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  1. I’m smiling because of you, Kelly, Michele, Linda, Elaine and our Liz. I have to say this publicly..we have encountered and debated several serious issues and many that are just small but bothersome. I am so proud of the way we work together. Our views and suggestions are sometimes different. Yet, somehow, we’ve always been able to compromise. We have never fought nor been angry with each other. This is new to us all. We are just finding our strengths as individuals in this special group and rely on the talents of the others. Thank you my Board Sisters. This keeps me smiling!

    1. :”) Now I’m smiling because that was so incredibly sweet! And true. I’m smiling because I get to work with you guys. A much different experience than the previous blog I was a part of, and I love it. 🙂

  2. I’m smiling because of what you just wrote, Marie. I think that says a lot for the character of the individuals who put this site together.

    I am also smiling because even though many of us agree and disagree, this is still the place to be to share our thoughts, our information, and love of our most important common denominator, IL VOLO!!

  3. I am smiling because all of you on the Flight Crew Board have given us a home. Although, I came in somewhat late, I have watched this group grow. When I first started after the Pittsburgh concert, there was a meter on the left that read “You are following this blog, along with 32 other amazing people (manage).” It now reads, “You are following this blog, along with 87 other amazing people (manage).” Wow! this is just amazing.

  4. I’m smiling because I am so grateful for all the hard work the Flight Crew Board does to keep us up-to-date with what is going on with our beloved Boys. And if we disagree, we can be sure that no one will take offense.

  5. I am smiling because of the fact that we sometimes disagree on side issues but we do all agree on the qualities of the three young gentlemen that we sometimes call “our boys” or “our guys” . We may don’t have real ownership but we have attached ourselves to their art and their well-being. That does make me smile. I do hope to meet you all some day.

  6. I agree totally, Myron. Regarding Panama–how confusing. Our guys are in Panama, but Team Il Volo and Il Volo Mundial have their concert in Panama listed in November. Any one of you Il Volo aunts, uncles, grandmas or grandpas know what’s going on???

  7. Wait a minute! Team Il volo NOW has them listed as performing in Panama October 15 and then again in November. What’s up?????

  8. According to Barbara’s tweet, they’re in Panama and, “Now for some rest.” I’m hoping they are resting and not performing tomorrow…

  9. I’m smiling because we have been drawn together in love and friendship by 3 incredible, out of this world angels who are succeeding in bringing love and healing to our world where no government or group has succeeded.
    as Norma on Il Volo Mundial said”I realize that Il Volo is a revolution that was necessary for the 21st century’

    1. I’m smiling because
      …IL VOLO brings more Life to my life!
      …thanks to IL VOLO I spend more of my life soaring!
      …our Flight Crew Board and flight crew members are amazing human beings ~ taking our queue from the best: Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero! (Marie, Kelly, and all, thank you for your warm and open sharing about working together as Board Sisters!)
      …because, Deanne, you and Norma said it!! This ole’ world has some hope thanks to IL VOLO!
      …because I just sent We Are Love to a friend who’s having major surgery, and I know she, too, will have something to smile about!

      Loving all our smiles – oh and Elaine, especially Gianluca’s smile after Night & Day!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  10. I am smiling because I am watching & listening to the concert tour Elaine made for all of us. Thanks so much, Elaine. I am smiling also because I spent some time with my Mom today, & we watched the We Are Love PBS DVD together. I have seen it by myself, & I enjoyed it. But Sharing it with someone I love, & someone who loves IL VOLO as much as I do, made it extra special.

    That’s why I am so grateful to Marie, Kelly, & all the Board members of this site, for giving us a place to share the love of IL VOLO with everyone.

    1. Hi Lynn – I know what you mean! My Mom is the one who introduced me to Il Volo – and I was able to take her to Atlantic City to see them! She LOVED the performance and from the 4th row – she saw it ALL! I was so happy we were able to see them together!

      1. Michelle, that is my dream-to see IL VOLO in concert with Mom sitting next to me, in near front row seats. My Mom also introduced me to IL VOLO. She saw them on their second appearance on The Talk in the fall of 2011 & told me she wanted their CD for Christmas. So I searched for them on You Tube, & I’ve been hooked ever since. What a glorious addiction!
        Jeanine, I may need your help in visualizing it so my dream can come true.

      2. Hi, Lynn ~ I love your dream!

        When you’re listening to IL VOLO, and your heart is soaring, maybe close your eyes for a minute and feel how incredible it would feel to be there at the concert in near front row seats. Then see yourself interacting with your mom in whatever way you would (a hug, squeezing her hand, talking during the intermission, driving home jabbering a mile a minute – or maybe listening to an IL VOLO CD).

