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Hi Everyone,

As most of you know, my computer (my Baby) was down for 4 days while “The Geek Squad” worked their magic. Because some of you have and some of you will have some computer problems, I want to share a few ways it changes your life as you try to do without it.

1) You keep going to where your computer belongs and are surprised when it isn’t there.

2) You begin to get a little tense and jittery.

3) You send text messages to anyone who will text back.

4) You call Marie to make sure nothing new is happening and to make sure she remembers you.

5) You call the Geek Squad several times a day.

6) You watch way too much TV.

7) You call LeeLee for sympathy.

8) You wonder how Il Volo can continue their tour without you telling everyone where they are.

9) The Geek Squad is no longer returning your calls.

10) You call Marie again later in the day because…well see #4.

Thankfully the longest 4 days ever are over. My “baby” is home, The Geek Squad did a great job and want to thank Jeanine for her prayers.

Thanks to Marie for our long coversations, they kept me off the ledge.

It’s so good to be back!! I have a suggestion though, don’t take YOUR baby for granted!!