Hi Everyone,

The concert in Monterrey was by all accounts, spectacular! The crowds have been unbelievable!

The next concert is on October 11th in Valencia, Venezuela at The Forum.

Forum de Valencia is an indoor sporting arena located in the Venezuelan city of Valencia, Carabobo. The capacity of the arena is 10,000 and is used mostly for basketball and concerts.

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted last night, “Here at airport in Mexico City, connection to Bogota then Valencia!” The trip from Mexico City in apparently an long one! Gianluca also tweeted a new stunning picture of himself! Get ready ladies!
Piero tweeted yesterday “Constantemente Mia” he later tweeted “On our way to #Valencia.”
Ignazio sent via Brabble a short video of him “dancing”, says “Dancing a little bit”

News has it that Grace Marie Gonzalez-Perez, a soprano and ballet dancer will be opening for Il Volo before a sold out crowd in El Salvador. Check her picture on Mundial, she’s very attractive too.

See Team Il Volo for an article “Il Volo gives “Mas Que Amor” by Milenia.

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Luck and love Guys, tomorrow night in Valencia.


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  1. Lovely Linda,
    Such huge Arena’s Our Angels are filling! What wonderful Latin Fans!

    Handsome picture, Gianluca. Next time a big smile!

    Watched some Grace Maria Perez video’s. Beautiful voice and face. Watch Out Guy’s, this one could steal you hearts! Does she live in the US? She must. She seems to do a lot of Theater here. Her English is perfect and without accent.

  2. I know we want to keep things upbeat but I can’t help being a little worried. Reports have come to me from friends that the guys were not in full voice in Monterrey. Ignazio’s Caruso was dropped and Gianluca was having some higher end vocal problems. Piero changed a few high notes to lower ones. Each of these stems back to things I talked about earlier – short time between concerts; polluted air (especially in Mexico City); two of them had soar throats in Guadalajara. I am so worried that one of them will wake up some morning with a really bad throat. They have days off now and I hope will lay low and rest the throat completely. I am praying.

  3. Their fans pray with you, Myron. We cannot/will not allow anything to harm our boys. They have very important work to do here, teaching this old world what love really is, for one and all. Thank you for your support and prayers 🙂 Namaste

    1. I got an email from a friend who was in the concert in Monterrey. Also, I got a translation of theSpanish of a review in the local paper. I also remember Gianluca in his tweets a few days ago worried about a bad throat.

  4. Marti, as we say in my Quaker Meeting, This Friend speaks my mind. Thank you!

    Prayers and love abound,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  5. Where they are now should be a little better with cleaner air (I think and hope) added to a couple of days off. I hope they actually rest on those days off. I remember the last tour they did in Latin America over a year ago, they had trouble with the air pollution then and in some cases the altitude. On that tour Gianluca had nose bleeds in some high altitude places. The voice needs extra care with warm tea and maybe even sitting in a sauna for a while. Once again, they do have a very good voice coach with them some of the time and I am sure they will get it under control. Looking at the tour ahead we have 3 in a row then a break then a single then a break and then some breaks with singles and doubles and then another 3 in a row. The key is those break days and how much rest do they get on the concert day itself.

  6. Thanks Myron. Please let us know if you get any updates.
    I strongly believe they are surrounded by people who love them and are watching out for the health of our Guys. We, of all people, know that! We follow them closely. Besides I updated my passport a few months ago. Don’t make me go get them!

      1. I just got my passport on time for the Vancouver BC concert, so I’m good to go! Woo hoo!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. On a very recent interview I thought Piero looked very tired. Have been worried about him, but prayers are good. I noticed in one picture that all three fathers are with them. yes, I think they do need our prayers–we want them back here safe and sound.

    2. I think they do have good people with them but this schedule was set by people in Santa Monica who are not on the road with them. Also, another factor is that even though they know what to do with their voices to take care of them, they, after all, teenagers that get hyper after a concert and may feel like going out afterward rather than back to the hotel to get an early night’s rest. There are a lot of factors involved in this

  7. Myron mentioned tour of Latin America over a year ago. Will they tour over there every single year? It seems like those countries are so far away and you mention the air is polluted in some countries. And we know what they say “don’t drink the water”. Why not only go to countries that don’t have that sort of problem, so they won’t be having these health issues?

    1. Christine, the problem is that like Myron said, the schedule is so tight not getting a day or two off for them rest. It´s a cruel agenda. About the pollution, altitude, if they have high immunity, it will help them to bear these discomforts, but with this schedule is hard to them rest and eat adequately. The next cities are more at sea level, will be better for them, specially for Gianluca that lives at sea level. I hope so. And to say not go to Latin America is a little prejudice. In Brazil all the cities where they will be are nice. São Paulo is a big metropole, compared to New York, and they will be very welcome, here there are the biggest italian comunity in the world. These year we recieved many american singers, actors, musicians, soccers players and The Pope, why not them?

