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Thank you, Marie.  I got your e-mail this morning and was coming to post.  We had not decided on a theme for the third blitz day, so I just came up with one on my own:


Il Volo should win because their music means ____________________ to me. 


Vote your hearts out!

~~ Kelly


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  1. Woke up this morning with Il Volo ahead! Love it! Let’s keep it that way to the end!

    P.S. Fingers numb. Mouse worn out. Tired of “cooling off”. They’re lucky I love them so much!! I’ll be glad when its over and they’ve won!

    1. I know I know! My voting finger is getting worn to a nub! At 10AM Pacific time today they were only 7,000 votes ahead. I think there are only a few Marco fans who just have Sooper Sekrit skills to boost their voting because we KNOW IL VOLO FANS OUT NUMBER THEM ( or should)

  2. Friday 6:45 AM and on my way to the Food Pantry for a few hours and then will come home and VOTE. Had a busy day yesterday because the Thanksgiving was at my house. I only did the turkey but lots of clean up. Got in a few VOTES but we have to concentrate because of the time difference with Maro’s fans it will depend who is ahead on Friday December 5th at midnight. Hope everyone had a nice day yesterday. Busy weekend for the boys. Can not wait to see them dance.

    1. I have been wondering what time the polling ends. Would that be midnight in each time zone??? Along with voting I have been keeping track of the voting trends. It is like a teeter totter. This morning at 8:30 am in North Carolina, Il Volo was only 3,101 votes ahead of Marco and is steadily losing their lead. But, tonight, maybe 9:00 pm, Il Volo will, once more regain their position. Very early this morning (1:45 am) they were 18,197 votes ahead. They are always leading at midnight east coast time. Since these are Latin Music Awards our eastern time zone is probably the same or close to the South American time zone. Wonder what time zone is being used for the midnight deadline???

      1. Let’s say I’LL dance if they win!
        I’ll dance to IL VOLO most any time, most any where. Have you tried it?… walk-dancing?!

        Just checked – direct only available in Italy. Anyone else have a lead? Would love to see our guys recorded and on archives or YouTube!

        Thank you, Marie! Thank you, IL VOLO!

        You, Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero deserve to win because your voices, your heart, your passion, your humor, your harmony, and your Love are unsurpassed! Stupendi!

        And, Gianluca, I just listened to Andre Rieu play My Way tribute to Sinatra in Radio City Music Hall. Search YouTube for
        My Way Andre Rieu on his violin in New York
        Here’s the comment I left that I hope Maestro Rieu sees…

        MAESTRO ANDRE, that was magnificent! I am astounded at how sweet your Stradivarius sounds with your great talent and warm heart! And thanks to the orchestra and singers for their lovely contributions.
        There is one YOUNG ITALIAN, a member of IL VOLO, only 19 years old, GIANLUCA GINOBLE, who is a great lover of Sinatra and an incredible baritone (who also can sing in the tenor range). I would love to hear Ginaluca join you in such a glorious tribute to Sinatra.
        IL VOLO sang at Radio City Music Hall September 2013. You can listen to IL VOLO’s We Are Love tour playlist that I compiled (including several from Radio City Music Hall) here:

        I hope you enjoy IL VOLO, as I enjoy your magnificence!
        In gratitude and awe,
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. Jeanine, you are right on target! Thank you. I have seen that and it is beautiful. I hope he responds to you. He said he really loved Sinatra too. It was a beautiful tribute. I have to watch it again.

      3. Thanks, Ann!

        I hope Andre Rieu calls IL VOLO, just like Barbra Streisand did after seeing IL VOLO’s first PBS Special. Why not, huh?! It’s happened before, and it can definitely happen again! 😉
        I’ll let ya know if I hear anything more.

        Oh, and Annie N.H., you want to see tears? Holy Moly! The weekend the Guys sang at Radio City Music Hall (Sept. 2013), I kept busting into tears all weekend! Many of us were. My spiritual guides (OK, angels) told me that we were like family (soul group Truth Through Music) who had sacrificed to have one member make it in the music world, and the feeling we were having was like feeling the Guys’ emotions because they are part of us, as we are part of them. Hope that didn’t get a little too esoteric. I get it on a down to my bones and up to my tears level. 😉

        I want more dancing! (; >)
        … favorite photo… Piero with his dance instructor and the mirror behind them. (facebook Mundial Feb. 3, 2014)

        Love and possibilities,
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      4. Jeanine, thanks. Finger crossed they read your request. I want them to sing on USA “Dancing with the Stars” next year and they can show this clip of them dancing in Italy! Vittorio Grigolo, the opera star, has sung on “Stars” twice.

      5. Jeanine, maybe I should write to Barbara or “Stars” or both with this suggestion and maybe they would do it anyway. I’ll write!!!

