20 thoughts on “Rai TV – Dancing With (OUR) Stars”

  1. This is going to be very interesting. We all know that Ignazio and Piero have the Salsa down pat but we haven’t seen Gianluca dance very much. So my eyes will be on GG to see how well he does. I’m sure he will rise to the occasion and knock us out with his moves but knowing how serious he is I just hope he can let loose and have fun dancing with his brothers.

    1. Joanie it looks like Piero is visiting Gianluca at the moment. He must be showing Gianluca how to do the Salsa. I think it was two years ago there was a “Keek” of Piero trying to teach Gianluca how to dance. It is worth finding it again.

      1. Ineke– if Piero is coaching GG then he will be great on Saturday !! Maybe someone can find that video and post it. It was so cute !!

    2. I did notice Gian was all smiles, more than I’ve
      ever seen him smile. I think he did let loose
      and gave us a nice surprise. Piero and Ignazio
      were great too. Those guys are just too sweet.

    1. Leave it to you Marie to find these !! The 1st one is the one I was trying to find. it’s hilarious !! And the 2nd one GG really shows he really does have the dance moves. I think he still feels a little bit shy about dancing. He needs to just let loose and shake his booty !! It’s all about having fun !!

      1. Marie – The first one is what I was talking about – The second one is the “cherry on the top”. Thank you very much for finding and showing them to us.

  2. Hmmmm this is going to be interesting. I got the impression that its like a ‘mini competition” and one would be declared the winner. We know our guys are not strangers to competition sooo at this point I think Piero will dazzle us with his style and sexy hip action, Ignazio will fascinate us with his special flair for the dramatic as he strives to steal the show ( I swear that man is half pirate) and Gianluca will endear us to him as he smoothly glides about while he romances his partner. Women all over Italy watching the show will swoon ( us too) We already know who the winner is: its US!….and YouTube.

  3. I don’t think the guys will be dancing. 🙂 I think they will be singning Torna di Sorriento for others who are in the competition. (It says that in the Liljoy trnaslation.) If any of you watch Dancing with the Stars in the U.S., they sometimes have guest singers appear on the show with the dancers. I have been thinking for some time that I would love our guys to appear on the American version of Dancing with the Stars!

  4. Great effort with so little practice. They are always fun to watch, A posting that they would have two concerts in San Francisco and Dallas. Waiting for official confirmation and dates. I live 100 miles from Dallas and have a daughter there and already have told the young people in my family that they will have to drive me.

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