Piero, Costa Rica “inolvidable”! On The way to #ElSalvador…

By Il Volo Venezuela October 17, 2013        Costa Rica
By Il Volo Venezuela October 17, 2013
Costa Rica
By Il Volo Venezuela  October 17, 2013      Costa Rica
By Il Volo Venezuela October 17, 2013
Costa Rica

Il Volo Venezuela seemed to answer a tweet from @IlVoloFlightCrw asking for an update on the concert in Costa Rica!  Around 11:13pm Eastern ‏@IlVoloVzla_ tweeted that the guys were taking a 10 minute break!  Thank you @IlVoloVzla_ for the information and for sharing your beautiful pictures!

Friday morning 10/18/2013:

“Piero Barone Il Volo  ‏@piero_barone    On The way to #ElSalvador…
En camino para #ElSalvador…   #MasQueAmorTour #ilvolo”

After the concert:

“Piero Barone Il Volo ‏@piero_barone   Primera vez en #CostaRica “inolvidable”! Gracias #ilvolover por todos los regalos! You are The #best in The #world! #Buonanotte #PURAVIDA     Per Google: First time in # CostaRica “Unforgettable”! Thanks # ilvolover for all the gifts!”

During the concert:

11:13 PM Eastern “Il Volo Venezuela.  ‏@IlVoloVzla_    Ahorita estan en el break de los 10 minutos y ya viene la segunda parte del concierto #CostaRica”    Per Bing: Right now they are in the break of 10 minutes and is already the second part of the concert #CostaRica

“Il Volo Venezuela.  ‏@IlVoloVzla_   El oso mas bello de Italia #CostaRica https://twitter.com/IlVoloVzla_/status/391038086093996032/photo/1

“Il Volo Venezuela.  ‏@IlVoloVzla_   Il Volo en Costa Rica #RaiNao  https://twitter.com/IlVoloVzla_/status/391037920838434816/photo/1

Before the concert:

“Barone Il Volo @piero_barone   Red is my fav color!! Ready for the show in #CostaRica ! #red #glasses http://instagram.com/p/fl1dHhEzGZ/

25 thoughts on “Piero, Costa Rica “inolvidable”! On The way to #ElSalvador…”

  1. Thanks Michele and thanks Il Volo Venezuela! Nice pic’s.

    Piero, we know your favorite color is red! We’ve known for a long time! We not only listen, we watch every lovely, colorful move you make!

  2. For those of you who haven’t looked yet, go to Il Volo Mundial Oficial and see the photo of Ignazio’s kiss! As Gianluca and Piero look on and are laughing out loud – a young girl has planted a solid lip-lock! Very cute! Very funny!

    1. Linda, a young girl? I don´t think so. For me she looks like a mature woman, and the Gianluca and Piero´s face was very funny.

  3. I had to make that picture the “wallpaper” on my computer! Could not think of a better way to start each day! Love it!

  4. Good for her. That’s what I should say. What I really mean is, the hussy better back off. Not that funny Piero! All I’m worried about is him catching a cold.

  5. Really, Linda (not Snyder), How much would you pay to catch Ignazio’s cold? I would give all my cash, stocks, bonds and Linda (Yeah, the Snyder one) just for the opportunity! It’s OK, she understands and would do the reverse.

  6. Oh, Hi Linda S! You would have to go with whoever catches him and holds him down (I’ll do my own kissing). I’m sure they will be nice people.
    My sister gave me this cold – Not the same thing!

  7. you all are making me laugh so much yes! to be honest, this site is so funny any one who needs cheering up should come on this site. now to more serious matters!!! that picture of that girl catching Ignazio by surprise and the faces of the other two is worth going viral, it is a gem. I cannot stop laughing that the other two, it is the funniest picture I have seen in ages, Ignazio will get teased by the other two for ever. poor fella,he is the one who runs away from all the hugging and kissing the most and now he got caught! that girl was a brave girl, at least we have more self control right? I see the girls are complaining that more respect should be shown to the boys, and that she is giving south americans a bad name. Linda, I also would like that picture as my wallpaper, but I first have to figure out how I can get a blown up picture of it, that picture has to go on the wall in front of me. my computer only gives me a 5×4 size, I need a larger one. Lord, these boys are going to kill me yes

      1. No Marie, not to throw darts at, but to paste her own picture over the girl’s face. Right, Deanne?

  8. That’s a great idea LeeLee, never thought of it! Marie please help me to get a bigger picture instead of teaching me to throw darts!! I don’t want to lose this picture, it is priceless

  9. I would help you but I don’t know how. I saved mine and it’s a good size. Try saving it from a different site.

    I thought the picture really was hysterical! The others reactions were priceless. Wouldn’t you just love to see the look on Ignazio’s face when she let go?

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