They give me chills!
They give me chills!

Jenny (tjnewman) has come up with a fun challenge!

Here, in part, is her explanation:

“Marie, it would be fun just to see how many of us like the same moments, or how many come up with different ones that would make the rest of us stop and say “Oh yes!”   It would allow us to listen to the songs through someone else’s ears and maybe discover new special moments.”

Jenny will compile your “chills”.  (Plus it gives me a chance to share three more of my concert photo’s.)  ~Marie

Jenny’s challenge:

I love everything the boys sing, but every now and then there is a “give you chills moment”. Some of mine are:
The last “Maria” in the version they sing together.
The warmth in Piero’s voice in the first verse of Angel.

Angles on stage
Angels on stage

The snarl in Ignazio’s voice in Tenerezza.
Gianluca in Notte Stellata – the first line with that beautiful high note, then the low, deep, “e toi pensare” later.   ~Jenny

How about you?       
Challenge this!
Challenge this!

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  1. When they introduced the video for Mia during their first tour and then later in the tour, the video when Ignazio held her. The short video of them recording Luna Nascosta with their tight harmonies and Gianluca brilliant smile when he sings “Amore, prendimi” = Love take me. Piero when I think about him holding my hand at their first DC concert in 2011. What an outrageous flirt he is!

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