Hi Everyone,

As most of you know, my computer (my Baby) was down for 4 days while “The Geek Squad” worked their magic. Because some of you have and some of you will have some computer problems, I want to share a few ways it changes your life as you try to do without it.

1) You keep going to where your computer belongs and are surprised when it isn’t there.

2) You begin to get a little tense and jittery.

3) You send text messages to anyone who will text back.

4) You call Marie to make sure nothing new is happening and to make sure she remembers you.

5) You call the Geek Squad several times a day.

6) You watch way too much TV.

7) You call LeeLee for sympathy.

8) You wonder how Il Volo can continue their tour without you telling everyone where they are.

9) The Geek Squad is no longer returning your calls.

10) You call Marie again later in the day because…well see #4.

Thankfully the longest 4 days ever are over. My “baby” is home, The Geek Squad did a great job and want to thank Jeanine for her prayers.

Thanks to Marie for our long coversations, they kept me off the ledge.

It’s so good to be back!! I have a suggestion though, don’t take YOUR baby for granted!!



  1. Oh Linda, that cracked me up!! I know how you feel. I remember the nightmare when mine was down. Your #1 – the spot looks so naked! As you know, your problem caused me to purchase an Android Tablet as an emergency back-up.
    BTW Linda, your #8 did cause a cancellation. We thought They weren’t feeling well and all the time it was your fault!
    As for #4, I will never forget you!

  2. Welcome home, Linda……We missed you! Loved your list…And hope I don’t have that change in my life any time soon! How did we function before the computer age? It’s a real mystery…IMHO, in some ways, life is so much better, and in other ways, life is so much more complicated!
    Helen B.

  3. Welcome back, Linda! There was a big hole here on the blog while you were missing. I can well believe that those were the longest 4 days ever. It really is horrible when the computer crashes. Hopefully, it’s all fixed and will be happily supplying Love to Il Volo and all of us for a long, long time!

  4. My sympathies Linda. Mine hasn’t crashed yet, but am unable to do some of the simplest things, attach a file to email. I am using the Yahoo free email (thrifty…aka cheap) and they have been making several updates that have really screwed me up! I have the Geek squad service plan, but am at loath to use it for two reasons. 1) I would be without my lifeline and 2) they are the ones who configured my computer in the first place. Either I continue to follow the “troubleshooting” pieces I am finding in the internet, or bite the bullet and let the Geek squad have their way with my baby. Guess it will depend on the level of silent rage I reach. And I retired to reduce my stress level!
    Donna May
    Check out my blog…Out of my mind moaning and the post that follows it.

    1. Donna May, I have figured owning a computer has not reduced my stress level since retiring, I’m ok until it does something stupid, like catch a virus. I have Yahoo mail, I think they re-designed it to drive us over the edge. Sometimes you just have to hang on by your fingernails and listen to your favorite Il Volo CD.

  5. Enjoying this, Linda! Glad the Geek Squad appreciated the prayers.

    Years ago I saw a sign: To err is human. To really foul things up requires a computer. (; >)
    I’m grateful for mine, nevertheless!

    I’ll be off to the river for a few days and probably out of “range”, so I’ve packed my CDs and DVDs even before my clothes! Priorities, ya know?!

    Love to all,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  6. Yep, there is no doubt about it. Without Il Volo and our computers where would we be? I can’t even imagine it.

    1. You know, if the internet & home computers had existed in the 60’s when the Beatles came to America, I think I would have flunked out of high school, staying up late watching their videos & copying their pictures. And now I’m older & should know better, but I love IL VOLO more than I did the Beatles, and I stay up later to watch my Italian boys.

  7. Too bad we don’t have an Il Volo TV channel. Bonus documentary on “…takes flight,” – “I was at my home in L.A., surfing Ch 2, 3, 4 and then on the Italian channel, three teenagers singing… and I thought they were faking it…” Tony Renis, I think??

  8. Great list, Linda. Don’t know what I’d do without this computer. Don’t even want to think about it. I would need to call you, in turn, to get me through 🙂 Thanks, too, to Marie for helping you get through it.

  9. Linda, I love your list. I think there is another one you can put on it:
    Your fingers get twitchy! I am thinking of getting a laptop in case something goes wrong with my main squeeze.

  10. Alert:Beginning on Tuesday, October 22nd, if you purchase IL VOLO’s new Christmas album at Barnes & Noble at the Mall of America (*THIS LOCATION ONLY*) you will receive a wristband to receive an autograph from IL VOLO on 11/29.**ONE wristband per purchase ** Limited space available**

  11. Just watched snipit video of interview in, I think San Jose, Ven, where interviewer accuses them of lip syncing @ concerts. Ignazio had to calm down Gianluca because he really went crazy! Ignazio tried to speak calmly, but made frustrated gesture, Piero, wide eyed, never said a word! As usual, the subsequent fan posts were the same as any other critics review.Wish it had been in English, so tweeted to Mary Booker with that request. Watch how Ignazio takes charge!

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    1. LOL. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. And so appropo for those of us who their ages are the new “30”. Even that can’t make us young enough not to be considered cougars. But who cares?!

    2. Deanne, I have tried this anti-aging product IL VOLO. They make me young at heart & in spirit. However, they can’t do anything about my skin! Oh well, as long as the overdose doesn’t make me lose my hearing!

  13. Donna,, It’s on All Things IL VOLO, and ILVOLO Mundial both, but made my request for translation on ILVOLO Mundial.

  14. Been enjoying IL VOLO for a few years now, but ,found it to be an excellent heart stimulator. Makes your heart run at elevated numbers, so you feel great! Alive! As for the skin. makes it glow! Wonderfull, use it every day, and recomend it to every one!

      1. Nana, now you’ve given away the secret! No wonder there are so many Grandmas on this blog!!! We’ve found the Fountain of Youth!!!

  15. Nana, Laia and Kitty, That fountain of youth thing was suppose to be a secret! Now you have all let the cat (sorry Kitty) out of the bag and we will be inundated with men and women trying to love them just to feel the way we do! Oh well, I guess the more the merrier! I don’t know about you all, but I’m almost ready to move from 17 to 18 now.

    1. Yes, but they won’t feel as we do unless they REALLY love them! That’s our secret! If they just pretend, it won’t work. So don’t worry, Marie, we’ve got it covered!

  16. I would love to have a word for word translation of what was really said. Using an online translator the sanitized version said “The Boys” invite their critics to listen in live to verify that they are not only an image, but three good singers.

  17. I watched that video, wow Gianluca was mad, loved what Ignazio did. Piero looked stunned! I thought Ignazio acted very maturely in this. My baby is growing up!!!

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