They give me chills!
They give me chills!

Jenny (tjnewman) has come up with a fun challenge!

Here, in part, is her explanation:

“Marie, it would be fun just to see how many of us like the same moments, or how many come up with different ones that would make the rest of us stop and say “Oh yes!”   It would allow us to listen to the songs through someone else’s ears and maybe discover new special moments.”

Jenny will compile your “chills”.  (Plus it gives me a chance to share three more of my concert photo’s.)  ~Marie

Jenny’s challenge:

I love everything the boys sing, but every now and then there is a “give you chills moment”. Some of mine are:
The last “Maria” in the version they sing together.
The warmth in Piero’s voice in the first verse of Angel.

Angles on stage
Angels on stage

The snarl in Ignazio’s voice in Tenerezza.
Gianluca in Notte Stellata – the first line with that beautiful high note, then the low, deep, “e toi pensare” later.   ~Jenny

How about you?       
Challenge this!
Challenge this!

80 thoughts on “A CHILLING CHALLENGE”

  1. Oh Jenny, let me be the first. Baby Ignazio (’08) – the emotional end of “Il Mare Calmo Della Sera”. Gianluca – High voice towards the end of “Little Things”. Piero – “El Triste”, the part they left out of the iTune version. All of their Italian solo’s on tour! Still have those chills!!

  2. On. We. Are. Love when their voices all come together is what makes me cry everytime and sends me over the edge.

    1. ,Gianluca’s (when young singing Ave Maria_, Gianluca’s saying in speaking voice at ending on We Are Love “C’e Sono L Amour”, Every blessed minute of El Triste, and I have to go back to O Sole Mio all three of their vocals at such a young age gave you chills and thrills!

    1. OMG, getting forgetful here for a moment, Who could leave off NIGHT and DAY solo, as well as Ignazio doing Caruso and Piero’s spanish solo which I always butcher the title of. Listening to all 3 solos cause enough chills lhat you’d think you’ve living in the North Pole!

  3. I just listened to a sample of the boys Christmas CD. OH MY!!! What a beautiful CD. I can’t wait to get mine. It is just beautiful. A great blend of Italian and English. Nonna Maureen

  4. I’ll add some of my moments – at the end of Constantia Mia when Gianluca hits the high notes! Piero’s solo No Puede Ser (almost the entire song!); Gianluca at 14 singing Il Mare Calmo della Sera… and those are only a few!

  5. Piero’s second verse in “Historia De Un Amor”. Well really the whole song. Nazio’s high notes on “Hasta El Final”. The whole swivel hips and pushup on “Surrender” Detroit. Every version of “Where Do I Begin”? Too many to name and all fabulous! So we start here.

  6. E’ La Mia Vita with Italian and English lyrics on YouTube – extraordinary – Il Volo’s rendition is as good as Gianni Morande – one of Italy’s popular singers.

  7. Ignazio’s verse “non e nessuno piu cara di te” in Ti Voglio Tante Bene, all three in Questo Amore, Ignazio “non fa mi aspettare’, Gianluca Musica Proibita, Piero in Panis Angelicus and Non puede ser, Gianluca crying when Andrea Bocelli compliments on his win on Ti lascio una canzone Ignazio singing to his own Mama in Il Volo Takes Flight. And the primo moment of all Gianluca hugging Ignazio many times and telling him I love you at Radio Music City Hall after Ignazio showed a sweet video of him saying thank you for his dream coming true (just saw this last night, it’s on You tube and a real tear-jerker, but it showed me the depth of their friendships which is very special as they are away from home so much).

  8. Souls are elusive, not easily ‘seen’.. feeling is the voice of the soul. Every time our ‘boys’ open their mouths to sing, you feel their souls. All beautiful, all loving, all ours! Namaste

    1. Perfection, Marti!

      “I play the notes in order, as they are written. It is God who makes the music.” by Johann Sebastian Bach

      Angels singing with God-given grace!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. On the DVD “Il Volo Takes Flight,” Piero’s notes at the very beginning of “Il Reloj” still send chills down my spine.

    Also, Ignazio in “il Mondo,” when he sings his part the third time –I think it’s the third time. Incredible.

  10. For me it has to be Il Mondo from the Take Flight concert. Basically the whole song but particularly when Gianluca slowly walks out to the stage and when he sings “gira Il Mondo gira”…love it! Another moment is when Gianluca saw the message from Bocelli. His joy and tears are so sweet and touching.