      6. Great idea, Ann!
        Always good to encourage good ideas from several angles.
        I have an additional thought that I can share with you via email if you click my JRD link and go to my contact page.

        With enthusiasm,
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      7. Couldn’t find link (not too good at this) my e-mail is on the list. Going to vote now before I go back to bed. You should do the same.. lol

    2. I still have not got an answer to this question–12 o’clock midnight in what time zone??? Anyone know?

  3. Even though this is the last scheduled “blitz day” everyday needs to be a blitz day so that the guys can win. There are only a few days left. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree, every day needs to be a blitz day. WIN..WIN..
      is what we want for our guys. Dedicate every day
      this last week to VOTE.. Let’s rise to the
      occasion and VOTE…VOTE….VOTE…. Every
      available moment use your finger or mouse and
      and we will prevail.

  4. IL VOLO should win because their means PEACE to me. I listen to them all of the time in order to keep my stress level down, whether it is at work, home, driving or shopping. Their music brings a sense of calmness to me.

    1. Sorry, I meant to say their music means Peace to me. Sometimes my fingers don’t always know what my mind is thinking.

  5. Sitting at the computer and voting. Listening to a wonderful Christmas cd being sung by three young talented young men( I wonder who they are). Falling behind but I know there are enough IL Volo lovers out there so that we can over take the competition. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think Marco fans are sharing this blitz day and are way ahead. Keep voting!!! What will I do with myself on the 6th?

  7. I’m voting most of the time when I am home, I have just been blocked, so probably won’t be able to vote again until morning, but I usually start about 6:00 A.M., and I really think they deserve to win, so I will keep on voting as much as I can!!!

  8. I just want say what their music means to me, it gives me so much joy and lifts my spirits when I feel down or lonely, but it also makes me very emotional, is there anyone else that feels this way?

    1. They are always ahead at this time. We just have to keep going. I start at 6:00 am and continue voting uintil bed time. We have to keep going. The days are flying by til December 5. We can do it!

    2. I think just about everybody here feels the same way you do, Annie! I call Il Volo “Beings of Light”…they are here to lift our spirits and heal our souls…and they are so good at it! I thank God for them every day.

  9. Hi,

    My experience:

    I’ve been voting, voting, voting. On my desk top, I just click the circle and move my mouse over a little and keep clicking over and over and over before I click on the Vote circle. The votes seem to count without my having to click Vote each click and being taken to the Voting Results screen.

    It works on my Mini iPad, too . It’s a little more difficult because the screen keeps changing size after a few touches with my finger. Anyway, I sometimes click or touch a hundred times before I click the Vote button. Try it yourselves. The Vote tally does go up a lot in proportion to what I do!

    Although I had been blocked after voting for only three or four minutes when I first started voting in October, for some reason, I haven’t been blocked for a least a week or more. I have been able to keep voting and voting and voting to my heart’s content. I stop voting only when I get tired or run out of time and have to do something else.

    When I think of how much energy the boys put in their performances and interactions with their fans, it keeps me going. It’s my way of showing them and the world how much they are loved and appreciated.


    P.S. I did find this method of voting on an Il Volo Flight Crew posting awhile ago and have been using it ever since.

    1. Wow. I tried this method and it works great. I click
      one hundred clicks at a time and it registers them all.
      Thanks for this great tip. I just watched them dance
      it was cute. It came in on my email.

  10. Clarification to my Voting Experience:

    When I am at my desk top: after I click the Circle in front of Il Volo, I just keep clicking on it — do not move the mouse over. When I finally get tired of clicking, then I go to the bottom and click on the Vote block.

    I’m going back to voting. It’s around 9:45 p.m. EST. Watch how the tally will go up rapidly!

    1. That method doesn’t work for me Karen and Irene. I tried it out on one of the others who have a low score. It registered only one vote. Maybe the same thing doesn;t work for everyone.

  11. FYI regarding DWTS show tonight in Italy. I was just on Piero’s facebook page and one of the ladies that posts every day said that if we wanted to watch the show to go to: I did, and I am watching a live program now on RAI 1. Hopefully you all will be able to sit back in a few hours and enjoy “Our Guys” dancing and singing. Also if you get the chance, check out the picture on Piero’s or Gianluca’s twitter page. So cute. If I knew how to retweet it to this page I would have. If anyone knows how, great.

  12. I just ordered RAI from Comcast so I will be recording the show tonight. I wouldn’t ‘t want to miss seeing our Guys Dancing with the professionals !! And singing too !! They always put 100% of themselves into everything they do and give us a perfect performance. This should be lots of fun to watch !!
    I am also using the click,click, click method of voting and it works for me. So I will continue to VOTE until the bitter end and our Guys win !!

