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Il Volo hit 4 million!



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Thank you, Marie.  I got your e-mail this morning and was coming to post.  We had not decided on a theme for the third blitz day, so I just came up with one on my own:


Il Volo should win because their music means ____________________ to me. 


Vote your hearts out!

~~ Kelly


Il Volovers Rock The Vote!

polls_vote_0701_185943_poll_xlarge A few election cycles ago, there was a push here in the US to encourage young  people to be engaged in the election process in this country.  We were encouraged to be informed on the issues and to get out there on election day and “Rock the Vote” because our voices really could make a difference.

Now, while I very much participate in our election process when it comes to government, I usually don’t pay as much attention when it comes to the entertainment industry and all  the different awards that are up for grabs out there while the voting is taking place.  And then I complain that I don’t particularly care for which acts were nominated, start listing off all the others I would’ve voted for if I had the chance and whine over the winners that actually end up taking home the awards.

I know.  It’s my own fault.  I wasn’t involved in the process.

It has come to our attention, thanks to Jennie (tjnewman), that the People’s Choice voting for 2014 has started.  She posted her comment on another post, but I’m bringing it here to make sure proper credit is given where due to all parties:

FYI guys, this was on Janis Rahner Blank’s Facebook page:

“The People’s Choice Awards 2014 has posted on their website voting for nominees for the award. In the music category, our boys are not listed, but there is a place to write in names. The categories they are 1. Favorite band-Il Volo, 2. Favorite song- We Are Love, 3. Favorite album- We Are Love, 4. Favorite music video- We Are Love, 5. Favorite Music Fan Following- Ilvolovers. So, go to the site and write in your votes for our boys. They could win!! You never know!! ”

And they are right.  If people have never heard of Il Volo, they will never hear them; and if they never hear them, they can’t fall in love with them.  And if they aren’t in love with them, the guys don’t win awards here in North America (and we know they said they’d love to win a Grammy someday).  The People’s Choice award isn’t a Grammy, but wouldn’t it be something if they could get on the ballot?  So, we are joining our voice with Janis and inviting all Ilvolovers to Rock the Vote on the People’s Choice Awards!

LiJoy found the link for us, so I’m bringing it here also:  http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/nominations/

Linda reminded us that we can vote more than once, and I can see that many of you have already started.  As I said, I’m a little slow getting this up; sorry. 🙁  But for everyone that hasn’t yet, won’t you join us?  Let’s get out there and Rock the Vote!  bigstockphoto_voting_1385285(1)