Talk to the … T-shirt?

You’ve heard talk to the hand?
Well I talk to the t-shirt. Yes I do!
Didn’t even realize it until I was in IXIVCOMBO01
too deep to stop.

It is, of course, the “We Are Love” Tee.
I put it on a hanger and hung it on the
top outside of my closet door so I could
look at it before I sleep.

I sometimes find myself asking,
“How are you today Boys? Think this
outfit looks ok? Well Guys, should I
wash my car?” Yes I do!

Golden Ignazio just stands there looking handsome.
Velvety Blue Gianluca just stands there looking handsome.
Ruby Red Piero just stands there looking handsome.
Just standing there looking handsome.
Best men I ever knew!

I occasionally even pretend they speak, “We’re fine.
You look lovely. Yeah, that car’s pretty dirty.”

Now, if they would just hop off that shirt,
sing, or wash my car or just let me kiss a real cheek
instead of wearing out those beautiful cloth faces.
I would be happy forever!

What? Oh, some of you are as bad as I am,
but are you brave enough to admit it?
There’s space here!


36 thoughts on “Talk to the … T-shirt?”

  1. Marie, Marie, Marie. How do you continue to do it? Well the objects of inspiration are pretty spectacular! Thank you for the poetry. Not sure I am ready to divulge everything yet! LOL

    1. Haha, me too Lijoy, I’m not ready! But I did mention I gave Gianluca a kiss on my iPad…

    2. lijoy – I agree with you the “objects of inspiration are pretty spectacular!”
      But I am ready to divulge – I do NOT talk to any tee shirt! Il Volo or otherwise! Very cute Marie, very cute!

    1. Yup! Still not ready! I’ll just say that I’m the same as Michele – I don’t TALK to THE T-shirt or any poster.

    2. Never you mind, Marie, you go right on talking to your T shirt. It’s okay.
      I don’t have that particular T shirt, so instead I talk to the 10 pictures of Piero (and a few of the other boys) that are taped around my computer desk. I talk to them every morning when I sit down to check the comput er messages. They are always there, smiling at me and pumping up my heart. I may have to tell them to tone it down–my heart is too old to take too much excitement. Oh, I won’t do that–what a way to go!!

  2. No, I don’t talk to pictures on a t-shirt. I say “good morning” to the three handsome young men on my “Buon Natale” CD when I turn it on to get my day off to a good start. Oh, what a good way to start the day, listening to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca singing those beautiful Christmas carols and holiday songs! Who cares if Christmas is still a long way off.

  3. I don’t have a t-shirt. BUT I have a lovely picture of the three of them as the wallpaper on my computer. I say good morning and good night, ask them how they are today, etc. And I have to say it’s a better picture than those on the t-shirt!

  4. Alas, I do not own the t-shirt! But I do have a wonderful picture as wallpaper. It is of all three, their handsome faces close together as they lean towards the camera. Best part for me is that Peiro is right in the center. Oh be still my heart! Every time I turn on my computer I get this wondrous vision. Yes, and I talk to them too but then I live alone and no one else is listening so I can be as mad as the mad hatter if I want when it comes to my favorite Italians.

    I really do need to get a t-shirt.

    1. I don’t own a t-shirt either. And I also have a wonderful picture of Our Guys as wallpaper. And I always say buongiorno and buonanotte to them (at the proper times, of course), and talk to them too! It is wonderful to see those shining faces smiling back at me. They cheer up the day, even in a photo – the love is there! It’s great to know that I’m not the only one who does this – this madness is invigorating!

  5. I just want to say, I love all you crazy ladies! And I want to clue you in to a new YouTube video of Piero singing :”Piero Barone (Il Volo) in Porto Alegre (No Puede Ser”). He sings it like I’ve never heard him sing it before. Goosebumps! And his big smile at the end is just gorgeous…he gets more handsome by the day!

    1. Hi, Ruth,
      I’m looking and looking, trying exactly what you listed, then without the quotes and many other versions, and I am not finding this YouTube of Piero singing No Puede Ser in Porto Alegre. Could you possibly re-check the exact name of the video and copy and paste it in here? I so want to hear it!