    1. I am voting my heart out today and as soon as we get a little closer the polling people tell me i have had enough and need a cooling down period. I wonder when Marcos’ voters get shut down because his numbers go up sometime 20 at a time. I have been voting almost 1/2 the day yesterday and most of today. IT’S Crazy!!! I’ll keep voting as much as i can but we need all IL Volo Lovers to VOTE their hearts outs. I would love to see the guys sing and dance on the show but I am unable to get the station to see them so i’ll just keep voting. ;}

      1. I think that would be wonderful to be able to see them singing and dancing but i am unable to get that channel. Good luck to them and try to keep voting your hearts out

      2. Did you have to order the station for a whole month?  I realized after the program aired that I also has the ability to order the station. Was it very expensive to order?

  13. It seems like we are starting to make some headway in the voting. Is it possible a large number of ILVOLO lovers were a way for the holiday weekend? Hopefully this was what happened and they are coming back now and ready to vote!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!

  14. I find this entire voting process perplexing. A few hours ago we were 37,000 votes behind and now we are only 5,000 votes behind. I know they are sleeping in Italy right now but how do we catch up so quickly ?? Then when they wake up they catch up and surpass us in no time !! Very puzzling to me. The time they stop the voting will definitely determine the winner !! Gotta go vote again so that we will have a fighting chance to stay ahead tomorrow !!

    1. When I vote, I tap the vote 25 times real fast. Sometimes it goes up 50 to 75! I will do this 5 times and stop. If I do it any longer, it will stop me from voting for a long time. This way, I can vote every 1/2 hour.

    2. I have been voting the way Irene told us to for hours now and we have made some big strides closing in the gap. I am amazed that we could vote this way. My pointer finger is wore out and i need to go to bed. I tried my best to try and pass Marco but we aren’t too far away. If everyone takes the advice of Irene we’ll pass Marco in no time. Tomorrow i have to work but will be back to voting whenever I get home.
      Thanks Irene 🙂

      1. I tap the vote button many times too but I never know if it’s going up because of that or just many people are voting at the same time. Sometimes I only tap it once and there are still many more votes registered. Also after I tap the button next to their name and then tap on the right hand side next to their name it seems that many votes are registered. Still confused about how this works but I will keep on voting until my finger falls off.

      2. I thought I was the only one not quite understanding this voting process. How do you explain being 30,000 votes behind and then going up 20,000.

    1. See Joanie’s question above. I emailed her on this. My suggestion is to try multiple voting on someone who has no (or not many) votes. That’s how I found out multiple voting doesn’t work for me.

      However you’re voting…just continue!

  15. Good morning all, yesterday around 5:30pm (Phoenix time) I noticed how far behind we were so I went onto my twitter page and started encouraging everyone to vote and within 5 hours, (with the help of the Flight Crew family & my twitter followers and many more) we had gone from a 50,000 vote deficit to a plus 30,000 and it looks like we are maintaining our lead by a nice margin. I hope we can maintain this lead (better would be nice) until the end. I commend the efforts on everyone’s part. WAY TO GO!!!!!

  16. It’s amazing how we were so far behind and now we have gone ahead. Team ILVOLO has shown its team spirit. Maybe the “THANKSGIVING” holiday has inspired us to show what we are truly grateful for. LETS GO TEAM!!!!!! Any idea when the voting ends?

  17. I resumed voting tonight and I had only voted about 25 times when I was blocked. That was a few hours ago and I’m still blocked !! What’s going on !! Our Guys are way ahead but it is still very frustrating. I will continue to vote in the morning until they block me again !!

  18. I’ll continue to vote until the poll will not let me. It’s amazing how Team IL VOLO has rallied and stepped up in the voting. Can we get 4 million votes?
    Wouldn’t it be awesome!!!!!!

  19. Totally amazing!! 4 million votes and counting. Keep the voting going until the poll closes. Team ILVOLO has shown it true colors and our love for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

  20. it’s 6:45 am(est) . I’m voting and noticing that while votes for ILVOLO go up 5 or 10 votes on the other side are going up 10 or 15 at a time. Vote as many times as you can so that we can be assured of win for our guys.

  21. I just got blocked, but will vote later, I’ll be out for a while so can vote when I get back, I have been voting every day since the beginning and it’s nice to see them ahead, they deserve ti, I hope they realize just how much they are loved, it’s just after 8 A.M on Friday Dec 5th and I hope we can stay ahead.

  22. It must be all over. I’m here on the West coast and when I tried to get in , the ballots were not to be found. So……whats next?

  23. I am wondering the same thing. I can’t vote in Oklahoma.
    I haven’t been able to vote this last day o the contest at 6 pm
    CST. Is it over or am I doing something wrong? I was able
    to vote many, many times a day. Any ideas Marie Crider?

  24. If I’m looking correctly the results are out IL VOLO won with 4,176,673 votes 40.57% of the votes. Team ILVOLO give yourself a pat on the back and a round of applause for all of the hard work and time put into this endeavor. Congratulations to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca you truly deserve this award!!!!

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