  11. Chills down my back: The first concert I ever saw them live was in 2011 in Atlantic City at the Borgata. You may have read the article about this and the review that followed; I was not the only one that felt this way – so did the reviewer that day. The set-up was terribly disorganized; the lighting was off very badly – the spot lights seldom hit the right kid or stayed on when there; the mics did not work, then they did, then they did not (I remember looking to see if a 3-year old was running things); the instrumental track was off sometimes; the staging was non-exsistent; the boys did not know where to go from one song to the next (they had not been staged yet ! ! ! ) Terrible – BUT THEN THEY OPENED THEIR MOUTHS AND SANG ! It really did not go in that order of course but I tell I was so down on that production but I got absolute chills up and down my back when they sang. they were 16 and 17 then. I was never so stunned by singers on stage in front of me live.

    Now skip ahead to their show at the Gibson in L.A. this fall – beautiful production, lighting, sound, full orchestra live AND the boys are even more stunning and well dressed. There were so many “chill” moments in that concert. Piero’s “No Puede Ser”; Ignazio’s Caruso; and the big chill was Gialuca’s “Night and Day” – what deep rich notes he has achieved as he has matured. Of the ensemble songs my two favorites were “Tous Les Visages de l’Amour” and Surrender.

  12. Okay, I had to add three more. “Granada” at RCMH, “Tous Les Visages de l’Amour” every version but especially ( Il Volo en el estudio…grabando en francés “Tous le visages de l’ amour”) the making of the track, and finally the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.

  13. The PBS special of “Il Volo Takes Flight” and the joy on Ignazio’s face as he sang “Il Mondo” Everytime I think of it I get the chills and a smile on my face!

    1. Especially when he punches his fist up in the air as he belts out “Il Mondo”-priceless.

  14. “Lest we forget”: At the Pittsburgh on 9/11 when they sang our national anthem. I have never heard it sung more beautifully by anyone.

  15. All of the above! I love the video of Il Mare Calmo del Sera of Ignazio’s, and Gianluca’s ain’t half bad either! I wish the three of them would record that song on a new CD. ANY high note that Piero sings is a melting moment, any high note any of them sing, really! Too many moments to list them all! I love Tous Les Visages, and found it on one CD that Amazon was selling, even though I already had a We Are Love CD, I bought the other one just to have Tous Les Visages.

  16. Just thinking of them gives me chills. Gianluca can just open or move his mouth without singing or saying anything and I get chills. Geez, just thinking of that gives me chills (reaching for my sweater.) That first opening song Questo Amore. Seeing Gianluca’s shadow and hearing him sing and then poof he is walking the stage right in front of me. I really was not expecting that. Surrender is another song especially when they do all those funny wiggling antics. Well maybe instead of chills I am now getting hot flashes (ok, sweater coming off.) But when Gianluca sings Surrender his body language gives me chills. Piero’s solo No Puede Ser…..chills. Gianluca when he sang at 14 the Ave Maria that was a mixture of chills and tears. Ignazio singing Memories…..chills. Ugh, I can write a book on Il Volo chills.

  17. All are thrilling to me, but Surrender has to be one of my favorites, with group high note, and ending high note, Also Granada at end, and Ignazio & Piero’s antics @ Westbury. Elevated stage made them easy to see, and always makes me laugh. Of course, Gianlucas Night&Day, smooth and sexy, and Piero’s solo part in Triste. Also, recent solos by Gianluca & Piero.

  18. “Staying in Touch” – This is a golden site – keep the candle burning. I was looking for general info on Il Volo and struck gold. Congratulations to all who planted the seed.

  19. For me, the final notes of Hasta el Final, where the sound of those three voices blended into one spine tingling, rich, deep chord sends me over the moon EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear it!! The gorgeous vibratos alone would knock the pictures off the wall!
    Of course, there are many, many more heart-wrenching moments…El Triste, Historia de un Amor, Il Mondo, Night & Day……..Ad Infinitum!!!!
    AND…..How can I not mention the piece de resistance, “O Sole Mio”, the very first song that started this incredible journey of three boy geniuses now known as Il Volo???
    Helen B.