      1. Sorry I said biggest italian comunity, but I the correct is the largest Italian community, isn´t it?

      2. Hi Josie! At first, I was “jealous” if that’s the right word, of all the attention the boys give the Latin American countries,by always greeting the fans at every opportunity, and being over there for so long, but now that I see the videos from the MX concert at Auditorio Nacional, I see why. It is evident that the fans over there love them so much, they scream their bloody heads off and sing along and know the words to every song. I think it is so cute and it makes the guys happy and even more eager to entertain. I just meant that I worried about their voices and what Myron had said about their getting sick due to weather conditions in those countries, but they seem fine!

    2. Ok Christine, I know you want the better for them, and you worry like all of us as we were their mother. I also made the comment because I know they have so many fans here and as Deanne said “it’s one of those things we call the human condition”. I am sure they will be fine. We are praying for them be safe.
      Note: I don´t meant to be indelicate with you, I know that we both have a crush on Gianluca.

      1. Mary Bohling, what´s is the Mall of America? Sorry I don´t know about it.

  8. The fans. Have you seen the numbers they are packing into the stadiums there? The screaming girls at the mall gatherings? They targeted Latin America for that reason. They’ve been there twice this year; I don’t think they will be leaving them out of a tour schedule anytime soon. :/

    1. That reminds me, Mary B and Josie F, make sure you scream your heads off when you go to see them at Mall of America, by my calculation is only six weeks away from now, they will be back in the U.S. Yay!

      1. Sorry,Josie, I saw Christines remark above about screaming our heads off at the Mall of America, and thought that was you….guess I mjade a mistake. MOA in Minneapolis where the boys will be signing on Nov. 22.

  9. Yep Myron! we have also to remember that we are not on tour or singing, yet I know right here in the US I get colds and sore throats regularly. so they are not immune even if they are well taken care of, it’s one of those things we call the human condition. It always seems that when they have a day off, someone squeezes in another concert or they have interviews or fans finding their hotel and sneaking up to their room at 1am in the morning. it’s a hard life. to give their voices a rest in some concerts, they should play the tracts of them singing but let them just mouth the words of some of their songs like they do at some TV shows. they are good at it so in those crowded south American concerts with all the teens shouting, the audience would be none the wiser and their voices would get a rest.
    a plea to management: Pleaseee ease up on them next year. let them enjoy their teenage years, they are moving out of them very fast. I don’t see any other top entertainers working so hard all year. sometimes I feel so sorry for them when they have just come in from a long trip and they have to get interviewed and hug and smile with everyone otherwise somebody will complain, when all they must want is to get into bed and sleep. keep praying for them. I am sure our prayers have helped them a lot. never doubt that our prayers are what is sustaining them

    1. Lip syncing, in my opinion is an insult to their amazing voices and the experience of being in a live concert. I agree that they need more time off during next year’s tours. I really think they should not do more than 2 days back-to-back, for instance.

      My 2 cents,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Very good, Deanne. some of the stress is put there by the boys themselves. They get to a new city and they want to meet the fans out by the hotel and socialize with them (translate: “party” sort of) which means more talking, laughing, singing and whatever. That is hard to get under control.

  10. How do the fans sneak into their rooms, wouldn’t they need a key or do they hide under the room service cart? Masquerade as a hotel maid? What? I know that happened in the past but have you heard it’s happened again during this current tour of Mexico? Too funny

  11. Regarding “Grace Marie Gonzalez-Perez, a soprano and ballet dancer will be opening for Il Volo before a sold out crowd in El Salvador”, I found GraciaGonzález YouTube channel. I especially enjoyed Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod) and Memory. I’m not big on sopranos (love my tenors – and an occasional baritone! : ) but I think Gracia did a beautiful job, and she appears to be the same person. (Some of the recordings have poor sound systems, so I skipped over those.)

    One wish for the concert in El Salvador… that they provide a break between her opening for Our Guys and still ALSO provide a break in the middle of the 2+ hours of Our Guys’ performance. With what you’ve said, Myron, this seems very important on top of resting on days off. …Along with prayers!

    BTW, I gave a new friend the We Are Love original CD, and her response was, “WOW. I can’t believe such big voices could come from these young angels! Really enjoying the music.”

    Sleep tight, sweet angels!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. It is amazing. If you want a very powerful experience with them (some ways even more than a full concert on stage) go to see them at a CD signing where they sing two or three songs without the extra staging and it is just a few hundred people and the guys are standing right there a few feet away. Especially when they sing a capella – WOW ! Then you get a good idea of the glorious size of these instruments.