      Thanks so much, Ruth for this sharing and all your other warm sentiments!
      ~ Jeanine D.

      1. Found it!
        Piero Barone (Il Volo) in Porto Alegre
        I agree… Piero’s smile is priceless! Also, so many times he touched his heart. That always touches MY heart!

        Thanks, Ruth!
        ~ Jeanine D.

  6. Ruth, I’ve seen that video & I have to agree with you. Nobody in the audience is trying to sing over him because he is just so wonderful. And that smile when he is finished singing just melts my heart.

  7. Dag nab it, Marie, I gotta get me one of them T shirts!

    LOVED the poem, as usual. It’s adorable! They just keep getting better and better! I couldn’t ever come CLOSE to writing like you do, even if I spent a million hours!! God gave you a boatload of creativity. You are well and truly blessed!
    Many, many thanks to you, Marie, and Linda S. and Jeanine for missing me.. It really touches my heart. You all are such dear, sweet friends! One of my greatest wishes is that we all (everyone on this blog) might meet each other someday…along with Our Boys, of course!
    Helen B.

    1. Helen, I also wish we could all meet. My dream is that we all meet at a concert and that somehow we contrive to get a block of tickets up front and we all sit together. The boys would have a rooting section second to none! And that we would have a private meet and greet with them afterwards.
      Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

      1. That is an absolutely marvelous idea! Let’s keep it in mind – maybe next year we’ll be able to do it. It would indeed be wonderful!

    2. Helen – I can’t wait until we all meet! So good to see you here again! We all missed you! Michele

  8. Love your poem, Marie!
    Don’t have a T-shirt and probably wouldn’t talk to it.

    I do, however, feel great gratitude in my heart every time I hear Our Boys’ music. So, I send up Thank You prayers many times a day.

    I don’t think there’s much difference. Same concept – communicating gratitude and love to Our Boys and feeling their warm presence in our lives.

    You look lovely, and yeah, that car is pretty dirty. (; >)
    ~ Jeanine D.

  9. Thanks, Ruth. That is a super video of our darling boy! He DOES get more handsome every day, and love that smile, as well as the whole package.

  10. I would love to have that t-shirt, but would have to hide it in the back of my closet! If my family saw it, they would know for sure I had gone round the bend. But I would know it’s there, and definitely talk to it.

  11. That’s the beauty of having it on a hanger on the closet. I live alone, but when someone drops by one swift move and it’s inside and hidden. I don’t plan on making it easy for my family to put me away!

  12. What a grand idea that would be – to have everyone from this site attend a concert en-masse. Oh, how I wish it could be pulled off! By the way, how do I go about getting one of those t-shirts with the pictures of Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca on the front. Do I have to go to a concert to get one? I wouldn’t mind having to burrow my way to the back of my closet to talk to them.

  13. Allene, The t-shirt was from a pre-order for the “We Are Love” CD. I haven’t seen it offered anywhere since then. You can see it in the photo I used. Could’t find a picture of the shirt without the CD.
    Glad you found your way back to us!

  14. Thanks Marie. Do I understand that the Christmas show DVD Buon Natale will be released on November 30th? Or do we have to wait until the PBS membership drives are over?

    1. I think Amazon has it already. Interscope is releasing it on November 22.
      I bought it from Interscope because they had a “free” extra CD of the boys’ solos, plus some Italian carols. So I am waiting very impatiently!!

    1. No Marie– I am still waiting for my CD. I could have ordered it from Amazon, but when I saw that Interscope had that extra CD of the solos, I figured okay, I’ll pay a couple of dollars more and it will be worth it. But I didn’t realize they weren’t releasing it until November 22–which is when they are releasing it in Europe. I guess the dodos over there think Canada is in Europe! It said that extra CD was solos–this years? last years? it didn’t say. Plus they said it had Italian Christmas carols on it. Which should be lovely.

  15. Are you guys mixing up CD’s and DVD’s?
    I don’t think the DVD is released yet.

    Penina, I’m waiting for that extra too. Dying to know what it is!

  16. I got one from both places. Needed one now and wanted the extras later. It’s ok, it’s my Boys!

    1. How do you order the special CD plus extras from Interscope. I haven’t had any luck finding the CD listed under Interscope.

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