoping he would look at it., AND IN MY OPINION I always thought this blog was more important than other sites. Now I don’t know if he received any other personal greetings BUT I feel since it was handed to him by Barbara that would make it more personal for to him to at least respond to this blog personally. A 5 minute reply through Barbara’s email would not have made him late for his concert.
    I never for one minute said I dislike Ignazio or have changed my feelings for him. In fact I have worn my heart on my sleeve for months.
    I responded last night on the previous page we were working on last night because that page was shut down so I couldn’t respond back. So if I can’t make an opinion then let me know & I won’t contribute to this blog any more.
    In Canada we can have free speech

    1. I have gone through the same experience last winter. I did not worry too much about getting a thank you at that time but it still nagged at me. A month later in conversation with Barbara my curiosity was up so I asked . She did not remember mine in particular but said that they do get thousands for a special event and it is nearly impossible to do private answers for everyone of those. This case, I thought, might be different because it is a group. Who knows – they have a break in another couple days – maybe then but don’t be too sad if not.

  18. Loretta, I am SURE he saw the card but is way to busy to respond to each and every outpouring of birthday greetings he got yesterday, he wouldn’t have any time to prepare for the concerts. Don’t take it to heart. I read what you wrote on an earlier posting wishing him happy birthday and how much you loved him, I am SURE he feels the love. Take care!

  19. Hey maryc I, too, am from Minnesota. I am still working on my family trying to get someone to take me to see and hear our boys at the Mall of America. No luck, so far. I would so like to meet up with Mary B. and you and all the other Il Volo fans from the Midwest. Apparently they will be signing and promoting their Christmas album.

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