Ahh Poetry

Many of you, well, some of you,  ok three of you, have asked me for more poetry.  I wrote this poem for “Concert Week Part Deux”.  A project we might do together this winter.  But, (be kind, my soul’s on the line) – I wrote it now.  It feels like now.  It’s for now.


I want to see Them again and again.
I don’t care where and I don’t care when.

I think you all know who They are.
They’re my loves, They’re my stars.

I imagined I was just sitting there
in a red, velvet, VIP chair.

Could They be amazing like before?
A hush happened and then a roar.

Is this a dream so real and clear?
How can I feel Them, then, so near?

I held my breath, both hands shook.
Then opened my eyes and took a look.

I rubbed them both, I stared real hard
and there THEY were in my backyard!

Singing to me where wild birds flew
on a grass filled stage where flowers grew.

How grateful I am for what I hear,
music, full and rich, filled my ear.

I smiled, I knew They really weren’t there.
But close your eyes if you dare.

You can see and hear Them, plain as day.
Perfect music never fades away.


40 thoughts on “Ahh Poetry”

  1. Marie, I hope you save all of these and put them in a collection. They are great.

      1. Ah, so, Marie… “We” includes up to 10,000 sold out audiences in Latin America, 6000+ sold out at Radio City Music Hall, and more, more, more! Start adding this up! You have a fabulous audience, Marie, and at least one retired English teacher (me) says Yes, Yes, Yes! More, more, more!

        A collection for sure!
        Thanks, Myron, for your idea!

        Dancing with the flowers, soaring with sweet passionate IL VOLO!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. If I’m not mistaken, this was already discussed by the gang from the other site. I remember Elizabeth tweeting one of your poems. Don’t remember if she did others.

      3. Such a sweet, sweet tug on the heartstrings, Marie! You really know how to “hug” us all with your words. Thank you once again for sharing your innermost thoughts with us all.

      4. Then “only we” love the whole collection – besides that, like Jeanine says – there are 1000’s and 1000’s of “we’s” (I know there is not such a word – oh well ) out in the world.

  2. Very nice! You should send these to the boys. I know they have posted other things people have sent.

  3. Thanks but no. Grammar so-so. Punctuation – horrible. I punctuate like I talk. Commas are the bane of my existence. I’m sure you can tell!

  4. Flt Crew: I’ve been traveling for work and happy to return and find another of Marie’s poems. How lovely. You have a real talent, Marie.

    Many months ago I put a message on Gialnluca’s facebook asking him to wear his black and white shoes in NYC, thinking I would be there. It then turns out I couldn’t go the concert after all – be he wore the shoes! I didn’t see them in photos in any other city and I’m sure he forgot, but it warmed my heart when I saw them! Perfect accompaniment to “Night and Day”. Have a great weekend!

    P.S. Myron: don’t you think Piero’s voice on this tour has been exquisite? The ‘No Puede Ser’ videos seem full of color and depth.

    1. Wow, Eileen, such a great idea, and soooo cool that Gianluca “heard” you and wore the shoes!

      Thanks for sharing this with us!

      And, I’ll be interested to hear Myron’s response. I personally think Piero’s voice has been spectacular, too!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. First time I heard Piero’s solo this summer, I had only heard that song sung but a soloist from the Los Angeles Opera in 2012 during a recital and he was 40 plus years old. Piero was far more electric. Man, what an ovation in L.A. at the Gibson.

    2. I keep bragging about seeing them 4 times on this tour (really 3 and 1/2) but I tell you – yes, Piero’s voice has matured in shape and size. But also (as I have hinted days ago) Ignazio’s voice has gotten more solid with breath support on those highs. Gianluca has added more lower depth to that romantic baritone. These young voices are so wonderous and still getting mature (for another 10 years yet). In person, I tell any voice teacher would be breathless listening to these students of voice on stage.

      1. I’m not trained like you are, Myron, and I hear that, too! Utterly amazing!

        I have a technical question for you, Myron. Would it be beneficial to have Humberto Gatica and team rework a bit of the harmony on a few of the songs to give Gianluca more opportunities to use his expanding lower register to best advantage for the songs and his voice?

        What do you think?
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  5. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, Marie. Each and every one of your poems is right on to how we feel about Our Guys.

  6. Myron, thank you for your comments regarding the occasional addition of a warm-up vocalist to their concerts. Yes, I see the latecomers on a lot of the videos, blocking the view and bothering others. No accounting for rudeness to be sure! My personal feeling is, if I spend the money to see Il Volo, then thats who I expect to see the entire time! Sorry, just my opinion.

    On another note, I,too would very much like to see interviews with their parents once in a while. There are many times when I think about them, and wonder how they feel about their son’s quick success, and how they handle it on their side, etc. One, and only one, of the things that I admire about the guys, is their devotion to their families. Their openness about it. QUITE COMMENDIBLE! I want to repeat something I posted a while back, TO THE FAMILIES OF GIANLUCA, PIERO, AND IGNAZIO, ” THANK YOU FOR YOUR WILLINGNESS TO SHARE YOUR SONS WITH ALL OF US. ” They are truly remarkable, and we love them too!

  7. Kathryn, maybe there will be some of this idea of interviews with their parents and families in the Disney video that we anticipate (still haven’t seen absolute confirmation).

    Hope so. I, too, would like to hear more from them. I love the Boys’ open-hearted love for their families!

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. If I were to interview them I would have questions about their childhood in Italy. Where did all that talent come from? Is it in the genes? Who inspired them? so many questions?

  8. Actually, I am Marie’s manager – we (LOL) talked about doing a collection long ago! Don’t worry – I am –collecting Marie’s poems even if she is not!

    1. I figured something like that when Mary asked for a poem I didn’t have. You came up with it in 5 minutes! Thank you for taking the time to do that Michele! Now, about organizing the other parts of my life….

  9. Beautiful sentiments. Marie. You speak for all of us especially when you say you want to see them again. And again. Straight from the heart.

  10. MARIE, great job, again! Perhaps you could create your own little booklet of them, then name it something fitting ( ie Gems of Praise ) or whatever you like, to send to each of the guys. I’m sure they would love it!
    JEANINE, speaking of Disney, did you see the one that they did for One Direction. I didn’t actually see it , but saw it mentioned on TV. I know that IL VOLO’s would be much more incredible! After all, look at the subject matter.

  11. This is the first I’ve heard of it, Kathryn. If Disney did something about One Direction, IL VOLO should be a certainty!

    Every time I drive into my garage, I see my Disney bag with Tinkerbell’s castle and fireworks (that appeared right after I shared with my mom IL VOLO’s possible Disney movie). Looking forward to hearing more!

    Thanks, Kathryn!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  12. “Perfect music never fades away.” I have Il Volo on DVD or CD in 3 of the rooms in my house, plus their tunes are always running around in my head.

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