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polls_vote_0701_185943_poll_xlarge A few election cycles ago, there was a push here in the US to encourage young  people to be engaged in the election process in this country.  We were encouraged to be informed on the issues and to get out there on election day and “Rock the Vote” because our voices really could make a difference.

Now, while I very much participate in our election process when it comes to government, I usually don’t pay as much attention when it comes to the entertainment industry and all  the different awards that are up for grabs out there while the voting is taking place.  And then I complain that I don’t particularly care for which acts were nominated, start listing off all the others I would’ve voted for if I had the chance and whine over the winners that actually end up taking home the awards.

I know.  It’s my own fault.  I wasn’t involved in the process.

It has come to our attention, thanks to Jennie (tjnewman), that the People’s Choice voting for 2014 has started.  She posted her comment on another post, but I’m bringing it here to make sure proper credit is given where due to all parties:

FYI guys, this was on Janis Rahner Blank’s Facebook page:

“The People’s Choice Awards 2014 has posted on their website voting for nominees for the award. In the music category, our boys are not listed, but there is a place to write in names. The categories they are 1. Favorite band-Il Volo, 2. Favorite song- We Are Love, 3. Favorite album- We Are Love, 4. Favorite music video- We Are Love, 5. Favorite Music Fan Following- Ilvolovers. So, go to the site and write in your votes for our boys. They could win!! You never know!! ”

And they are right.  If people have never heard of Il Volo, they will never hear them; and if they never hear them, they can’t fall in love with them.  And if they aren’t in love with them, the guys don’t win awards here in North America (and we know they said they’d love to win a Grammy someday).  The People’s Choice award isn’t a Grammy, but wouldn’t it be something if they could get on the ballot?  So, we are joining our voice with Janis and inviting all Ilvolovers to Rock the Vote on the People’s Choice Awards!

LiJoy found the link for us, so I’m bringing it here also:

Linda reminded us that we can vote more than once, and I can see that many of you have already started.  As I said, I’m a little slow getting this up; sorry. 🙁  But for everyone that hasn’t yet, won’t you join us?  Let’s get out there and Rock the Vote!  bigstockphoto_voting_1385285(1)


23 thoughts on “Il Volovers Rock The Vote!”

  1. Awesome, Kelly! Thank you!

    Done voted!
    What’s that old joke, “Vote early and often”?
    Maybe this time it’s for real, since apparently they allow voting more than once. (An odd concept to me! But since that’s what’s permitted, have at it! : )

    And I have to say what a class act our Flight Crew board is! You folks have such great ideas, projects, information, poetry, cards, video playlists, photos, personal experience sharings, and you also honor the originators when someone shares something that bears repeating. I think it’s time again for a standing ovation for our Flight Crew board!

    The thing is… YOU change our lives, too!

    High 5’s at the ballot box, and love to all,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. I agree with you Jeanine, our Flight Crew board is awesome. I noticed that some of the other ilvolover groups are borrowing from this site. Just goes to show that yes this is a class fan site and we are all class acts ourselves.

    2. Thank you Jeanine and Lijoy! Who is borrowing! We like to share, I am just curious?

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I did get the earlier notice. Let’s see I have voted – uh uh – gee, I can’t seem to remember how many times.
    I must say that this seems like a good project for us here on this site – anytime there is an awards show where we can have our say we go for it.

    1. Yes, I have voted again. Thanks Flight Crew for all the information you give us. So glad to be a part of this. Like I said before, I have been with you since you were on the other site. I was devastated when you disappeared, so glad I found you again!

      1. Me, too, Nana!
        I was just thinking last night (when I wrote my Flight Crew thank you post) how beautiful of a community has developed here and how that simply wasn’t possible with the frustration of the other site. And, of course, there we didn’t have the freedom and creativity of having our Board post regularly and Flight Crew sharing their experience and photos!

        Hey, I see, LiJoy, that you left a post about Buon Natale on
        I just tried to and decided it was taking too long to login, so I really appreciate your effort.
        Maybe someone can go there and subtly mention IL VOLO Flight Crew ~ Share the Love, so others like Nana and me will “find” this happy home!

        We are so blessed!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. Good evening Jeanine and all. Hope you had a good day. There are some gorgeous photos of each of the guys on tumbir today. Since you don’t see Gianluca with a biggggg smile very often, I discovered that it looks like he has dimples too! Beautiful! Read a lovely quote today that I thought that all of us could relate to; ” Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens. ” by Maria von Trapp. Certainly can’t argue with that!

    Jeanine, don’t stay up too late!

  4. Hi there, Kathryn! (What time zone are you in?)

    Over at Best Days of Our Lives I posted
    “All 3 guys looked particularly happy and peaceful in the photos I saw today (on Mundial) from Guatemala Paseo Cayalá. Just stunningly joyous with soooo much light coming through their eyes and smiles. They always look wonderful, and today they looked especially peacefully happy. …”
    Looks like I’m not the only one who saw their amazing smiles tonight! Love the quote, Kitty!

    I’ll call it a night soon.
    Sweet IL VOLO dreams,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  5. JEANINE, sorry. Tried to get back to you, but wordpress wouldn’t let me in. Had to use twitter account, so we are back to Kathryn.

    I’m on Mountain Standard time zone, and it is now 12:02am Tues. the 29th.

    1. Interesting – same time as Pacific Daylight Time (for another week or so).

      Weird. Never had trouble logging in here.
      Must be a hint to get that sleep! (; >)

      Jeanine D.

  6. P.S. Sorry, don’t know what is going on, but having a lot of trouble. It posted by itself!
    Now, I was saying that I just voted again for the third time today. Bet they are being bombarded! Wonder if the guys know whats going on!
    Better go to bed now, I’m tired. Goodnight.

  7. I have voted once so far today, and plan to vote again several more times today.

  8. I voted until the computer had me stop, 10 times yesterday (3 sessions on the computer }, today it stopped after I voted 4 times. will try again later and tomorrow being the last day. With a worldwide following they
    should win.

  9. Does anyone know if we can still vote on 10. 31or is wed. Oct 30 the last day to vote.I think ive voted prov about 15 times or more.

  10. “Vote often through October 31st to make sure your favorites become
    official People’s Choice Awards 2014 nominees.
    Voting for the winners begins on November 5th.”

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