  12. Jeanine, I’m wondering why all of a sudden they are putting an opening singer in some of their concerts. The last time, everyone really didn’t like the idea, myself included, I think, obviously, they don’t need any help since they still sing for another 2 hours, and they certainly do a fantastic job! People still get what they came for, so why? Is it to benefit the other singer, or does it somehow help them? And, I wonder whose idea it is, and how they feel about it. Would like to hear your thoughts, and perhaps Myron could convey his thoughts also.

    1. It is kind of 50 – 50 . If you have a lead in or “warm-up act” then the late comers to the concert are not walking in after the boys have started singing. Yes, I know it is rude but that is what warm-up acts expect. They also get the audience ready and in a listening mood.
      The other “50” or flip side is this: Il Volo when singing without a warmup act has to put up with the late comers arriving late and being rude. But they end up taking an intermission in the middle of their program which is good for the voices. When they do have warm-up act they end up NOT taking an intermission in their portion of the concert since there is one just before they come on stage in order to change the stage over to their equipment and clear the stuff of the warm-up act. That ends up being 2 hours and 20 min. of non-stop singing. I have seen it both ways. The show is always stunning but I prefer that they take a break (for their sakes not us the audience) in the middle of their part. As far as warm-up is concerned that is usually due to Live Nation wanting to try out some new act – if they fit.

    2. Hi, Kathryn and all,

      Looks like Myron did a good response. Of course!

      My one gratitude is that they appear to have chosen a quality singer in Gracia Gonzalez, more in their ballpark, (where Nikki Yanofsky was a singer of completely different genres, for starters).

      And, as far as I’m concerned about breaks, IL VOLO should be able to write their own “playbook.” If they want or need a midway break, even i they have a warmup act, they should have it! Why not?! There’s nothing wrong with 2 breaks in an evening that goes for 3+ hours, including breaks.

      Truly, I am content with a concert of IL VOLO, IL VOLO, and more IL VOLO! No warm-up act needed.

      I sometimes wonder if Live Nation or Our Boys’ management thinks that the warm-up act will also pull in new fans, basically a synergy of IL VOLO fans discovering Gracia, and Gracia fans discovering IL VOLO. I just made that up. Don’t know if it’s true!

      Enjoyed reviewing the links on this page (article and video).

      Thanks for link to All Things IL VOLO Facebook, and congrats on the Affiliate status! (You might see if you can make your Affiliate links open a new page, so your viewer still has Flight Crew page also open. I know the html code for that, if it’s of any help.)

      Prayers for Piero and all our boys to feel well and be rested,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  13. I am amazed how healthy they stay considering all the hands and cheeks they kiss. I would be with my hand sanitizer every second…lol. I would really love to hear more from the parents of these boys. I am curious about their lives too. What do the parents do as a living considering they are on the road all the time. Also, how do they feel about the boys careers. It would be interesting if they did an interview with them. Maybe they have and I am just unaware of it.

  14. Michele, I think I read that Gianluca’s Dad was/is a truck driver. Other than that, I haven’t seen or read anything. Surely someone else knows more.

  15. Someone told me that Ignazio’s parents run a pizza shop, or at least his mom does, and Piero’s father is a mechanic. Marie is correct, Gianluca’s dad was a truck driver. I am sure they are bursting with pride over their careers – they may even be able to take care of their families financially at some point, and we’ve read that Piero is already doing that.

    1. Gianluca’s mother and Piero’s mother came on most of the USA/Canada tour : I know that Ignazio had a parent there was well but I only met the first two in Phoenix for the first time. Now, I understand that the fathers are with them on the Latin American tour. Legally, they do not need parents but I think it is wonderful that they have them with them anyway.

      1. Ignazio’s mother was also in New York as pictures will attest. I believe she was also in California but I am not sure about that.

  16. I think an interview with the parents is a very good idea. For instance: How can the fathers afford to be with our guys for several months at a time or even longer?; What do their mothers feel about them being away from home for such long periods of time?; And how does it affect the other members of the family, i.e. brothers, sisters, etc. Yes, I would find that very interesting

  17. Thanks Lijoy, here’s an excerpt:
    “So on the road they were. Each of the boys was accompanied by one parent, a substantial sacrifice, since all three left their jobs to join their sons, and none are wealthy: Piero’s father is an auto-body mechanic, Gianluca’s a truck driver, and his mother owns a pizzeria that her 25-year-old daughter is running in her absence. None of the three speak English.”

  18. Yes, Lijoy, thanks for steering us to that very interesting and informative article. It was a joy to read. Our Boys have really matured since that time.

  19. I know some newer Flight Crew members may not have explored a whole lot yet for Il Volo info. This is one I haven’t seen in a long while.

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