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Rai TV Video – Translation #3

 Here they are! The final translations. Parts 7 & 8.

Madeline, all of this had to be quite a task for you. I know the Italian sentence structure is different, yet your interpretation is clearly understood. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve done. I knew they were having a good time and saying fun things, but I really had no idea! They were more entertaining, thought-provoking and honest than I dreamed. I feel like I know that wonderful threesome even better now. Don’t know how it’s possible, but I love them even more. Thank you so much!

Jeannette, thank you for introducing Madeline to The Crew by bringing us her work.

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This one works   http://www.rai.tv/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-752bab77-d277-4401-aab9-202c6b0a9c26.html#

Part 7  Porta a Porta 2014 translation by Madeline Bugeja, from 38.50 to 55. 23.

We heard Piero sing, and the handsome applause he was given, Bruno hugged Piero saying “bravo” one cannot fail to notice the camera which focused on Ignazio, the light in his eyes showing the pride he has in his friend there, but also his love for beautiful music.

Bruno then said that back in the 90’s Placido was a tenor, then these last years, he started doing baritone roles, he asked Piero, “ And you? Now or later? Piero said, “You know what, in life, one has to make these type of choices, I grew up, listening to music like Un Amore Cosi Grande, the type we do now, but there are things that fascinate you, and there are things that you like, when I listen to normal music, I do have emotions, and I get emotional, but when I listen to opera, there is a feeling in my soul that I cannot describe, so I thank God, for donating this voice to me, and I thank my parents, I have this opportunity, even a financial one now, to study, so why not make the best of it? It is a completely different from anything else, because opera is another world altogether, and it involves a lot and a lot of studying, but this is an objective that I have set” Bruno asked Piero if this means that il Volo would not still be? Or? Piero answered, “No, absolutely not, our objective is to sing as Il Volo for life”, Piero said.

Gianluca asked if he could say something, and he said, that, this was the point he mentioned earlier, he said they had different voices, Piero is a tenor, and Ignazio, has a more limpid voice, but he is also a tenor, here Gianluca was cut short, by the sound of a coughing Ignazio, who it seems drank some water from the bottle which went the wrong way, I think, Bruno told Gian, that as soon as he said Tenor, Ignazio nearly choked, and that ended Gian’s intervention short, as Piero said sorry to Gian, and continued to say, “ You know something, each of us, has an objective, my dream is to be part of an opera, at the Metropolitan, or La Scala, so maybe ten years from now, I think that it will give more prestige to Il Volo if one of the three did a lead in opera” Piero concluded. Bruno said, that he would have a hard time, with people who don’t smell their own stench , because they would say he came from just singing songs, with that certain voice, Bruno was cut short, by Ignazio, who advised Piero that he should use some shower gel on this people, if he came across them, to which everyone started laughing at Ignazio’s remark, including Michelle and Bruno.

Bruno said that the boys had been on many prominent shows in America, and he said there is also a show similar to Porta a Porta, he joked, and told the boys, that they are going to see some clips from these shows in America. We saw the Jay Leno show, and Gian told Bruno that Sandra Bullock was there, and Gian here covered his eyes, as he said that he nearly died, as she was one of his favorite actresses. Bruno remarked, that even politicians go on these shows, like they do on his, but Bruno said that is was different, because the host all hug these politicians, and even kiss them, and Bruno asked what would happen if he had done that there in Italy, Bruno said laughing, that he would start doing that, and Piero rose and went over to Bruno and hugged him, and Bruno told him, that he was not a politician, and he can hug him all he wants, without getting a warning, Bruno continued to say, that once he saw Barak Obama on one of these shows, and asked what would happen had he done that. With Renzi, or Berlusconi, he said he was sure all hell would break loose.

