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  1. I get blocked after approx 10 min also. Geri doesn’t get blocked at all? Something is not right with this poll.

    1. I agree that this is probably not a real thing. Look at some of the contestants, they are not “ITALIAN” but maybe they appeal to Italians. The counting is not going well, it seems like the votes are not counted individually but in a bunch at the end of a time period. How can we get more information about this contest?

      1. There are times I wish Il Volo management was just a tad more involved when it came to us fans. This Latin Awards thing is a perfect example. Maybe its not the Italian way of doing things but I think it would serve our guys better if management was just a tad more proactive.

  2. Hi gals, I have been voting for 3 or 4 hours at a time. After a while it gets slowed down. I don’t know what is happening. Are all of our votes being counted? Joanie G

    1. I have voted for hours. I like to do it when watching tv. Never blocked. Slowed down once but when I went back it was ok.

      Voting ends December 5th. We have plenty of time. We’ll wear ourselves out if we’re not careful. Do not panic. (please tell me that when I panic!)

  3. My lip has a hole from biting it. Are our boys following the vote? Marco must have a fleet of computers going 24/7. Joanie G

    1. I vote 2-4 hrs daily also. It’s too close right now so keep those
      votes coming in. I too, wonder if our boys are following the

    2. I think we surge ahead as soon as the Mexicans start voting we get a big boost. That doesn’t happen until it hits Central Time and Mountain time–before that the Marco people were voting. Now we take over.

  4. Can anyone tell me how it is possible to be ahead by so many votes and all of a sudden tied?? Something doesn’t add up.

  5. I checked on some of the Latin American and Mexico Il Volo Facebooks and did not see any mention of Voting. Is there some one that is big on TWITTER and maybe put out the word.

  6. I vote several hours a day in a daily basis. Looks like we need to vote
    more votes in the morning hours. That seems to be the time Marco
    followers put in a lot of votes. Does anyone know if Il Volo follows
    the voting. VOTE . . . . VOTE . . . . VOTE . . . . VOTE

  7. The Ilvolovers in Mexico, USA and South America are voting! We are also asking IlVolovers all around the word to vote (Posting in the German page and the Russian page). I don’t know how serious this poll is, some things seem quite weird to me, but we need to keep voting for our beloved boys, no matter what. Currently I am blocked! I feel so bad!! I know we still have time, but I wanted Il Volo to be the first ones to reach the million votes (and after that, the two million votes).

  8. listen you all! something is going on here!!! I just voted for Il Volo, and they were on top in the lead, the next time I vote Marco,s name is where Il Volo’s name was with Il Volo’s figures. please ask them what is going on!!! that is not right, that is cheating! who is in charge of this thing anyway???? is it responsible people????

  9. I just loged on and read the posts. I was getting blocked quite frequently, and getting very frustrated, so I decided to try a new approach. For 3 days, I’ve been voting at a slower pace instead of seeing how fast I was permitted to go. With a very easy pace, and slight little pauses interupting the flow, I have been able to vote between 20 and 50 votes at a time, but never more. On my last session before retiring for the night, I pushed my last 50 back up to a faster speed and boom, I got blocked. I still think that when everyone that’s voting is going as fast as they can, to overloads the system, and it can’t process the votes properly. I do my voting sessions, then stoop and go to another page for maybe 30 min, then go back and repeat. I do this consistantly off and on through the day and evening, and it has worked for me. Same number of votes but scattered.

  10. I am certainly as confused as all of you. I’ve voted several hundred times in a row and have never been blocked! If it goes smoothly I can do 13 in a minute if I challenge myself. The only thing I know to do is keep voting.

    1. I agree that something is very strange about this poll. Is it legitimate at all? I have voted on the average of 200 times a day and still have never been blocked. I also have seen the numbers not be counted or else it appears that 20 or so people voted at the same time I did. I think if this is not a real thing (what is the prize, anyway and why do they call it Latin Italian? Italian is certainly Latin) then we are wasting our time away from the real world and our lives to vote for a hoax.