  20. Forever and always it will be Il Mondo from Il Volo Takes Flight at the Detroit Opera House. I was channel surfing and I hit OPB just in time to see Gian walk on stage, plant his feet and start Il Mondo! I fell headlong for these 3 exceptional young men. I thought I would get over my crush…..not gonna happen! So I sit here observing quietly because friends and family think it is a little creepy for a woman of my age to go blotto over teenage boys. Phooey on them!

    1. Welcome to the club, NBJ! We are all a bit besotted (yes, I think that is the right word) by Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca! They are truly a phenomenon not seen before in our lifetimes! I thank God for Il Volo!

      1. Linda…besotted is exactly the right word…along with bewitched and bewildered…..I keep asking myself, how can this be? But it makes me very happy to keep a secret, special place in my heart for them.

    2. A good number of us here are of the age when their children–and even their grandchildren think they are nuts! I can’t understand why anyone would not fall in love with these three beautiful young men. And when they open their mouths and sing–time stops!

      1. Exactly! I did not even know I was still capable of feeling this strongly about anything! Libido reawakened….look out world!

    3. That happened to me too, I was reading and had it on, and then when Ignazio came on the stage with his massive “il mondo”, he blew my mind, and that beautiful lyric, limpido, clear tenor voice of his has been blowing my mind ever since. All Ignazio moments are spine chilling.

  21. Oh NBJ, You have found a home!! Welcome.

    Helen, the light in Ignazio’s eyes during “‘O Sole Mio” is a wonderful site to behold!
    Also Ignazio’s high note in “Un Amore Cosi Grande” and all of them at the end! It builds until I’m sure my heart will burst!

    1. Marie… How can we ever forget that adorable, smiling, dimpled boy, Ignazio, singing his heart out ? He was the one, when singing O Sole Mio, who looked like he was really having fun, enjoying the whole performance! Do you think this was a sign of things to come for him? I do!

  22. Good for you NBJ! Why should the younger fans be the only ones to express their admiration!

    1. Ya…..and further to that…I want a black
      leather choker with IL VOLO spelled in pink diamonds…or swarovski crystals….or cubic zirconia…or maybe just written in glitter….aw heck, maybe just stamped on my forehead!

  23. Nope – can’t do it. I tried and tried, but I can’t do it. I can’t pick that perfect moment as they are ALL perfect moments. Every verse, every note, every antic, every look, EVERYTHING they do gives me chills.

    1. Me, too. I’ve tried to zero in on one or a few, and it’s just not possible. When I read the chilling parts that others have written about, I think, yes, that’s it. Then another, and yes, that’s it, and so on and so on. LeeLee, you said it, EVERYTHING they do gives me chills, lovely chills.

  24. I also remember watching them for the first time on PBS–by accident. Then I got the DVD of the Detroit Opera House performance. I used to sit there saying to myself–” Gianluca is only 16!” And the other two weren’t much older–and the voices and self-assurance. Thus began my ongoing love for the three of them. They are the real thing!

  25. I have to agree with all of the above, but I’m crying again as I watch the “Takes Flight” moment when Piero serenades, not his mother, but Mrs. R., as they sing “Mama”. He was so sweet to do that, and she was barely containing her tears of joy! I only have to visualize that moment and my tears flow again! Oh, what I would give to have been in her shoes that night!

      1. I am butting in here, but it seems to me that I read ages ago that Mrs. R. is the mother/wife of the owners of the Italian restaurant in Detroit who entertained The Boys and their entourage before the PBS “Il Volo Takes Flight” concert in Detroit back in 2011. Piero’s mother was not at the concert, so he chose, so sweetly , to sing to this very grateful mother.
        Mary & Allene, I hope this info is correct.
        Helen B.

  26. I agree with you all. It’s such fun to listen through someone elses ears! I agree, Myron, Gianluca”s Night and Day is wonderful, but the way his voice changes when he sings “torment” near the end is my big chill moment in that song. The other solos are incredible too, as are all the suggestions from all of you!

  27. Darn, now I am scrambling to find each of these “moments” to relive the chills! This is going to take all night. Oh well, it is for a very good cause.