Bruno said, “And Elvis?’ what do you have to say, and Michelle said that someone had talked, and said, that there was a duet, Michelle confirmed the virtual with Elvis, in an album, and said the boys will be among some the world’s greatest artist and said that for the moment they were the only Italians to take part in the concert to commemorate Elvis’s 80th Birthday, we see the video of Elvis singing It’s Now or Never, and Gian took the center stage, and we hear him sing LOVE ME TENDER! Bruno hugged Gian, congratulating him, so we hear the loud applause he received, and Bruno then asked Gian, how he felt singing these great songs, Gian said, it is not an easy thing to do, most of all where Americans are concerned, because they know the originals, so it is either you do it well, or you are risking, Gian said, Bruno said that they sang a lot of them in America, and Gian mentioned a few songs which they sang there, including O SOLE MIO! Which will be the virtual song they are doing, which includes also the English part, Gian said there was also IO CHE NON VIVO! And Torna a surento, which also has English parts in it, and Gian said it is called SURRENDER! Gian, here tried his best to make the correct sound when saying the word. Bruno asked them about how they did the virtual duet, and Piero said, that they went to London, in Abby Road, and in studio 2, which is the Beatles studio, and Bruno said, that for a twenty year old, and opens the door of studio 2 were the Beatles recorded must have been something else, and he asked them how they felt then, Piero said that every second was an emotion, until, we heard Ignazio calling the producer saying to him “Sorry but can you turn Elvis’s voice down a bit?” OH MY lol!! That is what Ignazio did, Piero said, and we hear Ignazio defending himself by saying,”But the voice was to loud”.

Ignazio said that he wanted to say something, and said that people tend to consider singers that can reach high notes as the best, he said that he already said this once in a concert, he said pieces like the one Piero sang, and that Pacido sang, or even mine, they all require high notes to be reached, but one does not have to reach these high notes to sing from the heart, and has the urge to transmit emotions like Gianluca does, I wish to stress this, because when we were young, Gian once when we were talking, said that he was a bit down, because his voice could not reach all the high notes, but I think now he understands, that it does not matter how high your notes are, but what counts the most is singing from the heart, and he is now learning what the people think about that, Ignazio concluded. Bruno said that that was so true, absolutely, Gianluca thanked Ignazio, and said that he was going to give them both a hug, because now they were like brothers, Gian said, there was no one better than the other, because they each were the force, Bruno said absolutely, and the most important part is for you to stay this way always.

Bruno urged the boys, Bruno here told Piero, that in opera the more controlled voice, have the most difficult parts to which Piero agreed, and told Bruno that he was studying a Piece, and Gian reminded Bruno and Piero that Piero did a piece of it when they were there last, and we hear Piero do a bit of the opera piece he is currently studying.

Final Part of IL VOLO Porta a Porta 2014 translated by Madeline bugeja from 55.38. PART 8
After we heard Piero doing part of the Opera he is studying, Bruno said, the among all the things they did, at Sanremo, back in 2010, they also sang for Queen Rania, of Jordan, Bruno said they were going to see that, and we see the boys singing O SOLE MIO, seated where Antonella Clerci and the Queen of Jordan, after the video, Bruno said, “well” and Bruno hesitated a bit, and Gianluca asked Bruno if by chance he was going to talk about the beauty of Queen Rania? Gian said, that he was distracted by her when he was singing, here big brother Piero told Gian, that the queen was married, and that there was also a queen, to which Piero added “FULLSTOP”

