Ready for the last concert in #Venezuela, Maraciabo October 13, 2013


Piero Barone Il Volo ‏@piero_barone   Live in concert..#piero #ilvolo

By Gianluca Ginoble    October 13, 2013
By Gianluca Ginoble
October 13, 2013

“Gianluca Il Volo   @GianGinoble   almost ready


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      By Il Volo
By Il Volo

Il Volo ‏@ilvolo   Ready for the last concert in #Venezuela #MasQueAmorTour !!!  #GRACIAS.  We Love You All ❤

18 thoughts on “Ready for the last concert in #Venezuela, Maraciabo October 13, 2013”

  1. I know they got huge crowds and they deserve it, I am sure. I hope they get some rest now that Panama is postponed. Anyone know of some other schedule change that fills in these empty dates before Costa Rica ? The picture of Gianluca attached – I know I am old fashioned but he looks like he is worn out rather than ready for a concert. I hope that is just the style trend and no sign that he is that tired.

    1. OMGosh! This is where the word opinion comes in handy! In MY opinion, Gianluca looks FANTASTIC, gorgeous, awesome! He doesn’t look tired to me at all! I’m sure they can all use a little rest and maybe a few days of fun, the schedule does seem a little bit rushed. But ONLY the guys know for sure. We are all just guessing how they might feel.

      In fact, never in a million years would I have used a picture that I thought made someone look tired, Gianluca is just practicing his serious face for this pic, he is looking down, I think that is why you say he looks tired. I say he is thinking, reflecting, maybe saying a little prayer before the concert!

      1. Oh Gianluca is sooooo ready for the concert! In fact I am sure this killer look will make his SA fans go even crazier. Nice post Michele.

      2. Wow – that is such a typical Gianluca look. Sexy, oh yeah. Gorgeous, oh yeah. Caption on the picture is wrong. It says ‘almost ready’. I say he’s ready.

      3. mafazzara I think the same, he is gorgeous. I read that this photo was trend on instagram. He looks like Fabulousssssssssssss as always.
        God bless him.

      4. I know very well that you would never put a bad photo on this site. I don’t know how many you had to choose from. This kind of reminds me of the style that Vogue or GQ use sometimes. Regardless of my opinion about his clothes and hair, he is still a stunning young man and always will be. I never thought a comment stemming from my concern would be taken in such a negative way.
        You your point about the “prayer ” is well taken. I don’t know if they still do this but at the beginning of their work together they used to each go to a private room by themselves and just sit and meditate for 30 prior to concert. That was two years ago so I don’t know if they still do that. Anyway, I am sorry if I came off sounding like negative goose. I love these guys (as I have said many times prior) and only wish them the best.

    2. To me, Gianluca looks pensive in that photo. And maybe a bit of the melancholic sexy look, too. (I don’t see melancholic as sexy, but plenty of women and teenage girls do.) And, yes, Gianluca looks sexy in just about any look. : )

      It will be great to hear of your friends’ IL VOLO experiences, Myron!

      Sweet rest to all,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Thanks, MYRON, for sharing about the 30 minutes they used to (still do??) spend meditating before the concert. How cool is that?!
        And sharing your loving concern is always filled with grace and deep respect.

        As they have said, they are sharing their “gift from God.”

        And, Christine, your words, “His face is like a song for the camera, a beautiful song!” is pure poetry! Thank you!

        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  2. I am looking forward to them going to Costa Rica and El Salvador as I have close friends that work for the church down there and they are going to those concerts. Those places are really hyped for these concerts. Sweet – wonderful people looking forward to seeing out guys.

  3. Speaking as one who does not want to be your grandmother…Your looking good! And that fellow in the picture below you, Well, let’s just say that I don’t want to be his grandmother either.

  4. Gianluca just tweeted that they are in Panama. Maybe plans changed again, or they are in Panama for some other reason and returning again in November. Either way, they’re in Panama.

  5. Il Volo Mundial has them performing in Panama in November, but they went to Panama after Venezuela. Maybe for relaxation or an interview.

  6. Sheridan, YES, they are in Panama!! my thought is that they were feeling better and the concert in Panama was sold out and people were disappointed, so they decided to keep their commitment there, knowing they would have a rest day tomorrow. Il Volo keeps going, nothing stops them. amazing spirits!( spirits are always amazing)

  7. According to Mundial, the visit in Panama is a promotional visit and the concert will be held November 16th.

      1. Myron, no offense could be taken from you stating your concern for a “tired” looking Gianluca. You were just expressing your caring for him, that is all. I think he tweeted last night that he only got 1 1/2 hr sleep and was so tired. In the pic posted with the open collar and him looking down, I thought he looked scrumptious, as always!!! He cannot take a bad photo unless someone catches him off guard. His face is like a song for the camera, a beautiful song!

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