  28. I think the most chilling moment for me was when I was sent their introductory video 31/2 years ago and just told “watch this!” and I clicked on it and there were these three boys introducing themselves and their managers praising them up, then they started to sing “O Solo Mio before the mikes in this studio, and a lightning bold struct me and I just could not contain myself, the emotions, the beauty I saw in them, it was as though I was having a vision of Heaven, and it changed me. I just exploded and had to tell everyone I met about them, I couldn’t help myself, I don’t know what all these people thought of me, but frankly I didn’t care a damn, I just had to tell everyone about these wonderful boys who dropped from Heaven.

  29. Deanne, I think that it’s amazing how “struck by lightening” most of us were. I remember the exact moment I was struck. Never happened before. I don’t even know how to express what special human beings they are!

  30. Everything Gianluca does give me chills, singing, speaking, his looks, even when he is quiet he is adorable. But there are some moments that are unforgettable: the first time I saw him singing in Ti lascio una canzone “La luna che non c´e” he catched me. When he won the contest, sang Ave Maria and the final episode of the show he was sad because he thought it would all end there ,not wondering what fate was reserving for him along with Ignazio and Piero. Well there are great more recent moments like Maria and this year with the “Maria´s”. Dvd Il Volo Takes flight Musica Proibita and This Time, Well I like everything about him.

  31. Dude…I thought I had my chilling moment all picked out, but reading all of these, how do I just pick one?! “El Triste” alone nearly had me in tears, it was so amazing; “I Bring You To My Senses” makes me melt, it so ridiculously sweet and romantic. But my goose bump moment has to be Gianluca in “Historia un de Amor”: El calor que me brindabas…emphasis on the syllable, “dabas”. I know you guys are going to laugh at me (because you all know he’s “my” guy 😛 ), but it is that feeling like when you’ve been crushing on a certain person, and then you turn around and realize they’re looking right at you? Yeah…kinda like that. lol

  32. The American Idol performance and all of Il Volo Takes Flight. Ignazio in Il Canto, Gianluca in El Reloj, Piero in Panis Angelicus. ARENA DI VERONA – Un Amore Così Grande and the Il Mondo and We Are Love performance at the Nobel Peace Prize! The first note sung at the PBS filming of We Are Love at the Fillmore, when all three of them walked on stage just a few feet away at the beginning of the filming of PBS Buon Natale. Meeting Piero behind the theater before the Philly show.

    The Philly concert from the first row, everything gave me chills even though it was at least 100 degrees in the Tower Theater! Seeing Barbara and the mothers in the lobby of my/our hotel in Boston, knowing Il Volo was under the same roof as I was for one night! The Boston concert – all of it – especially Ignazio’s comment after they sang Maria and when they sang and dedicated The Star Spangled Banner to Boston – it had been five months since the Boston Marathon bombing. Watching my Mom enjoy every note Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero sang in the Atlantic City concert.

    All the sweet little things Ignazio says and does with/for his family, his friends, his Il Volo bros and his fans. And meeting all of you because of Il Volo on IlVoloMusic.com and then here on this blog! These are just a few things that immediately come to mind!

  33. For me…every time they look at each other during a performance and smile…pure joy they must be feeling…Piero’s soft voice in the beginning of Angel…Gianluca’s sexy, sexy voice in Night and Day…Ignazio’s precious interactions with Alana while singing Maria…simply priceless!

  34. Deanne, I didn’t think anything could top even the emotion of them playing Radio City Music Hall, but Ignazio’s tribute was totally unexpected, and brought tears, and smiles, and yes, chills. It was Ignazio pouring out his love for his brothers, and their sharing of that dream together. He couldn’t have been more open and honest!

  35. Don’t you find it remarkable that no matter which songs or moments give us chills, we all have the IDENTICAL reaction to The Boys? It’s been said before…It’s as though we all have been mass-hypnotized!

    It has been such fun to read all of these comments made by so many of us…All different, yet all the same, in that they show our GREAT LOVE for Our Boys!
    Helen B.

    1. It’s hard to put into words what you’re saying and we’re experiencing, Helen B. I just want to say that it’s more the opposite of hypnotized. We are more vibrantly alive and in love than perhaps ever before.

      Makes me think of a Rumi saying, hanging on my wall….
      “Though we seem to be sleeping,
      There is an inner wakefulness
      That directs the dream.
      And that will eventually startle us back
      to the truth of who we are.

      Ahhhh, of course! IL VOLO has startled us into the wakefulness of the Truth that We Are Love, and we overflow with Love, gratitude, and awe, as we see how Awake they are and we all are becoming.