Ignazio, here asked if he could ask a question, and Piero told him, how come it is always him asking questions? And Bruno told Ignazio, he could, and Ignazio looked at Piero and asked him, “ Why do you always hold your hands, together like this?” Ignazio asked, doing the pose Piero was in, well, Piero’s face did turn a bot red there, I think he knew Ignazio was up to something, lol Here Piero changing his voice asked Bruno, “ Dear Bruno! How was the first debut of Il Volo in Taormina Italy? What do you think? Piero asked? Bruno answered, that, there was the theater, and that sang even if they had remained silent, it was splendid, Ignazio turned to Piero, and explained, that Bruno came for the theater, because he had never seen it, understand? he asked Piero, Bruno said that they gave him a ticket, and I came etc, he said, as you all know I am still very much in love with my country, and when I see that we have all these fantastic things, and we succeed to animate them, the way you animated them that evening, with that public there all around you, it was somewhat a strange audience, Piero here added the word (VASTO) vast, or mixed, and it was also a Sicilian public, and they were so close to you, here Gianluca cut in, and remarked that even in Pescara, there was this atmosphere, in our Abruzzo, Gian said proudly, and Bruno here said “But of course, off course” upon seeing that Gianluca was making sure that his home Abruzzo was getting it’s fair amount of praise too, and Bruno said of course and Pescara, I was not present in Naples though, and Gianluca here said,”Pescara in our Abruzzo” Bruno told the cameraman to close in on him and Gianluca, because they had to do the Abruzzo Give me five! Ignazio said that he wanted to do the Give me ten, as they do in Sicily, and we see that too, then Piero stood up, and walked towards Bruno, and shook his hand, saying, “This is the way serious people greet each other” Ignazio then said, something regarding the Give Me Five, and told Bruno that when they were on American idol, while they were singing O SOLE MIO, he did the Give Me Five with Steven Tylor, he said that Jennifer Lopez was there too.

Here Piero arranged Ignazio’s hair at the back, and Ignazio asked Piero if he had The Boschetto out of place? For those who don’t know, the word Boschetto, in Italian means a small forest, so Ignazio there compared his head of hair to a forest, by using his own name, lol funny and clever. Ignazio continued, by asking Bruno, and everyone if they could imagine his happiness, because there was those stars there, here Bruno asked if they could do what they did on Idol, and so that bit when they sang and Ignazio did the Give me Five with Tylor, and we see Ignazio get up, and start to sing OH SOLE MIO, but he sang in English, and said to the others that it was in Italian that they sang it, then Gianluca told Bruno that he had the part of Steven Tylor, as they are identical, and Gianluca told Bruno that he wants to hear Bruno do Tylor’s song when they finish, and sang a bit of the song, to make sure that Bruno knew what song he meant, Gianluca then asked Ignazio, if he could play the part of Jennifer Lopez, and Ignazio said that Gianluca could, they began to sing, and Ignazio moved towards Bruno the repeat the famous Give me Five, and we see Bruno craftily dodging Ignazio’s hands, leaving Ignazio with hands in the air, making everyone laugh.

Bruno then said that that morning in the studio, he was asked if he could ask them to do a part of Un Amore Cosi Grnade, and asked them if it was possible, Piero said that it was ok, but Ignazio said that after what he just did, by dodging his Give Me Five, he was thinking about it, and Bruno said that he already did a Give me Ten with him, and that he did more than five. Piero said that today they brought their band with them, and said that they travelled with them around the world, Piero said that they were also their room of secrets, because they know that which nobody knows, and someone remarked, Not even Harry Potter! Ignazio here, said One, Two, Three, Four, and we hear an outstanding piece of UN Amore Cosi Grande.

Bruno uttered BRAVI! And said that they were preparing a new CD, a tour in Russia, in Lituania, another in Estonia, and Ignazio added Ukraine, to which we hear Gianluca promptly say “NO NO”. Gianluca told Ignazio that Ukraine, was too dangerous now, and Bruno said “Come on, it is not” (I say it is at the moment Mr Vespa) Ignazio asked Gian if he was going to be a pest, or a spoil sport, Gian said again it was dangerous, Ignazio here said that Gianluca should talk when he became a Ukrianian, then they would talk. Bruno said that before they see them again in Spring, and before they close, could they give a tribute to Elvis, and sing Surrender, and the boys said yes, and we hear Surrender, and see the boys dance with Bruno Vespa, after they finished, Bruno said that he managed to ruin the song, he here wished the boys good luck for their new tour, and said THANK YOU ! THANK YOU!


Rai TV Video – Translations 2 & 3

Here, finally, are parts 2 and 3 of the translation of the Rai TV program I promised. There has been so much going on… I’ll try to run the rest of it in a few days. Of course, if Our Boys do something eventful (like unveil a new album) all bets are off.

