Hi Everyone,

Last nights concert in Santo Domingo was a huge success. They had a sell out crowd and the fans, to say the least were enthusiastic!!

Tonight’s concert is in Puerto Rico at the Coliseo, in San Juan.

The José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum, officially named Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot, is the biggest indoor arena in Puerto Rico dedicated to entertainment. It is located at the Golden Mile of San Juan, the island capital. It is usually referred by Puerto Ricans as the Choliseo, which is a portmanteau of the words “Coliseo” and “Cholito”, in reference to Don Cholito, one of José Miguel Agrelot’s characters and Agrelot’s own adopted nickname.

The coliseum opened its doors to the public in September 4, 2004 after a prolonged construction financed by the Government of Puerto Rico. This venue is owned by the Puerto Rico Convention District Authority, a public corporation of Puerto Rico, and managed by SMG.[1][2] It can accommodate up to 18,500 spectators and can be reached by the Tren Urbano system from a nearby station.

The arena hosted the first WWE pay-per-view event outside the continental United States, Canada and the United Kingdom when New Year’s Revolution was held there in 2005.

On May 26, 2011, the Choliseo was ranked 8th on the “Top 50 Arena Venues” of the world and second of the West Hemisphere in worldwide ticket sales by Pollstar Magazine.

As of May 2013, the arena has received over 5 million spectators, hosting more than 600 events with a gross ticket revenue around $200 million.

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca, 3 hours ago, #Puertorico @ ilvolo is coming!
20 minutes ago, #greetingsfrom #PuertoRico.

Piero, 5 hours ago, on our way to #PuertoRico.
10 Min ago San Juan #PuertoRico.

Ignazio, Puerto Rico!! This afternoon @ 5 start the show, see you there #ilvolovers!!

See on Team Il Volo, the video of the “Boys” on Chevere Nights from the Dominican Republic. The interview is in Spanish, but thanks to our friend, Josie from Sao Paulo, Brazil we have a translation of the content of the interview. Josie posted it on the site, but I have added here if you have not seen it.

“I will try to do a brief translation. They said it is the first time they come to Republica Dominicana, and Gianluca said his parents went there for their honey moon 23 years ago, the presenter asked if he was conceived there. (the presenter is not good on maths). They talked about the cd We are love, and that they sing pop lyric, not opera. About the duo with Placido, Eros, Barbra and Belinda. Ignazio said Gianluca cried when he saw Barbra, and the presenter said: with Belinda you not cried. And one of the presenters said that many italians go to RD and fall in love with the girls and Gianluca said when he has a Dominicana´s fiancee, he will sing for her every day, and started to sing a song and Ignazio said: his diabetes rises always Gianluca talks about girls because he is “so honeyed” and Piero said, the problem is this day never come and he sings this song for us every day, and one the presenter ask to Ignazio if he was the Gianluca´s fiancee. It was a bad joke for sure (This became a little polemic in the Il Volo Mundial on facebook) and Ignazio was like what? And immediately the other presenter invite them to dance merengue, and ended the interview.”
“I remembered more funny moments. Piero was talking and Ignazio was going to interrupt him, Piero looked at him, and he lowered his head like a child and said sorry. Another was when Gianluca was talking and Piero began to unbutton his shirt and the girls started screaming, Gianluca looked at him and said: What are you doing? I am talking, more respect please.”

Thanks Josie for your help! Watch the video “The Boys” are looking well and are as handsome and funny as ever!!!

See Mundial for good photos and videos.

See All Things Il Volo for another good fan fiction.

Il Volo has the night off tomorrow and will be in Chile on 10/29/13.

Love and luck tonight, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!!


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  1. It’s 10/27 already! Hey Board sisters, remember we discussed the possibility of going to Puerto Rico today? I am a little depress now just thinking of this. But on the brighter side, our guys should be coming back to the US in about three weeks. I think I will surf YouTube and watch my concert playlist again. Looking forward to mid-November…

    Great report Linda. Have a nice Sunday everyone.

  2. Thanks Linda, and thanks Josie for the translation.

    FYI guys, this was on Janis Rahner Blank’s Facebook page:

    “The People’s Choice Awards 2014 has posted on their website voting for nominees for the award. In the music category, our boys are not listed, but there is a place to write in names. The categories they are 1. Favorite band-Il Volo, 2. Favorite song- We Are Love, 3. Favorite album- We Are Love, 4. Favorite music video- We Are Love, 5. Favorite Music Fan Following- Ilvolovers. So, go to the site and write in your votes for our boys. They could win!! You never know!! ”

    So I went in and did it. Your turn!

