In Case You Miss Linda…

Hey Gang,  We’re hoping Lind’s computer is functioning tomorrow.  I thought it would be a great idea to have a friend of hers and your’s pitch-hit for her.  ~Marie
So, folks here’s LeeLee :
As of October 15, 2013 5:00 p.m.
#BuonNatale is available for PRE-ORDER on iTunes!!! Get our version of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” instantly!
Can’t wait for you all to hear the entire album! It’s out on 10/22!! #BuonNatale
From Barbara:
Barbara Vitali ‏@BarbaraVitali 14 Oct

…Panama… #MasQueAmorTour is here…now relax!!!!
From Gianluca:
Tweet (October 14):  Greetings from Panama!
Tweet (23 hours ago):  I slept a lot, I just woke up. I was exhausted!
Tweet (22 hours ago):  Hungry
Tweet (17 hours ago):  Mi sono innamorato di te (translation:  I am in love with you)
  Gianluca, Flight Crew is in love with you, too!!! (Not in the tweet – I just added that 🙂 )
Tweet (15 hours ago):  I’m feeling alone… I need you
Tweet (14 hours ago):  Siente más, los sentimientos son el lenguaje del alma. Escucha lo que te dice el corazón,si piensas demasiado impides que las cosas sucedan. (Translation:  It feels more, feelings arethe language of the soul. Listen to what he says to heart, if you think too much you keeps things happen.)
Tweet (7 hours ago):  Morning , going to take a shower
Tweet (50 minutes ago):  “@WeAreLove13@_edizzlee @piero_barone @GianGinoble NOOOPE!! mine mine mine😍😍😍 hahaha, but Gian is like:”// HILAROUS
    Click on the link – cute pic
Retweeted by Gianluca (1 hour ago):  Il Volo ha dedicado su día para promocionar el concierto de este 16 de noviembre. Boletos en @TicketplusPTY  (Translation:  Il Volo is dedicating this day to promote their concert on November 16th.)
From Piero:
Tweet (October 14):  She looks beautiful with my Red Glasses on! #fan #maracaibo #RedGlasses#stage #concert #bestmoment…
Tweet (October 14):  Never give up!
Tweet (23 hours ago):  If you want to see stuff you will not see here, get @Brabble, friend @ilvolo@pierobarone and Brabble me back!
Tweet (21 hours ago):  Chamomile tea and sleep
Tweet (19 hours ago):  #Ilvolovers <3 i love you
     This is a must see – too cute
Tweet (18 hours ago):
    MUST SEE this photo – shower time!!!
Tweet (2 hours ago):  Interviews..
Tweet (1 hour ago):  Check my @Brabble @pierobarone
From Ignazio:
Tweet (October 13):  HEY HEY just check IL VOLO brabble account..!! We are posting a funny video..!!#ilvolovers #brabble
    I know this was mentioned a couple of pages ago, but this is the link to what I think Ignazio was referring to.  If it is not and someone has Brabble, please share.
Tweet (6 hours ago):  My home.. Or better say it will be my home.. …
    Too funny!!
Please check out our Affiliate “All Things Il Volo”.  They have some great photos and videos.
Please check out our Affiliate “Team Il Volo” for a short article titled “Il Volo in  Panama” where it explains that because of their busy schedule, the Panama concert was postponed until November 16.  Therefore, they will not be performing this evening and are in Panama strictly for a promotional visit.
Team Il Volo also posted what looks like an old interview with Piero, however, it is in Spanish.
There is no news yet as to when they are heading to Costa Rica, but my guess would be tomorrow.  I hope they get there soon as Costa Rica is a beautiful place and they need to be able to enjoy themselves  and relax before Thursday’s concert.
Well, my friends, that is all the news that is fit to print!!

11 thoughts on “In Case You Miss Linda…”

  1. Hey LeeLee, Thanks for filling in. Real good job! Maybe Linda should worry! Just kidding. I told her today that you were doing this. She thought I made a good choice.

  2. Thanks so much, LeeLee!
    Now I’m thinking, Oh, geez, do I need to get Brabble app to see all I’m missing? (I really like to keep it simple, so I’ve resisted so far.)

    Love “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and that iTunes pre-order is ready. Thanks for passing this along from Barbara.
    Hmmm… Now I’ve pre-ordered 2 CD’s and one iTunes album. Guess I’ve started my Christmas shopping!

    True confessions… I’m grateful I get to attend concerts in the States. I really do not go for fans screaming *during* the songs! Between… sure! But I don’t like to miss a nuance of Our Boys’ magnificent voices!

    So glad I have Elaine’s IL VOLO concert to enjoy.

    7 days until Buon Natale is released! Guess Christmas comes early for me!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. I’m with you, Jeanine. I love to see our guys perform, but I can’t handle that screaming in my ears! I want to hear every beautiful note out of their mouths.

  3. Don’t know where to post this, and I think it’s worth noting….

    In a recent interview (or was it article?), I noted IL VOLO said they would like to perform at the
    Viña del Mar International Song Festival
    Look into it (quite the event!), and add it to Our Boys’ dreams-soon-to-come-true! (Just to be clear… all their dreams come true. That’s what I’m sayin’.)

    I *loved* Barbara Vitali’s recent Tweet “Dreams Brew Fresh Daily.” They got the right road manager there! Isn’t it wonderful to see how much love and appreciation the Boys have for her and for Michele Torpedine?

    Wonder what today’s dreams brewed,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  4. I’m baaack, my baby is home and doing fine. Thanks LeeLee for the great blog, I think I should worry!!! 🙂 Jeanine, the Geek Squad thank you for your prayers! Marie and LeeLee thanks for helping me through the withdrawal!!!

  5. The Gialuca tweets about getting sleep – Hoooray ! That is what I was hoping for them. That was a great move to postpone the Panama concert and get some down time. As a voice coach, I always am thinking about the health of their precious instrument. One thing that happens in this situation is that with 10000 screaming teens (even if they are singing along with them) tends to make the performer sing stronger even with the mic system and then it is easy to OVER sing. Even the best with the longest careers have to watch out for that. This – for me, at least, is good news. rest. the next week is not quite so heavy with concerts – with a day off here and there.

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