Oh, This one’s good! Great insight into their beginning!

Thanks Madeline for translating and Jeannette for sending.

a - rai translation 2

 Click Here →  http://www.rai.tv/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-752bab77-d277-4401-aab9-202c6b0a9c26.html?iframe

Part Two Interview Il Volo Porta a Porta 2014 Translated by Madeline Bugeja.

We heard the boys singing and the applause, Bruno coming towards the boys remarked that was a wonderful tribute to Pino Donaggio, who wrote this song, we see them sitting down, and Bruno said, that here at their uncle’s, they come from time to time, he said that they came in December, and then again in June, he said that they were going to see a brief clip of both dates, just as a reminder of them on the previous shows of Porta a Porta.

We then see Bruno viewing the clips, delighted like the rest of us to see them again, and when he finished he explained to the boys what the word PIZZICILLO in the folk song means, we heard Gian singing it with him, Bruno said that the word means to pinch someones cheek, and Gian said, that they have to always mention their homeland Abruzzo, to which Bruno agreed, as he is also from there. Ignazio told Bruno here, that when they returned home people were very excited, because they told them that they managed to make Bruno sing, VOLA VOLA VOLA LO CADRILLO! Ignazio concluded.

Bruno told them that last time they were there they broke the record in viewers on the show, and Ignazio said that they really flew there, haha, to which Bruno agreed, we see Bruno gesturing towards the big screen, where the caption read, IL VOLO RETURNS FILLED WITH SUCCESS.

Bruno here asked them, how they got along, did they have fun together, and Piero here said, “ With them, well, he said pointing first at Gian, he said, one sings all day, and this one screams all day, he said pointing at Ignazio, now tell me, Piero asked, what am I supposed to do? Gian, here told Bruno that Piero likes to act the elder of the group, then Bruno said something about them living in an apartment on top of each other, and I think that Piero said he would not like to live in the bottom one, but I am not certain here.

Gian here remarked about the way life goes, but then he stopped, and started the sentence the other way, that is why we see Ignazio urging Gian, to finish the first sentence, but then told them, if they could imagine, if they did not meet at the auditions of the talent show, he asked Piero and Ignazio, here Gian said. “I am so happy, that I met them, we together have gotten so far” concluded Gian. Bruno asked them to remind him what their first song was, and Piero said O SOLE MIO, Piero said that he remembers, that they sang on Saturday’s, and by Monday they received a letter, the name of the song they had to sing, and that Wednesday they had to try it out, the letter arrived in the 4th week of the talent show, and it read Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero, O SOLE MIO. (OMG! – Marie)

He said the day arrived and I saw him first, he said gesturing towards Ignazio, kilos and all, and we see Ignazio giving Piero a look, that can kill you, lol, one can see this at 16.26, then we see a frightened Piero, who took Ignazio’s face in his hands, and told him, “I LOVE YOU SO” Ignazio said that Piero tells him, that he was a singer of a certain weight haha!, cute!, Piero here said, one has to understand, that Ignazio here, was young but a great man, back then, because he lost 35kilos in just a year, he had the most incredible will power Piero ended praising his friend, Bruno here remarked, that the most important thing was that Ignazio had kept the weight off, he did not gain it back, he said because losing weight is hard but gaining it is easy, Bruno said but not you, praising Ignazio, Ignazio says, that he persisted, and sometimes he slips, but he will soon be back on track, so to say. Bruno here said, “So, tens of kilos ago” and Piero said yes.

So Robeto Cenci, decided to unite us, Piero said that he did not know Gian, or Ignazio that well, they were not friends as friends should be, that came later, Piero said, that he had heard the three tenors singing O SOLE MIO, and he said that Pavarotti used to do a trill to the part Piero sang, but it was hard for me as a fourteen year old to master that, Piero said, so I too that trill a little slower and managed to do it another way, and Cenci heard it, and told me, “Do it that way” here we hear Piero doing his part of O SOLE MIO.


