10 thoughts on “Watch Your Step….”

    1. Oh I was messing around and it looked pretty different.

      We are making changes, guys…good ones, I think. It is hard to visualize without getting in there and pushing buttons and seeing what happens. I promise to do things later at night to try to minimize any disruption to your day. Myron just happened to catch me.

  1. Michele, your wonderful post
    Congratualations Ignazio, Gianluca, Piero! YOU DID IT!
    is not showing up here on the Flight Crew site. I got the email fine. Don’t know if too many photos or wrong URL link (I did see a typo in the link, but correcting the spelling didn’t resolve the problem – still not able to see it on the web.)

    It is fantastic, too!!
    ~ Jeanine D.

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