        You could even think of fun little tidbits to add into your experience, like I timed it so that, as my friend and I drove up to our hotel for the show, we were listening to Beautiful Day! She got such a kick out of that!

        Listening to IL VOLO with head phones on before falling asleep is also a great way to daydream! Then start playing “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…? (Oh, then you might not fall asleep! : )

        Truly all just play! Then see what happens. As a friend says, “This or something better!” Let us know, Lynn, when your dream comes true!

        I’m smiling with joy for you and your mom, Lynn!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  11. I’m smiling because I never thought that I would be sharing ideas and thoughts about three REMARKABLE human beings (and I mean Our Boys,
    of course) with such affection with people I have never met! What a remarkable group we are!! And all the credit goes to our fantastic Board who have given us such a class act that we have attracted the cream of the crop to this blog! I truly love and admire each and every one of you, and am so thankful that we all found each other! I’m sitting here grinning from ear to ear!
    Helen B.

    1. Back at ya, Helen!

      mfa ~ I’m likin’ this miracle! Thanks for helping create it!

      You said it, Marie!

      Linda P, I saw your photo on Ignazio’s card. You are definitely 70 years *young*! You look fabulous!

      As the angels say to me, you know are part of this expression of IL VOLO in the world because you are not normally a groupie! (Like you ladies, never before IL VOLO!)

      Love that, Marti… “Angels smile when we smile”!
      The angels are smilin’ big time! (; >)
      ~ Jeanine D.

  12. Helen, I’m smiling with you! What a beautiful crop of people grow here. Remarkable!
    Also have to re-quote Deanne “Il Volo is a revolution that was necessary for the 21st century”. I believe we have touched more people with Peace and Love through Il Volo and this site, in more countries than politicians ever will. Thanks Boys. Thanks Flight Crew!

  13. I’m smiling because I have been truly blessed by our guys and this great group of fans! I’ve never before been a fan! Now I know what it feels like to be a teen – screaming for the guys on stage! And I’m only 70! My ear-to-ear grin is in place as I start my day. Thank you IL VOLO. Thank you Flight Crew! The love in this place is amazing!

  14. And I’m smiling because of all of YOU beautiful people, glorious souls. Angels smile when we smile, just because 🙂 Thank you all for all you give without expectation of something in return. Mea Culpa! You do expect something…..our love and the smiles and love of our angels on Earth, IL VOLO!
    Namaste 🙂

  15. I am smiling because all of us in the know–I.e. everyone who reads this blog–is smiling after listening to Elaine’s concert!

  16. I’m smiling because Our Boys make me feel like I’m not “over the hill” as I sometimes feel. And yes, I too, feel like screaming like a teenager when I hear Piero, Ignaio, and Gianluca. I like to give them a standing ovation even tho it’s just in front of my computer!

  17. I smile every day now since finding our angels cause put simply they make me happy.

  18. I am smiling because I just finished watching this concert made for us by Elaine, thanks a lot , good job !!!. Thanks also to the videographers who made the videos, they’re great. Congratulations to the flight crew board members for the success of this new site. Where would we be looking for news about our guys without this site ? The “official” site has 3 year old pictures. I enjoy reading the comments posted here . I share your feelings for these young guys. I thought I was going nuts when I found myself having this “need” to listen to their music everyday and to check the web for any news about them. Now I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Thank you friends for making me feel “normal”.
    and for the love shared here.

  19. I am smiling because of all the beautiful comments on my playlist. Thank you everyone. It feels so good to share. And to my three angels, Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio, I love you from the bottom of my heart. You are the reasons I smile and smile and smile….

  20. I’m also smiling because many heard ago my 3brothers and 2 sisters. And me and all our spouses took my mother to the. Holiday. House in. Monroeville to dee. Jerry. Vale whom she loved. I remember the big smile on her face as she watched him sing. Our devotion to the 3 angels reminds me of this. ….corrections..years ago and see. Oops.

  21. I’m smiling at Gianluca’s Tweet: the girls are fighting over him, and He says “calm down ladies, there’s enough of me to go around” just love Him and His wonderful wisdom which I take to heart.

    1. Deanne: one of the girls posted the Gianluca´s picture saying “calm down ladies, there’s enough of me to go around” Gianluca saw it and he retweeted “Hilarious!”

  22. Thanks Jeanine for your visualization suggestions. I will try it. And I will see if my Mom will do it, too. Then we will both be focused on the same dream. I BELIEVE!

    1. Sure, Lynn! It’s a game, and the sweeter, yummier it feels, the better. Yours can each have their own special juicy flavor, and see which flavors come into the final dessert! However it turns out, you’ll both be so delighted!

      Hmmm… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if… yours and your mom’s reality turns out to be even better than what you each dreamed?!

      Keep us posted! So fun to dream and smile with you!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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