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Hi Everyone,

Last night’s concert was a huge success judging by the comments on Twitter. Il Volo is again moving on to their next performance!

The concert tonight is at he Teatro Presidente in El Salvadore.

President Theatre is situated on Final Avenida La Revolucion, adjacent to the Museum of Art of El Salvador, in San Salvador.

Teatro Presidente was inaugurated in 1979.

President Theatre (Teatro Presidente) is an interesting theatre formerly known as Monumental Cinema with a capacity of 1420 people offers all kinds of genres and events.
President Theatre is part of the capital’s artistic infrastructure which promotes national and international events such as plays, recitals, operas, symphonies, cultural music shows, dances, conferences, religious and educational events. It is a place dedicated to the development of arts. This theater has a capacity of over 1, 420 people, with an exhibition hall and handicap access and parking.
In the outdoor garden there is a tribute to various artistic personalities who contributed to culture in El Salvador, including Claudia Lars, Agustin Barrios Mangore, Salarrué, Pancho Lara and Valero Lecha.

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:
Piero tweeted last night, “Thanks Costa Rica!” Gracias #Ilvolovers, the best in the world”
Gianluca tweeted, “Bye Costa Rica see u soon, greetings from El Salvador.”
Ignazio has no new Tweets, but I’m sure we’ll hear from him soon!

Check Team Il Volo for some very interesting interviews and articles of Il Volo.
“For Il Volo it’s important to sing with passion” The article done in Costa Rica features a video clip with the interviewer apparently asking about lip syncing at concerts. The interview is in Spanish but there is no mistaking the reactions of the “Boys”, especially Gianluca, with Ignazio chiming in. They really did express their passion for their singing!
Also see “Il Volo arrives in Costa Rica and it’s members assure that they want to be together forever” (that’s a relief!)
Another article from Panama “The trio Il Volo does a short visit. Il volo will finish their South American tour there on November 16th. In this article the “Guys” discuss that they do not have girlfriends. They say because of touring and their hectic lives that “distance love does not work” They also said next year they plan to produce some of their own songs. We are really looking forward to that!!

See Mundial for some excellent photos and videos.

Remember also that the opening act for Il Volo in El Salvadore will be soprano, Grace Maria Gonzalez-Perez.

Keep these dates in mind:

October 22nd–Release of “Buon Natale”
November 29th–Holiday performance and signing at Mall of America.
December 1st–Il Volo VIP Wine and Dine in Detroit.

Love and Luck tonight, Il Volo!


15 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT……..”

  1. Linda! All wonderful news! No lip syncing, no girlfriends (except me), a passion for their music, producing their own songs and staying together forever! And I thought Christmas was still two months away!

  2. Thanks, Linda for all the news. One more thing, for us on the West coast Seattle PBS is showing the Back to Brooklyn special with Il Volo on November 29th.

    1. Now we have to find out when PBS is airing Buon Natale! I hope it is the same everywhere also. But it probably won’t be…

  3. Happy to hear the date of PBS upcoming IL Volo concert. Now, to fond out the date of the Christmas PBS special I understand is coming up. Thank you so much. A Gramma Fan

  4. The first airing of Buon Natale is supposed to be November 30. I don’t know if that is everywhere or when the stations are allowed to begin airing.

    1. I find that it’s hysterial where written above: “no tweets from Ignazio but I am sure we will hear from him soon” I wouldn’t be holding my breath, he sure is a man of few words, guess he just expresses himself when singing. One never knows what’s inside that head of his, well maybe Marie knows and she ain’t sayin!

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