    1. Thanks, TJ. I’ve been voting, and voting, and voting some more. Going back now to vote even some more!!!!

  3. Thanks Linda for concert info and thanks to Josie for the translation of that spanish interiew, now I can finally know what they were saying, it is so funny to hear Ignanzio say his “diabetes” rises when Gianluca talks about girls because he’s always so “honeyed” and Piero’s comment was so funny too (always sings to them-instead), hey don’t knock it, anyone would love to hear that golden voice. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for the info about the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS. Posted it on All Things Il Volo, and Mundial. Mundial didn’t take, could have done it wrong, so put it as a comment under the first picture. At least, if people aren’t familiar with them, they may check them out. Could be of benefit either way.
    Also, would really like some feedback on my post on IN CASE YOU MISSED IT OCT 26, 2:10 am. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi! Not sure about the scrapbook portion; I think if you could send us an email detailing what you have in mind exactly, that would help. 🙂 But also, I think in the excitement of the tour starting and all of us telling stories about our experiences, that we forgot that the Experience section was for talking about what Il Volo means to us as well. 🙂 So far, only Frances W. has written a story like that. So please, anyone that wants to tell a story…send us an email. 🙂

  5. Welcome, Connie. 🙂 The Board is planning to do a campaign and promote it on our Twitter and ask other people to participate. I’m just moving a bit more slowly than everyone else. 🙂

  6. Thanks Jeanine, sorry, I missed it. I can hear the wheels turning. HaHa
    I, too, have been thinking, but strictly as a computer newbie about such things. Just thought it would be something they could keep and be able to go to anytime to be uplifted and encouraged, and know how much of a difference they make, and how much joy they bring to all of us.

    1. Nice! I think there’s room for all of the visions unfolding. There’s always more love and gratitude to share! (; >)

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. kyalpn, sorry if I caused any problem. I’m just asking if it might be possible for this site, or any person, to be able to acquire copies of the fan stories from All Things Il Volo, concerning how IL VOLO has changed their lives. Just think it would be a nice thing to do, and something they could keep. If I knew who to contact there, I would. Original idea was mentioned as comment on this weeks letter from Jeannett, on ATIV page. Just passing the commenter’s inquirey along.

    1. You didn’t cause a problem. 🙂 And we love to hear ideas. I seem to have misunderstood, as I was thinking some of your question was more of, “Can we do the same type of thing here?” So you are thinking of an actual scrapbook for them to look at? I’m sure they would love to see all the stories. 🙂 We will have to talk with ATIV and think about how that could work.

  8. Jeanine, glad to see your a night owl too. Only time I usually have access to my computer. My son works at home, and uses it during the day.

  9. Thanks! I’m in Oregon, so I seem like more of a night owl than I might really be. Trying to adjust to earlier sleep hours, but always nice to know a friend is out and about on the blog when I am, KittyKam. (I don’t really know what you like to be called!)

    Sweet night with your computer time! (; >)
    ~ Jeanine D.

    1. jrd1776 A fellow Oregonian! I knew there had to be more than one IL Volover in Oregon! I’m up in Gresham where are you?

      1. Welcome!
        Lake Oswego.

        There’s got to be many more of us. Now when I mention IL VOLO, I am getting many more, Oh yah. I know them! (from PBS, I’m pretty sure!)

        I’ll watch for your posts.
        ~ Jeanine D.

  10. kyalpn, don’t know if scrapbook is the right word, but just some type of that, or booklet, or however a gathering together of these kinds of testimonials for them to keep, would work. Working together with ATIV is a good idea since that is where the original comment was part of a posting about a letter. I simply posted my agreement, and picked up on it because just reading the comments, if they even do, isn’t something tangable to have as a reminder of the underlying effect happening to lives, because of all they bring. I know they love it, but I also know that they are human, and there has to be days when they are tired, and need something that says ” it’s all worth it “.

    JEANINE…..very much a friend, and Kitty or Kathryn is fine! Enjoy talking with you late at night. @ 11:14 pm

  11. I have voted and plan to vote over and over again. Did I send this before? Me and my computer are fighting, I think!

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