Part 3 of the interview Il Volo Porta a Porta 2014 translated by Madeline Bugeja starting from 17. 40 to 23. 20.

When the boys finished O SOLE MIO, Bruno was on his feet saying BRAVI! Ignazio said, that when they go promoting abroad, they do it with a van, and they are always doing harmony together, and at time they also do absurdities, Ignazio said, but we enjoy doing it, and have great fun, Ignazio said, and we can just imagine Ignazio, HOW MANY OF YOU WANT TO BE A FLY IN THAT VAN? LOL

Bruno said that he was now going to show them how they were with Anastasia, and then he told them that they can have all the absurdity that they wanted, he told them they could choose which absurdity they wanted to do after they saw the video, lol. After we saw the video with Anastasia, asked them what effect did the Arena of Verona had on them, and Piero said, that well, the Arena was always the Arena, Ignazio said that the first time they went there was when they sang LA MATTINATA, and Gian said that, it was in 2011, Piero said, that that morning he was at the airport down in Sicily, and in the bar, he heard La Mattinata, and his dad told him, that maybe it was them singing. Ignazio said, that back then compared to now, he was still a baby playing with feet, and hands.

Bruno asked the boys what else they did for fun, when they were travelling in the van, and here we see the boys in cheerful argument on which song they were going to do that has Ignazio and his beat box in it, haha, agreement is reached, and we hear FELICE NAVIDAD, Gian then said, what is better, than passing Christmas with the family, and listening to the song sung by us.

Bruno here asked the boys, if they managed to be home during the Christmas season, and Piero said never, Piero said that the shows in America, always end on the 23rd or the 24th, and they are always engaged. But manage to be home on the 25th, Piero said. Ignazio said that when he was a small boy he always used to form part in the choir at school,singing, Silent night, and White Christmas, Ignazio said, Piero said that Ignazio was always in Musicals, Ignazio said yes, I was in Greese, Imagine the beauty of that, Ignazio said, he said that he also took part in the Italian Musical called IL RUGATINO! And here we hear him sing the song he sang in that musical. Which goes..

BECAUSE…(Here he claps his hands)

We see Mr Vespa enjoyed that, then he asked them if they could do the classic Italian song called, ROME NON FARE LA STUPIDS STA SERA! ROME DON’T BE STUPID THIS EVENING! The Italians, say that Rome is so romantic, that it makes one act in a certain way, due to it’s romantic air.
Here we hear Ignazio, singing this beautiful song, which makes one want to hear him sing all of it, with an orchestra. When Ignazio finished, Bruno said, that they were going to see moments from their careers. I leave you all to see the video.
End of part 3

Il Volo Professional ~~ Ballando con le Stelle — Dancing With the Stars

@ilvolomusic; LiJoy

Ummm…Owww!  The last time I could do that was….well, never mind.  Actually, I’m so short, I’m not sure I even could do that.   Anyway, this picture shows that The Guys took today’s challenge of Salsa dancing as seriously as they take everything that they do.  Can’t wait to see how they did?  Read/watch on!

Ballando con le stelle Facebook
Ballando con le stelle Facebook

Italian Article;  Athina via LiJoy

Click here —> Consiglia IL VOLO/ Chi sono i tre baby tenori “ballerini per una notte” a Ballando con le stelle 2014

Ballando con le stelle Facebook
Ballando con le stelle Facebook


@ilvolomusic; LiJoy

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Ballando con le stelle Facebook; LiJoy

Translation: Madeline Bugeja

Madeline Bugeja
Madeline Bugeja


Paolo Di Vincenzo
Paolo Di Vincenzo

Surrender ~~ Cheryl Smith Facebook

Click here —> Rai Video (singing; clearer)  Athina via LiJoy

Andreia Cristianell

Click here —>   RaiTV Video (Dance) ; LiJoy

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Good night, Guys!  I so admire that the three of you so often step out of your comfort zones and have such a good time doing it.  I should take note.  🙂

~~ Kelly