  11. whoever is sponsoring this poll seems to have put back Il Volo in the right order. thank God! I think we need to keep a close eye on this poll to make sure they don’t try anything on us. I still don’t understand how we could be 45.000 votes ahead a few days ago, and reach so close now. anyhow, at least it was fixed back, so I will continue voting for the sake of IL Volo because I am kind of fed up with the way this poll is conducted, it is not a true poll on the extent of their popularity because a few people could be casting all the votes and others who love them just as much just don’t have the time to sit at a computer for days and months. if I may say so, this was a stupid idea for a poll.

  12. I was just told “to cool off” and try again later. Would not even finish my last vote so I could not see the results. When I left this morning I swore we were at a certain number and after I came back after lunch it looked like our and Marco’s numbers were switched.
    Is this just a voting event or are they going to have a live presentation?
    It will be a long 37 days trying to keep us ahead. A TEST OF OUR DETERMINATION.

  13. I’m going to try to do some research about this group and contest. I don’t know anything about it, no prize, no presentation, nothing. I think it is a scam and before I make that determination for sure I am going to try to find out more. If I find out anything worthwhile I will post it here. Until then, I don’t know what to say. It seems like a big scam to me.

  14. Sometimes I vote in another category and nothing seems to move at all from day to day. Something is really screwed up with this poll. However, I will continue to VOTE,VOTE, VOTE for our Guys. I have only been blocked once.

  15. Yeah some of this seems very screwy. Like what the heck is ” Artist Saga”? as a category? I find it hard to believe that IL VOLO is practically neck to neck with this Marco guy when there are all us North Americans and South and Central America fans voting

  16. I have also had luck voting at a slower pace. Haven’t been blocked for 18 hours now. It is a strange poll. If you go to polldaddy solutions it explains that you will get blocked but since not everyone was getting blocked I tried the slower pace. Working so far.

  17. We are voting, voting, voting but we are also worried about all the weird things you guys mention. I went to their home page and sent them two messages. In the first one I asked them how come IlVolo by far had more votes than any other artist in their lists and they were not mentioned in their page! Not a single word! Then I told them that I had looked into Marco Carta fan’s pages and nobody says anything about any voting, not even in his official page. How come he has so many votes and people voting days and nights for him?. Also, I ask them how come these two Italians artists were in the International category if this is an Italian award. I guess it was a coincidence, but that night we got the 45,000 votes gap! I wrote again last night asking them to at least mention the boys in their page, since Il Volo was the first group to reach the million votes. They never answered my first message and I don’t expect them to answer this one, but we are asking everybody to write to their page requesting them to at least mention Il Volo in their page as a sign that this poll is as serious for them as it is for US. We will keep voting, of course, since our goal now is to get the two million votes for our boys! but we are now sniffing and grunting as good Mommas do when something does not smell good around their children!

    1. I can’t find any concrete information about this contest and so I have a decision to make. I can waste my time voting for “something in the air” which may be nothing at all or I can continue voting as I have been, since I have never been blocked. It is a difficult decision but until I have a real reason, one which tells me this is legitimate, I will hold my votes.

  18. My question about all of this controversy would be, if this is not a bonafied award contest, why haven’t we heard from Il Volo, or anyone directly associated with them? They all have to be aware of what is going on. If it is a scam, and not been approved by them, why are they allowing their fans to go on wasting their time. I’m very disappointed that we have not heard any conformation, approval, or denial on their part. After more than 1 million votes, I think we deserve better recognition and/or the truth. Yea or nay? Thumbs up, or thumbs down?

  19. I will VOTE. The IL VOLO MUNDIAL OFFICIAl FACEBOOK has the poster to VOTE so they are the ones to tell us if it is a fraud. They might not get another plastic AWARD but they will know how much their fans care.

    1. To Gina and all else, You can write a fan letter to the boys to tell them how much you care about them. I have written many and told them so when I saw them in person at m & gs. If this is a fraud, someone is making a joke of it…

  20. I’ve checked out Marco’s official site and several of his other sites. I did find announcements of the voting, but no real comments from his fans such as you see on Il Volo’s. I know, I too am Questioning, but again, I don’t want to let our guys down. I would feel like I didn’t do my part. I wish we could find out one way or the other, from someone in the know. Needless to say, we have all spent many many hours to support them. Would hate to think someones joke was on us. One good thing is, that the guys know just how much we have cared.

  21. To read more input, scrool up to “THE VOTING ISSUE” above, posted this morning. Other opinions. Guess it’s up to each of us to decide what we want to do.

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