      Had to philosophize a bit! (; >) Thanks for your loving recognition of Our Boys and their effect on us, Helen!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  36. I get goose bumps anytime Piero sings anything. But here are some of my favorites. On the Live LA showcase, singing Il Mondo when they were at the beginning of their career, when Piero starts singing & flashes that cute sexy smile-it gave me the chills & warmed my heart all at the same time.
    On the IL VOLO Takes Flight PBS special, when Piero sings Non ti scordar di me-the whole song is magnificent, but just before the bridge when he sings the words :Non ti scordar di me” with such emotion & there is almost a breathless catch in his voice-it thrills me to no end.
    On that Italian TV interview from April of 2012, when Piero was surprised by the appearance of his grandparents-he wasn’t even singing, but his innocent surprise & reaction to them being there (“sensa parole”)-he was speechless & so loving to them. Then when they sang E’ la mia Vita, it was the best they had ever sung it.
    Piero’s solos on the We Are Love tour are spectacular. When he sang Love Story & No Puede Ser at Radio City, I was the one who was speechless. They were the best I had ever heard him sing.
    On the We Are Love CD, in the song L’ULTIMA VOLTA, when Piero sings “Capii che il sogno svaniva, Mentre la nave partiva”- that breathless way he says “partiva”, leaves me breathless.

    Even though it is no secret that Piero is the one who turns me on the most, a couple of other performances have given me the chills. When Gianluca sang Maria as a solo, & he goes down on his knees as he practically becomes “Tony” singing about “Maria”-that one blew me away. Even though I do like their sharing the song as a trio, I still love Gianluca’s rendition the best. And I love Ignazio using what I call his rock & roll voice singing with Fausto Leali “A chi” on TLUC in 2009.

    And finally, when IL VOLO sang our national anthem in Boston: that was spine-tingling and brought tears to my eyes.

  37. Better late than never! I have to put in my “chills” too. First and foremost is when I first heard them sing O Sole Mio. I was completely blown away by the power and beauty of these big voices coming out of teenagers! I don’t even remember when I heard it, just that it penetrated my very being from head to toes.
    I love Gianlucca’s sheer passion he puts into every fiber of his being, you just know he means every bit of it. Watching Ignazio gives me joy for his joy of singing is contagious, his smile matches the sweetness of his beautiful voice.
    However for me, it is always Piero that stuns me. Such power he sends into a room with his voice! First time I heard Granada I cried it was so beautiful. I don’t think I have ever heard a man hold a note quite so long,and powerfully entrancing as he does. I love IL Volo’s version of Surrender and when Piero sustains that one huge note/shift/change I had to listen to it over and over again. Gorgeous.
    Flight Crew, I am so happy to have found you, I hope we can all be friends for all the time IL Volo reigns.

  38. These are not my favorites. Whichever song, phrase, note, interview, etc. I’m listening to is my favorite! I love all you’ve mentioned. And, Jenny, what an awesome game! Marie, thanks for helping us play!

    Piero ~
    first lines of “Angel” ~ so tender!
    “The Christmas Song” Piero’s line “Tiny tots, with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight” ~ so much gentle love for the little guys, like recent one with blue glasses and earlier little guy with red glasses
    Piero’s verse in “IL Canto”, “Where Do I Begin”, “No Puede Ser”

    Ignazio ~
    every edge in his voice, like opening lines in “Questo Amore” and “I Bring You to My Senses” (Yes!!!)
    his bounce (I miss it! I want it back!)
    “IL VOLO Takes Flight” video ~ “IL Mondo” solo lines belted out!
    “Memory” ~ loved it in Seattle 2012, and Wow! Radio City Music Hall!
    “Quando l’amore Diventa Poesia” at Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2009

    Gianluca ~
    beginning of “IL VOLO Takes Flight” video ~ “IL Mondo” building up to Piero’s first words IL Mondo!
    “Night & Day” especially in Radio City Music Hall, with his glorious smile afterwards (any time Gianluca smiles!)
    viscerally remembering Gianluca’s gestures that go with his songs
    “En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor” especially in Radio City Music Hall ~ Power and Passion!

