Gianluca, Un concierto MARAVILLOSOOOOOOO!!! Thanks #valencia

By Il Volo Venezuela October 11, 2013 Valencia, Venezuela
By Il Volo Venezuela October 11, 2013
Valencia, Venezuela

Tweets before, during and after the concert in Valencia tell the story of another major success for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.  This tweet and the picture above by Il Volo Venezuela says it all,   “Una noche llena de perfecciones” or according to Bing, “A night full of perfections.”  EL TRISTE brought the house to its feet!  This morning, tweets express the Post Concert Blues that we have all felt following a magical night with Il Volo!

Thanks to all who took the time to share the magic of Il Volo’s concert in Valencia on Twitter! You have allowed the rest of us to share the night with you!  Having been to #WeAreLoveTour2013 concerts we can almost feel the LOVE on the stage and in the audience in Valencia through your tweets!

Gracias!  Grazie!  Thank you!

After the concert!

“Piero Barone Il Volo ‏@piero_barone   Gracias #valencia #ilvolovers gracias por vuestro afecto! I love you All. #BUONANOTTE #MasQueAmorTour

“Gianluca Il Volo ‏@GianGinoble   Un concierto MARAVILLOSOOOOOOO!!! Thanks #valencia #ilvolovers!!!! Hasta pronto!!”

“Il Volo Venezuela.  ‏@IlVoloVzla_   Una noche llena de perfecciones

“Il Volo Venezuela.  ‏@IlVoloVzla_  @lizreyesp: Gran show Valencia !!

“Yaz Gianluca Il Volo ‏@yazfes  Divinos Il Volo Valencia” Retweeted by Il Volo Venezuela.

During the concert!

Around 9:30pm VET – Venezuelan Standard Time “Il VOLO ZULIA @Ilvolozulia  El publico aplaude de pie la interpretación de IL VOLO luego de cantar EL TRISTE Retweeted by Il Volo Uruguay”  Per Bing: The audience applauds standing interpretation of IL VOLO after singing EL TRISTE

Around 10:56pm  VET     “IL Volo News @UpdateILVolo Y oficialmente Valencia recibió el amor de Il Volo e Il volo recibió el amor valenciano!”  Per Bing: And officially Valencia received the love of Il Volo e Il volo received Valencian love!

11:00pm  VET   “Il Volo Venezuela.  @IlVoloVzla_   El himno de las IlVolovers O’Sole mio!!! #IlVoloEnVALENCIA”  Per Bing:The hymn of the IlVolovers or Sole mio! #IlVoloEnVALENCIA

11:O5pm VET  “Il Volo Venezuela.  @IlVoloVzla_  El concierto ya casi termina.”  Per Bing: The concert already almost over.

11:17pm VET   “IL Volo News @UpdateILVolo   Gian e Ignazio usaron la gorra tricolor, muy característica en Venezuela, hoy en el concierto.”  Per Bing: Gian and Ignazio used Cap tri-color, very characteristic in Venezuela, today in the concert.

Before the concert!

Around 7:30pm VET: “Gianluca Il Volo @GianGinoble     Ready for the concert in #valencia ! #masqueamortour #venezuela #vzla”

Il Volo @ilvolo  “Tonight!! #valencia we’ll sing for you in a few hours?? #MasQueAmorTour #Venezuela #music #live

Morning Blues!!!

“Il Volo Venezuela.  ‏@IlVoloVzla_  Tengo una depresion post concierto 🙁 no quiero que se vayan, quiero verlos again”   Per Bing: I have a post concert depression :(I don’t want to go, I want to see them again

“Lucia Josefa ‏@JustIlVolover   @IlVoloVzla_ yo menos, quiero que vuelva a pasar lo de anoche 🙁 @IlVoloVzla_ ”   Per Bing: I least want last night to happen again 🙁

14 thoughts on “Gianluca, Un concierto MARAVILLOSOOOOOOO!!! Thanks #valencia”

  1. Isn’t it the truth. Once is not enough. You want to relive it over and over again.

    1. Yes, once is not enough. I have attended 5 Il Volo concerts; the first March 26, 2013 We Are Love Live at The Fillmore, March 27, Buon Natale Live at The Fillmore, Philly, Boston and Atlantic City – and I can’t wait for another one!

  2. Michele, I need to forward your comment above to my boss. I only went to the two and she labeled me a ‘stalker’. She, of course, is joking (LOL – I think). Can’t wait for the next one, either. Hopefully, with all of you!

  3. I went to two. I would stalk if I knew how.

    Can’t wait for the next one with all of you either.

    Michele, I knew you went to all of those I just never put them all together like that! You are the luckiest woman alive! I am jealous and all the people in the mid section of the country from north to south don’t like you at all. (lol)

  4. Don’t be jealous of me! I know someone who went to Philly, Boston, Miami, NYC and more. Now that is someone to be jealous of, I messed up not going to Radio City Music Hall and I knew it all along! Oh but, be jealous of the 1s row seat! That was #awesome!

  5. report from a friend at Valencia: Ignazio’s ” CARUSO” was back on the program. Hoooooray ! Also, from what they heard Gianluca’s singing sounded like there was little or no problem with throat like Guadalajara. I sure hope that was true for Piero as well. I must say I do get worried about the guys’ voices – NOT just for this tour but for the future – looking ahead 10 and 20 and 30 years, etc. Too many idiot singers in their teens over-use their voices and “kill” it before 25 and then have nothing left for the rest of their lives. Sounds like good news today.

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