Il Volo Professional ~~ Ballando con le Stelle — Dancing With the Stars

@ilvolomusic; LiJoy

Ummm…Owww!  The last time I could do that was….well, never mind.  Actually, I’m so short, I’m not sure I even could do that.   Anyway, this picture shows that The Guys took today’s challenge of Salsa dancing as seriously as they take everything that they do.  Can’t wait to see how they did?  Read/watch on!

Ballando con le stelle Facebook
Ballando con le stelle Facebook

Italian Article;  Athina via LiJoy

Click here —> Consiglia IL VOLO/ Chi sono i tre baby tenori “ballerini per una notte” a Ballando con le stelle 2014

Ballando con le stelle Facebook
Ballando con le stelle Facebook


@ilvolomusic; LiJoy

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Ballando con le stelle Facebook; LiJoy

Translation: Madeline Bugeja

Madeline Bugeja
Madeline Bugeja


Paolo Di Vincenzo
Paolo Di Vincenzo

Surrender ~~ Cheryl Smith Facebook

Click here —> Rai Video (singing; clearer)  Athina via LiJoy

Andreia Cristianell

Click here —>   RaiTV Video (Dance) ; LiJoy

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Good night, Guys!  I so admire that the three of you so often step out of your comfort zones and have such a good time doing it.  I should take note.  🙂

~~ Kelly

40 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Ballando con le Stelle — Dancing With the Stars”

  1. Our guys can DANCE!! WOO HOO!!!. They are almost a triple threat. All they need is acting classes!

  2. Amazing!! They just keep getting better. Ignazio…wow! Thanks for getting this out to us so promptly.

  3. Singing!! Dancing!!!!!! What’s next? You could tell they were having a fun time. It’s great to see they are willing to try new things. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

  4. First of all I can’t believe you got this posted so quickly !!! Bravo for that LiJoy !! And secondly WOW,WOW,WOW !!! Our Guys were out there shaking their booties and having a ball !! I was smiling inside and out watching them on my TV !! When GG started to shimmy I was shouting out loud “way to go Gianluca !! ” I never ever saw him dance like that before !! Of course I have seen Ignazio and Piero dance before and they move those hips of theirs splendidly !! They sang beautifully and OMG I could just watch these three captivating cuties all day and night and forever !!

  5. Didn’t they just look like they were having so much fun. Did you see the suspenders on Gianluca??? And it looks like the earlier salsa lessons that Piero and Ignazio took this summer paid off. They all looked wonderful.

  6. OH how I love to see handsome men dance and when its Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca dancing I am just in heaven. This was so much fun to watch. They really are so game to try all sorts of things for their fans and don’t we all just love them for it! This was pure awesome sauce!

  7. Love their singing, love their dancing! Love that they are coming to SF soon. I am anxiously waiting for more information although it is most likely not going to be a public event. This is my guess since Piero said it will be sometime next week. Whatever it is going to be I am glad I can be close to them soon…Welcome to my town my dear Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio.

  8. Kelly I commented on the dancing of the Il Volo boys about 11 pm & was wondering why it was deleted. I didn’t think I said anything out of line

    1. I’m sorry, Loretta, I’ve searched all areas of the site for your previous comment and can not find it at all. I can only think that maybe it didn’t post at all. Please feel free to post it again.

      1. It is for a little girl named, Laia, who is suffering from neuroblastoma, I believe Gianluca tweeted about it some time ago. It will be covered in an upcoming Professional. 🙂

  9. What is going on? Have we stopped voting? Marco is 28000 ahead. How can we win when we can’t catch up? Vote Ilvolovers!!!

    1. It’s gotten very quiet out it ILVOLO land .While I was voting it was a depressing to see votes for our guys only go up about ten votes and 20 or more for the “other guy”. I hope we haven’t given up hope. As Ty Pennington on Extreme Homemake Over would say “LETS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VOTE VOTE VOTE

  10. It is a treat to see our guys in whatever they do The dance was a cherry on the top. Thanks Kelly for your work. Joanie G

  11. I was hoping that seeing them dancing and singing would remind everyone in ILVOLO land why we are voting. Come on and VOTE. They are beyond worth our time.

    1. I had hoped it would encourage everyone to vote also. It’s time to listen to the ILVOLO cds, brew some coffee or make some tea and try to win this for the guys.

  12. I’m with you! Voting every minute I’m not “cooling off”.

    Also, excited my PBS station is running “We Are Love” this afternoon. Yeah, I’ve got the DVD. So?

  13. I am so happy I was able to get the program & see our precious guys dance. I couldn’t stop tearing up. Now they have some other dance steps to use in their concerts & Gianluca won’t be so shy now. AND Ignazio flipped his partner on his shoulder so easily. I am so proud of these precious young men I could burst

  14. I’ve been voting like crazy but just got blocked, I was daydreaming (about guess who) and counted past my 50 votes, I’m so mad at myself…anyway the guys were great last night, loved watching them, over and over and over again! They are so multi talented, just love them. Let’s all VOTE as much as we can in the remaining days so our beloved Il Volo can win this race (at least that’s what it feels like) THEY ARE THE BEST and we can do it . Go Flight Crew!!

  15. This just in: IL VOLO is now is the lead where they belong. I have been on my twitter page for the past 2 hours encouraging everyone to vote. With everyone’s help we over came the 50,000 vote deficit and are starting to slowly climb in the numbers. Great job everyone!!!!

    I is for Infectious
    L is for Lovable

    V is for Victorious
    O is for Outstanding
    L is for Limitless
    O is for Obliging

  16. Well, I must say that the boys did pretty good considering their lack of dance background and the short notice they had. Having been a director of musicals in the past I did realize that if they gave it a serious try and a few lessons they would be very good, indeed. these guys are so much fun and they give a good effort. I would love to have been a little mouse in the corner of the practice sessions prior to this. I must say I have watched this about 6 times so far. What great guys ! ! !

  17. 9:25pm MST AZ We are not behind anymore! We are 106,000 ahead. Now if we can get everyone to vote, we have an excellent chance to get this job done right. Forward ladies, this is definitely the time!

  18. GALE, you can find the link on All ABOUT Il Volo. a poster will come up.w/a search bar with a small arrow at the end. Click on the down arrow and look for PAURA D’AMARE by Duo Sisters. Click on that then go down to submit, then click. A thank you for your vote will then come up, and you can vote again if you wish. You can vote all you want. I think it goes till Dec. 4th.

  19. Woke up this morn at 5am and got my first cup of java, turned on my tablet and went to vote. We were 116,494 votes ahead. Yeah. I will keep voting ’till I’m locked out. Our boys were so much FUN to watch during their dancing. They held their own right? I love the guys sooo much. Let’s go people. Let’s vote our guys in.

  20. Its awfully quiet . No one has been posting . Is everyone busy voting? We need to have a good finish and keep voting until the polls close. Go TEAM ILVOLO!!!!!!!

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