    all of IL VOLO ~
    Nobel Peace Prize concert ~ tears through all, including their interview
    “IL VOLO Takes Flight” video ~ all, “O Sole Mio” audience interactions
    “Can’t Help Falling in Love” to little Mia ~ so present, sweet, silken!
    glorious harmonies, as in “El Reloj”, “Un Amore Cosi’ Grande” (pure heaven!), “We Are Love”, “L’Ultima Volta”, “Luna Nascosta”
    “El Triste” at the 2013 Latin Billboard Awards ~ Wow!!
    “Tous les Visages de L’Amour” at RCMH ~ their final note held forever!
    “Surrender” on “The Kris Jenner Show”

  39. Please humor me on sharing these other IL VOLO chills…

    … a family member healing from a lifelong condition, in part due to listening to IL VOLO daily and feeling their love and mine

    … listening to IL VOLO for 2 hours this morning (thanks to you, Jenny!) with lots of borborygmus (stomach gurgles, which are a sign of restorative function), and finally turning the corner on an upper respiratory illness that almost kept me from a trip to the river this weekend

    … my friend Lisa was crossing over, and the Today Show computer video of “Questo Amore” jumped to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Then I realized “Questo Amore” means “This Love”. I had asked my friend Joe (who had crossed over a couple years earlier) to give Lisa a hug for me, and his special line from Rumi was “This moment *this love* comes to rest in me”! I knew Lisa got her hug! A bit later I was in a workshop (which Lisa would have attended if alive), and Lisa kept spontaneously turning on my phone and playing “Questo Amore”.

    … Piero surprised by his grandmother and grandfather

    … Gianluca’s 18th birthday thank-you video

    … Ignazio’s tribute to his IL VOLO brothers

    … Il Volo at WTTW Chicago Public Media

    Love in so many forms… ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  40. Deanne, I think if you type in IL VOLO MARIA sung with Alanna on u-tube, it will come up. There are actually two versions. One in which she wears a dark colored dress and one in a light colored dress. The one in the dark dress was the first time she sang with him. It looks like they must have had her come back for a second show as she is singing with him again, but no where near the spontaneity and charm as the first time. It is cute at the very end of the tape when she goes back to her Mom who has been filming this, she says, “I have to go to the bathroom!” (That is on the second one) Anyway, Ignazio is blown away by her singing and you can tell how surprised he is…the interaction is so great. He introduces her at the end of the song and every one claps for HER. Hope you find it!

    1. If this is the little girl that was Ignazio’s Maria in Philly and then in Atlantic City – you are absolutely correct – she was so much better the first time in Philly, I saw both performances! In fact, she stole that performance in Philly. Since I was on the first row – I even heard Piero say “this is the best one so far” that is how cute she was. Ignazio had his work cut out for him – he even took out those blue ear plugs, that used to bother me so much, and talked to her as she tried to back off the sofa! She did end up singing with him and taking a bow at the end. At the end my friend said, Ignazio you have a new girlfriend and he said , “yes I am engaged now”- in about 8 or 10 years. At the Atlantic City show – I think she said she is 10.

    1. Everything about them. A small snipit that I heard by a radio announcer. Gave me chills. Ignazio singing “A Chi” before IlVolo. When they sang” El Triste” in tribute toJoseJose. All their solos on t he concert tour. Surrender,which Elvis sang. Piero and Ignazio’s antics at Westbury. Ignazio was hot, Piero helped him take his jacket off and a little movement by Ignazio.WHOA! The Natioal AnthemWhen I met them outside RCMH. Could go on and on and on.

  41. Lynn, I’m with you. Anything and everything Piero sings gives me goose bumps. Especially “No Puede Ser”. But the first time I saw Il Volo on the PBS special from Detroit was the night I fell hopelessly in love with three young men from Italy. There is no way I can explain it. Everything they sing sends chills up my spine.

    And Lynn, that was a very emotional thing to watch Piero, when he realized his grandparents were in the audience, and goes over and gives his grandfather a kiss during an interview on Italian TV. That made me puddle up.

    “Granada” and “Splendida” are songs that make the chills run up my spine. But so does just about everything they sing! Let’s face it, everything Il Volo sings makes my heart soar!

    Mary B. did you ever find out who Mrs. R. was?

  42. OMG! I am listening to the CD “Il Volo Takes Flight” and falling I love all over again. There is just no way I can pinpoint one certain song – they all give me chills!

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