Two Minutes of Too Cute!


Thanks to Athina and LeJoy, here is the video of the first time Il Volo was a guest on the Fondazione Telethon Dec 10, 2010.  Somehow I’ve never seen it.  I don’t understand a single word of the entire two minutes, but it is just sooo cute! Someone pass me a cheek!

Then go here for something you and others have seen 14 million times (really)!   Go ahead.  Just count the number of times you say “aww” again!

So… how many times did you say it?


Later, as requested Moscow 10/4/14:

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  1. I might get some angry comments but I loved the early years. They seemed so happy to be able to sing and grateful for every opportunity. They have not changed in being kind and caring but some of the early joy seem missing. I am sure they are exhausted from last years appearances. My comment does not mean I am any less Il Volo’s devoted fan.
    “Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide. (D. W. Winnicott)

      1. I agree, as soon as I was looking at the video I thought of these the young men so innocent and having so much fun singing with very little cares in the world. They have gone through a lot since then and are constantly touring all over the world. I still like to see the old videos and you tube videos. They put a smile on my face and make my heart feel lighter to see and hear them. I cried also watching them. I have a certain love in my heart for these young men. I never had sons just a daughter, so i think of them as my grandsons since I will be 61 in November. I wish I was a young girl to croon over these guys without looking foolish at my age. Lots of love to Il Volo, Il Volo Flight Crew as well as all their fans.

      2. Marie, i also forgot to say Thank You for sharing this with us. I still wish I could have met them when they were just starting out and definitely my one wish is to meet them in person one day.

    1. I am not sure about that–although when they are on tour some performances are not as “up” as others. Have you watched the MocowBrioni videos? They sure seemed to be having a real good time there!

  2. OMG…Wow…that was awesome! Found myself sitting here smiling with tears in my eyes. They were such young boys…brought back the incredible joy I first felt seeing them for the first time on PBS special. Talk about a walk down memory lane. I loved it! Thanks so much!

      1. Marie–just to set the record straight–that is the January concert–NOT the Brioni one–they were all wearing tuxes in October and Gianluca was wearing the white jacket in January.
        You get an A for effort! The October one is where Ignazio picks up Piero off the seat he is standing on and carries him back to the stage…

    1. You’re welcome.

      Brought tears to my eyes too Jane. Seems like just yesterday we were looking at those precious baby faces.

      They had no idea what was ahead of them!

  3. They are truly maturing ,but I hope fame doesn’t change them .

    their voices are maturing as well. That’s all for the good. Joanie G

      1. That’s the one! Both of them are good! They really looked like they were having such a good time at that concert! A joy to watch and listen to–as always! Awwwww! and Sighhh!
        They can’t come back quick enough.

  4. It was truly an amazing when my niece called me one day and said there were three boys from Italy on American Idol! I fell in love with them right then when they were singing “O Sole Mio” and I love them more every day

  5. Thanks Marie I personally thought that I am sure they enjoy the audiences here in US & Canada & usually they have a good time. But I bet that when they were in Italy & surrounding area that they enjoyed the audiences more because it was there own country. Now I am just surmising this. I know that there are plenty of standing ovations & am sure they appreciate that. But I read a while ago that someone said they don’t know if they are still accepted in the US anymore. The article didn’t specify where that came from or who said it.
    I just got back on twitter & was thinking I would like to twitter them to let them know they are wanted here in Canada & US. I was thinking of sending Ignazio a 2 line tweet to let him know we patiently waiting for their return to the States & Canada & waiting for the tour schedule. I want to see MORE & MORE & MORE of them

    1. Me too! It already seems a very long time since they were here even though it really isn’t…

  6. Hey Marie how about a poem or story of how we miss the guys, Even if you sent it to them or Barbara. I’ll even let you give him an extra hug & you can slip a kiss on the cheek as well.

  7. May I add my awwwwws! Just loved seeing and remembering the first time I ever saw them. I have loved them right from the first time I heard them sing. I also love the concert in Moscow where they sang L’amore e amore l’amore with Toto. They looked like they were having a great deal of fun singing their hearts out.

  8. Kelly, could you put the voting at the top again? what is happening is that it takes longer now to get to the voting as the posts after come up first so I lose precious moments

    1. Deanne, I just open a new window and go to Latin Music Italian Awards and I keep that window open all day, and after I read a few emails I vote, come back and read a few more, go vote, etc. When I leave the computer I keep it on there and when I come back it is there waiting for me.

  9. Dear Marie Great video from 2010 I watched my dvd of IL Volo Takes Flight last night and what a great concert that was too. Love seeing them when they were young but wow they sure have matured wonderfully. and I love seeing and hearing them now they look and sound so amazing I’ll never get tired of them Love them forver.

  10. I remember seeing them in Milwaukee when Piero’s hair was adorably crazy and Ignazio had his endearing chubby cheeks with incredible dimples and heart grabbing smile. GG, so young, and that curly hair!! It was love at first sight and has only grown stronger over the years. It has been such a privilege to having seen them mature from boys to men so gracefully and honorably.

      1. Most Il Volo lovers feel that they are a gift from God, so hope this isn’t too long, but would like to quote from something I wrote some time ago that I think is fitting now:
        …..I know you (God) understand the healing power of music,
        So you gave the world a gift of lovely healing music
        to give our hearts a lift.
        You sent three young Italians with voices pure and strong.
        They charmed us with their beauty,
        They thrilled us with their song.
        They took us with their music to places high above.
        Music is the orchestra to your abiding love.

        Thanks to God for the gift of Il Volo.

    1. Amen,Aww and Bravo !!! Just as Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero have grown year after year so has my love for them . I will love them forever. They are a great joy and blessing in my life and all our lives. I hope they are enjoying themselves as much as we enjoy them. We just want them to be happy on this journey they have been on and have lots of fun along the way.

  11. TODAY AND 37 MORE DAYS TO VOTE. Just a few minutes ago we were only 5 thousand apart. Marco’s fans are in Italy and Europe and they vote on their time which is six to seven hours ahead of us in US.

  12. Confession time. You might have seen me posting as TERESE. My name is Regina and I go by Gina but my daughter made me set up this account as Terese (my name also) because she wanted me to go incognito in case I signed up for something ‘shady”. Once you become a senior citizen your children think you have reverted to age 2. Feel better using my ‘real name”

  13. How did I miss this? I kept wondering when you were going to post it, Marie. *silly me*. Love the look back and then now. Can’t ever get enough.

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