We're here for your private concert.
We’re here for your private concert.

Elaine (etsecpa) has put together the best of the concert video’s.  When I asked her why she would go to all that trouble she said,

“My post concert depression started on Aug 31, the date after the Fresno concert which I attended.  The “PCD” peaked on 9/27- with the RCMH concert.  So I decided to remake the concert with various YouTube video’s.  The songs in the playlist are in the sequence of the concert.  Thanks to all original up-loaders,  it helped me a lot.  I miss our guys very much still but it is great to kind of relive the concert moments again.  Here is the private concert, enjoy..”.

It’s like attending another concert!  Just what we all needed!  Thanks Elaine.  It’s awesome!

30 thoughts on “A CONCERT FOR YOU!”

  1. Elaine, I am blown away by your gift. It amazes me time and time again the passion of ilvolovers in general and the Flight Crew in particular. I am blessed to have stumbled upon this marvelous collection of smiling and loving hearts! Although it does not seem adequate enough, Thank you Elaine.

  2. Elaine, this is awesome. Thank you so much. For those that were not fortunate in being able to attend any concerts can live it through these videos. Great job!

  3. Fabulous Elaine, thank you so much. I have just spent the last hour glued to the screen and have saved more for later! Even (or especially) in the videos where I was actually present there is always something new to see. You must have done a lot of sifting through to pick the best. Thanks again!

  4. Elaine – Mille Grazie! for a compilation of Gems. The 2012 concert in Atlanta was cancelled (I don’t know why) – My deepest appreciation for an outstanding job. PS I am studying Italian online – “Easy Learning Italian in a click.”

      1. I am learning Italian on a site called Duolingo. It’s fun and you can go at your own pace. And its free.

  5. I had to post a second time. After viewing Elaine’s compilation a second time and getting zero work done, I have come to the conclusion that Il Volo are stunning human beings!

  6. Thank you so very much, Elaine. I have sat through the whole “concert” and not got a lick of work done! Since I have never been to a concert, this has been a very special treat for me. So thanks again, Elaine. I know I will go to the “concert” many times. And I, too, agree that Il Volo are stunning human beings!

  7. Thanks so much! I have been sad too,and have watched a video EVERY day! This one is the WHOLE concert though, and the best of the videos! Like Allene, I have sat through this and relived my memories, when I should be doing a hundred other things! They are a gift and I am living for next year! Thanks again for putting this together! “We Are Love”!

  8. Donna above says she’s living for next year! Will the boys be coming back to the US for a tour next year? Hope so!!!

    1. Elaine, this is such a sweet gift! I’m up to #22… Love Story! (And I seriously have to get some work done, too! : )

      Beautiful job. Loved the humor you included, and can’t help but love having a large sampling of Radio City Music Hall! Thanks for including your video, too (!) Can’t wait to see the last 3 videos in your set. Wonderful to include them!

      And, Audrey, I remember seeing your name back on the former site we used to visit. Glad you’re here! The Flight Crew do an awesome job of keeping us up to date. And I have no doubts IL VOLO will be back in the U.S. (as they say, We love the United States).

      Sending Our Guys love and gratitude as we revel in our own private IL VOLO concert. (Love the photo and the concept, Elaine! You rock!)

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. Thank you, thank you everyone. I actually did this for myself because I desperately needed some therapy. Depression could be serious, haha. Some of the video may not be the best from all the choices. For Questro Amor I pick the one from RCMH because that is the dream of our guys so I want to start with it. Un Amore Cosi Grande is my own and only video and so how can I not use it! Marie, I hope you like the Caruso I picked. I think Ignazio is very handsome and sexy from the 360 degree view.

    So everyone, please say no more and just enjoy. That is what we do here – “Share the Love”.

    1. Thanks Elaine for giving us these momentos. IL MONDO Chicago has to be my favorite and you famously turned us on to it even before this. The videos coming through from Latin America are so hard to watch because of all that screaming, but I do love that they did Hasta El Final Oct. 6 in Mexico, and at least you can hear it on the video.

  10. Elaine, What an incredible gift you have given us. We really needed something to tide us over, and this is IT. I’m so impressed with the quality of the pictures in the clips that you have chosen. The close ups of the boys faces are great, and to have all of these songs put together without interruption is a real treat. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

    1. Elaine,just what I needed. Feel sad without the boys being here and have been having computer problems.So I can’t always respond when I want. So this was great being able to view this before I went to bed. Thank you sooooo much. Who do I sound like?

  11. Elaine..I had a busy day and just got around to watching all the videos. Thank you,THANK YOU for putting all of them together. I couldn’t get to any of their concerts, and this certainly was almost like being there! I have loved every minute. You have given this old gal such a treat!!
    Helen B.

  12. Elaine, thank you, thank you for all your work putting that “concert” together. It was wonderful to see it, one song after another without having to go searching for the next one. And thank you for including some of the “Il Volo being Il Volo” moments – it almost WAS like being there! It’s a great gift to all of us and such a pleasure to watch. Mille grazie!!!

  13. Elaine, thank you for your Il Volo love! I have shared this on my oen FB timeline, so hope OK with you! Already have recruited new fans! Spreading the word and the music!

  14. Mauimon, you’re welcome and I am glad I can be part of your FB timeline. It is a great way to spread the wonderful world of Il Volo to your friends and families. Nice job!

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